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A Brazen Love Worth Fighting For (MF)

Brazen Sisters 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: SIZZLING
Word Count: 56,878
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[Siren Classic: Erotic Contemporary Romance]

Jessie Brazen fell hard for Victor Weatherly, hard enough to marry him during a short whirlwind romance. Then everything fell apart and he left. Now, after a three year separation, Jessie decides the best thing for everyone involved is to let him go, forever. After all, it's not like anyone knows they're married, except her sister Samantha. So she writes to him, demanding a divorce.

Victor isn't about to let his wife go without a fight. So they had issues, everyone does, but he knows if she will just hear him out, he can prove they belong together.

"Coming from a big, nosy family, I decided to write about what I know. I invented the six Brazen sisters who will do anything for each other. Hopefully I can give readers a taste of all the ups and downs of falling in love when five other people all have their own opinion of how things should go." ~ Rita ~

A Siren Erotic Romance

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- Anji

A lovely story I am looking forward to more from this author

- kernhjelm

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5 KISSES: "A Brazen Love Worth Fighting For... tickled me from beginning to end... I’d gladly recommend this read and am on pins and needles hopping impatiently for Sam and Trent's story." -- Sin, Two Lips Reviews

5 DELIGHTFUL DIVAS: "I’ve never read anything from Rita Sawyer, but I’m always ready to try a “new to me” author, and I’m really glad I read A Brazen Love Worth Fighting For. With a house full of sisters, Jessie has a time of it keeping secrets from them all. Since that’s what she needs to do, this book is full of plotting, planning and a lot of laughs. Jessie thinks she has to divorce Victor so he doesn’t get a say in how they develop their family business. You’ll have fun trying to keep track of the sisters and all the secrets. As Jessie tries to keep Victor in the dark about the family business, he tries to figure out what’s going on. In the meantime, Jessie and Victor can’t keep their hands off each other, which means a lot of sexual fun, but also a lot of sexual frustration because of so many sisters showing up at inappropriate times. This is a fun, romantic read and I really enjoyed it! I highly recommend Rita Sawyer and I’m looking forward to the next story in the Brazen Sisters series!" -- Shelly, Dark Divas Reviews

4 CHERRIES: "A Brazen Love Worth Fighting For is a heartfelt story about a woman who has always put the needs of others before her own...Ms. Sawyer provides an excellent portrayal of what its like being in a large family with Brazen sisters who will do anything for each, even when it means going against their sisters wishes because it's in her own best interest. The characters are easy to identify with because they struggle with real life problems. The sexual intensity between the hero and heroine are enough to set the pages of your electronic reading device on fire...Would I recommend this book to a friend? Definitely! In fact, I can't wait to get my greedy little hands on the next story. Not only am I hooked, but I'm also not ashamed to admit that I need to know what happens with the next Brazen sister, which I'm hoping is going to be Samantha's story. Two thumbs up to Ms. Sawyer for bringing readers a compelling story about love, life and the hard decisions that everyone has had to face at one time or another." -- Jasmine, Whipped Cream Romance Reviews

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Jessie opened her bedroom door and froze as the light spilling in from the hall streamed across the hardwood floor, bringing an unfamiliar trail of masculine clothing into view. It started with a pair of jeans, which led to a t-shirt, then a pair of gray boxer briefs lying on the corner of her bed. She dropped her shoes to floor with a clunk as her eyes landed on Victor Weatherly.

“Holy shit.” She gasped, unable to hide her surprise at seeing him. Her mind screamed Whoo-Hoo! at the sight of his glorious naked body.

It had been a long time since she’d seen a naked man in the flesh, and her body responded quickly. The way her throat went dry and her palms began to sweat, a telling sign of her awareness, but the stirring that started low in her belly let her know just how dangerous this man could be to her plan. He lay there on his side, bold, gorgeous, and naked as the day he was born. Stretched across her bed, propped up on her pillows, he looked way too comfortable and tempting for her peace of mind. His deeply tanned skin stood out against the dark blue comforter. He didn’t move or speak. His smile never faltered. She had to remind herself to breathe.

He can’t be here. He’s down in Massachusetts. Maybe she was having a really good hallucination. Yeah, that’s it. The stress caused by waiting for him to reply had manifested itself into a very graphic figment of her imagination lying in her bed.

“Hi, honey. I’m home.” His deep voice shattered all her hopes that her mind had been playing tricks on her.

“This is not your home! How did you get in here?” Though she spoke softly her voice came out in a higher pitch than she’d ever heard it.

His eyes blinked, and his lips twitched before a slow smile took them over completely. “They say ‘home is where the heart is’. That means I’m home since you will always have my heart.”

Her eyes filled with tears she refused to shed. She wanted to tell him he still held her heart captive, too. Every time she tried to set it free, he’d call or send her a heartfelt letter fastening the lock as tight as it had been when he put it there years ago. The only difference this time was that she erected some walls of her own, making it harder for her to let him in or out.

“Bullshit! Did anybody see you come in here?” She gripped the doorknob so hard she thought it might come off in her hand.

“That’s not a very wifely response,” he replied softly, staring at her.

The corners of his mouth turned down making his lower lip stick out a tiny bit. His eyes half-closing drew his dark brown eyebrows lower. The mixture of disappointment and sadness managed to make a few dents in a wall or two.

“Victor!” The stomp of her foot sounded so loud, and she hated that she lost the battle to keep him from seeing he could get to her so easily.

“I climbed that rickety trellis and only Samantha saw me. Umm… don’t you think you should close the door before one of your other sisters comes along and gets an eyeful?” He carelessly shrugged, but her stomach dropped at the thought.

Oh no! Shit, they couldn’t see him here. Especially not like that. Her heart raced, and she swore she could feel her blood rushing through her veins. How the hell would she explain a naked man in her bed? Or the fact that he had on a wedding ring? As if he read her thoughts, he moved his hand making the ring shine in the light. Would they think her as shameless as he made her feel?

“From the look on your face I take it you haven’t told them about me. I guess I shouldn’t have been shocked to find out Sam knew, since you two tell each other everything.” She would have loved to tell him he was wrong, but she hated lying.

Stepping inside, she reached for the light switch as she closed the door. Immediately it felt like a thousand butterflies took flight in her belly. Harsh light filled the room, but it did nothing to diminish his good looks. He crooked his finger at her, beckoning her closer. Not a chance, she thought, leaning back against the door. He smiled and made a tsking noise.

“Afraid of me?” He rose higher on his elbow and let out a deep chuckle that made her want to sigh.

Deathly! Obviously her body didn’t feel the same way. Her breasts ached to be touched, and wet heat pooled between her thighs. She knew there was no way she could be that close to him and be able to keep her hands to herself. She refused to admit it. She shook her head, watching his muscles ripple with every move he made. He always looked great, but his shoulders were broader, if that was at all possible. And she definitely had trouble keeping her eyes from straying below his belt, well, where his belt would have been if he were wearing one.

“Then why don’t you come on over and sit with me?” She would have taken a step back when he patted the bed next to him, but there was nowhere to go.

She felt the cold wood of the door pressing against her back. The way he watched her made her squirm. She felt guilty and foolish. She wondered how one man could induce so many different emotions.

“W-Why would I want to do that? What are you doing here?” She straightened as he got to his feet.

“I wanted to see my wife.” He slid off the bed and walked over stopping just a few inches from her.


He must have startled her at first because it took a minute before she melted in his embrace. She wrapped her arms tightly around his neck, and he lifted her up. Two steps and he plopped her down on the counter, slipping between her thighs. Not caring who might catch them, he gripped her shirt, letting go of her lips only long enough to yank it over her head. She made the sexiest little whimper when his hands covered her breasts. The lace-covered peaks pressed into his palms as he gently massaged. She slid her hands down to his chest, her touch sending sparks straight to his groin. Suddenly she shoved him, and he stumbled back. With a smile she hopped off the counter, grabbed his hand, and dragged him down the hall.

She pulled him into the study and shoved the door closed behind them. She grabbed onto his belt loops and pulled his hips to hers. He fisted his hands in her hair, their mouths coming together in a soft, wet, passionate kiss. Her hands went for his zipper.

“Your sisters?” he murmured against her mouth.

She pulled away, walked over to the door, and turned the lock. She turned back to him and smiled. Instead of coming back, she popped the button on her jeans. He watched dumbfounded as she hooked her thumbs into the waistband and tugged them down over her hips. She shimmied a bit, and they fell to the floor. She stepped out of them, and with flick of her ankle, she kicked them away.

“You’re staring,” she said with a smile.

He nodded, wishing he had a camera to capture the sight in front of him. “I can’t help it. You could be gracing the pages of Playboy.”

She did a small turn, letting him get a view of her backside. The lacy material stretched across her ass held high on her hips by a thin strip.

Standing there in black lace, she crooked her finger at him. As if an invisible string attached him to it, he was drawn to her. She met him halfway and pushed him down onto the couch. Jessie smiled as she climbed onto his lap, straddling his thighs. 

 “Let’s take this off.” She tugged on his t-shirt, and he helped her strip it off.

Their movements had her rocking back and forth. His cock surged against his zipper, demanding freedom. Her eyes widened, and her fingers squeezed his shoulders. His hands locked on her hips, and he pulled her close.

“These aren’t your favorites or anything, are they?” He twirled the elastic at her hips around his fingers.

“No, why?” she asked as he yanked them, grimacing when the popped free.

She looked down at him as she lifted her hips and let him pull the material out from in between them. “What’s wrong?”

“Not exactly the effect I was going for.” He slid one of his hands up her back, and with a flick of his fingers, he had her bra undone.

“Haven’t lost my touch.” She laughed as he slid it off and held it up in the air, twirling it around on his finger.

“I forgot how much fun you are.” She collapsed against his chest in fit of laughter.

He stroked her bare back, loving the way she arched into his embrace. “Is there anything else I can help you remember?”

“I’ve got it from here.” She pressed a few scattered kisses to his chest as she worked her way to his mouth.

Their kiss fried his brain. She tasted sweet, yet hot. Their tongues dueled in a frantic rhythm. She purred as her fingers fought with the button on his jeans. He tilted his hips, giving her the room she needed. Once she had them open, she reached in and freed his cock.

He groaned as she stroked him from tip to base. Her thumb ran over the sensitive head, and he thought he was going to lose it. She lifted up and guided him to her entrance, but instead of sliding him in, she rubbed the head of his erection along her slippery folds. It must have felt as good for her as it did for him, because they both moaned. She trembled as she let the tip slip inside. He held her hips tight, urging her down.

“Oh my God,” Jessie moaned out on a long, drawn-out sigh.

He let her take it from there. Her hips rocked, then she added a lift and lower to the rhythm. His fingers pressed so hard he was afraid he was going to leave bruises, but he couldn’t let go.

“Jessie, shit, oh shit.” He couldn’t even manage to tell her how fucking unbelievable she felt wrapped around him.

The rush of blood to his groin cut off the rest of his body’s commands, including his capability of speech. Jessie didn’t seem to mind. Her shiny pink nails dug into his chest as she pushed herself up. Victor slid his hands up her back, closing over shoulders. With every downward motion she made, he pulled her harder. Her moans grew louder, and she began to increase the speed of her movements.

Victor looked up at her. With her head thrown back mouth open and eyes closed, she would make the perfect description of someone lost in ecstasy. The image pushed him closer to the edge of the abyss.

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