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A Cowboy's Christmas Story

Destiny Blaine Productions

Heat Rating: SIZZLING
Word Count: 13,700
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Please Note: Read the excerpt and summary before making the purchase. This was a previously released short story.

A soldier may wave a white flag of surrender but a cowboy never concedes, especially at Christmastime.

Luke McGregor knows how to protect himself. He’s a hard ass but even a cowboy with a cocksure attitude understands what he’s facing when his heart speeds up and his words slow down all because of one little brown-eyed darlin’.

Marcy Killian has something about her, a way of making Luke stand up and take notice. She may scare the livin’ daylights out of him but Luke’s played around with wild notions long enough. It’s time to approach the enemy and make nice with an old friend.

Marcy is a little older and quite a bit wiser since the last time she saw Luke McGregor. She knows all about missed opportunities and since she’s not getting any younger, she’s bound and determined to capture Luke’s attention once and for all. But she may bite off a little more than she can possibly chew.

Sparks fly when Marcy and Luke end up at the same bar on Christmas Eve. They immediately realize fate has a hand in bringing them together. Will their holiday happenstance lead to more than one night of passion or will their pride and stubbornness keep them from sharing Christmas with one another?


A soldier knows when to wave a white flag and yell surrender. He may hide behind the wind-ripped cloth and pray he doesn’t face further conflict, but he understands his purpose. He has a mighty fine reason for marching forward with a tight grip latched around a thin pole and a pale sheet waving high above his head.

He steps out in front of his fellow countrymen eager to call a truce, but he doesn’t approach the enemy without significant knowledge. He realizes he’s the weaker party on the battlefield even though that understanding hardly empowers him.

Luke McGregor wasn’t a soldier. And he damn sure wasn’t ready to turn tail and run—at least not yet. Temptation existed and he had a right mind to take out the distraction in his path or at least contain her.

He eyed the petite brown-eyed hellion he didn’t expect to see in Bo’s Bar and Grill. She still looked good enough to tie to his bed and drip berry juice down her middle. Marcy Killian was as pretty as you please and every bit as sexy as he remembered her. God help him. His dick found new life the second Luke saw her.

“Down boy,” he whispered, watching her approach.

“Hey Luke,” Marcy drawled, trying to push by him in order to make her way through the layers of people.

“Marcy,” he grated out. Every blasted time he bumped into the vixen, he felt the same. His chest tightened, his heart stopped beating and what the hell? Yeah, he mused, swiping at his forehead. He was sweating bullets.

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