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A Choice Between

The Wild Rose Press

Heat Rating: STEAMY
Word Count: 98,165
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In a time when women are expected to be dependent on men, Kayleen lives alone in Arkansas. Weary of her hard life, she accepts an offer of escape from an unusual pair of outlaws. Although charmed by the handsome Kid Sinclair she has secretly loved for years, she is conflicted when his partner embarks on his own quest for her affection.

Outlaws Stormy Sinclair and Hamilton Crockett wager an amnesty with the governor to rescue the daughter of a friend. While eluding relentless bounty hunters and trying to keep to a mutual agreement to leave her untouched, they risk sacrificing their amnesties and perhaps losing the woman who loves them.

Evaluating their criminal pasts and uncertain futures, each man struggles to hold on to what he’s found with a hope to achieve a secure and happy life with her.


She cupped one hand in the other in her lap and brutally ground a thumbnail into her palm. Despite all efforts to dispel the notion, her cheeks warmed at the arousing, but insidious idea to acquire another kiss each from Hamilton Crockett and Stormy Sinclair.

It had become extremely difficult not to think about them. Their kisses had been different, but each had been invariantly wonderful. Stormy’s sensuous, gentle teasing had flared extraordinary need in her belly. Crockett’s had been a lusty, devouring heat that had bored clear to her core. After wondering for years what each of them would be like as real people instead of simple dreams and fantasies, she now faced the ultimate enigma. Two ex-outlaws, whom she loved to distraction, seemed to truly care for her! To fancy them from afar was one thing, but the true reality of both men’s attentions was another matter altogether.

Would there really be, whispered a little voice in the very back of her mind, any harm caused by indulging this interesting fantasy?

Yes. To even think to attempt to have Mr. Sinclair and Mr. Crockett repeat themselves was absurd! Preposterous! The results could be disastrous!

Still…the voice insisted. They would never have to know.

No. It was a stupid idea. She had to put it out of her head now.

What was the harm? They were just kisses, after all.

Sensuous, untamed, combustible, turn her insides to liquid mush kind of kisses.

Kayle closed her eyes as a chilling tingle scurried from scalp to calves. She felt her resolve falter, as her rebellious mind compelled her to relive their wonderful diverseness again.

Just how would she go about executing such an irresponsible, ill-conceived deed? To accomplish something so reckless and clandestine, it would have to be in a way that one would never know about the other. Even now, if either man found out, she imagined they would fight. Kayle knew too, with great seriousness, that it would take an enormous amount of courage for her to pull off something like that. She doubted she possessed enough.

But sometime between short stops at small, non-descriptive townships, Stormy unexpectedly presented Kayle an opportunity to act out one half of her extemporaneous fantasy.

The quick wink he gave her looked suspiciously conspiratorial. He yawned expansively and covered his mouth with one hand, then shook his head hard as if trying to clear himself of drowsiness.

He leaned forward and propped elbows on spread knees. “I think I need to get some air,” he announced. He turned to Crockett, who was looking through an old issue of a Wichita City Herald he’d found. “I’m gonna step out back. You’ll be okay for a minute?”

Crockett granted him a brief glance. “Yeah. Go ahead.”

Stormy stretched and yawned again as he made a lazy and deliberate show of pushing himself to his feet. But as he turned into the aisle, he stopped as if he’d forgotten something. His head swiveled around, and he cast Kayle a twinkling smile. A movement at the end of his arm caught her attention. His palm was turned upward, his long-fingered hand held out in invitation.

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