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A Dillon Sandwich (MMM)

The O'Hagan Way 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: SEXTREME
Word Count: 40,278
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[Ménage Amour ManLove: Erotic Alternative Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/M, Paranormal, demons]

Shane O'Hagan has never seen a warrior before. When one comes to the family farm, he's shocked at how sexy the large warrior is. But not as shocked as he is by the knowledge that this gorgeous man is his mate. Well, his and his twin Sean's mate, that is.

When Dillon Dragos is sent to Ireland by the council to help with a suspected demon nest, he's in for the ride of his life. Dillon is thrilled to find out he has sexy little twins as his mates. But will they be willing to leave their family and Ireland to come back with Dillon to America? Or will he have to leave them behind?

Note: There is NO sexual relationship/touching between the brothers.

A Siren Erotic Romance

User Reviews
OMG What an amazing series. Love every book. I made sure I had the ebooks on every device so I could read read read no matter were I was, as soon as one ended I got the next. This is not a series to m...

- redd1881

I love it. Very good.

- Svblix

Professional Reviews

5 CUPS: "Wow! Ms. Flynn has done it again! Why am I not surprised? When I first read the blurb for this book, I almost waited to read it just because I was not sure how being mated to twins was going to work since in all of her other books, none of the mates were related to each other. I am happy to say my concerns were totally put to rest, this book is just as hot, and the world building is just as spectacular as all of her other books. I loved Dillon’s secret gift and how he was able to use it to help the O’Hagans and their friends. I will not spoil it for everyone by telling you what it is, but suffice it to say, you will so not be disappointed; it adds some real spice to the story. Now I am waiting with baited breath for the next book in this series which I am certain is going to be every bit as good as this one and well worth the wait! I encourage anyone who loves paranormal romance, even if you have never read gay romance, to check this one out. It is very very good!" -- Regina, Coffee Time Romance

4.5 CHERRIES: "There's just nothing quite as sexy to me as a hot vampire with an accent. I was completely charmed by the Irish twins introduced in A Dillon Sandwich. While this is the first in The O'Hagan Way series, it is an extension of the beloved Marius Brothers books. If you've not had the occasion to check these books out, you really have missed out on a fantastic series and will want to rectify that as soon as you can. The beginning demonstrates in a humorous way that Dillon Dragos is completely out of his element in Ireland as the big, bad, American warrior receives the equivalent of a clown car at the airport's car rental stand. This scene was written so well that I could actually picture the expression on Dillon's face when he first sees the vehicle. The Marius and O'Hagan families are so different, but share the same loyalty and devotion. I enjoyed meeting the Irish counterparts to the loving Marius bunch. The dialogue between members of the family is real and relaxed. They deal with common familial issues such as sibling rivalry, being busted by the folks for swearing, laughing, crying, celebrating and mourning with each other as a unit. Ms. Flynn is unerringly consistent with her character development. The reader becomes familiar with the personalities of the individuals so much so that it's easy to know how they will react to any given situation. I found myself bracing for impact when Riley (from the first Marius book) had a rude comment directed toward him. I just knew he was going to go nuclear, and he did not disappoint. I find it refreshing to read about uncommon relationships. While Dillon's mates are smaller than him they fight vehemently to protect their warrior mate. Shane and Sean O'Hagan show Dillon how to be a real family through demonstrating amazing and unconditional love. Both twins also show Dillon the wild side of mating, with fire code violating sex scenes that melt right off the page. The Irish brogue is written phonetically which worried me at first glance. It ceased to be a concern when I laughed like a school girl at the comment made by Shane's father when Dillon pulled up in the 'clown car' mentioned above. 'Welcome to Ireland, where we stuff ya inta our wee cars.' As you can see, the spelling really adds to the realism and hilarity of the scene. As this is a new branch of an ongoing series, Joyee Flynn ensures it can be read by itself by giving a recap of events and roles established in previous books. A Dillon Sandwich is about so much more than the special bond shared between Dillon and his mates. I adored this tale about family, true family, and the lengths these people will go to in order to preserve the values they hold dear. A healing love through demonstration is illustrated with real emotion and attention to detail. I have recommended this book to others, and have re-read it several times. I'm confident you'll be eager to read the next book in this series, as you come to care for the family as much as I do. I'll end with my favorite quote from the book: 'You and Sean are my solace, my reason for living and fighting with everything I have in me.'" -- Edelweiss, Whipped Cream Reviews

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“Da, there’s a car comin,” Shane called out to his father as he heard a car come up the drive. “Is this bein’ the warrior then?”

“Aye, I’d say so,” Manus replied as he leaned his pitchfork against the side of the barn and headed toward the house. He cupped his hand around his mouth and called out to the occupants in the house. “Michan, Brighid, our American friend is here.”

“Ya, I heard Shane.” Michan chuckled as he came out the front door. “Any of ya open yur mouths and we be hearin’ it across the entire property.”

“Right, because ya be the quiet one,” Brighid said as she stepped out onto the porch. She squinted into the noonday sun as she watched a small European car pull in. “How is a warrior fitting in that wee car?”

“Not comfortably, I’d say.” Manus snickered as he leaned over to kiss his wife. “The rental lads probably thought it would be a fun joke on him.”

“Poor lad,” Banning said, shaking his head as he joined the others on the porch. “Welcome to Ireland, where we stuff ya in ta our wee cars.”

Everyone had a good laugh at that just as the car pulled into the drive and slowed down. After a few moments of watching, Shane started bouncing on one foot to the other with anticipation. He’d never met a warrior of their race before, not in all his 127 years. To say he was excited was an understatement.

He just wasn’t prepared for the huge, gorgeous, blond man that unfolded himself from the car. The man stood at least six four, two fifty or so, and all firm muscles. When the man’s head turned their way and Shane saw his deep cobalt blue eyes, he worried he might drool. It was a distinct possibility.

Just then, his nose caught a sweet scent he had never smelled before. Not even realizing what he was doing, Shane stepped off the porch and headed toward the smell, toward the small car and the very large warrior.

It hit Shane when his fangs came out that he smelled his mate. The large, sexy warrior was his mate. The man must have realized it at the same time because his eyes were locked on Shane as he growled. They walked toward each other quickly. Shane had almost reached his mate when he felt arms pulling him away. Shane whimpered in protest.

“Shane, no, ya can’t,” Banning said, holding him back. “Ya can’t claim him.”

“Mine,” Shane growled, ignoring his older brother's words, trying to fight free of the arms that held him from his mate. “That be me mate. Let me go.”

“Shane, snap out of it,” his father, Manus, shouted as he spun Shane around and gave him a good shaking. “Ya can’t be claiming him without explaining things to the lad first.”

“I don’t care, Da.” Shane growled and pulled at the hands holding him again. “He’s mine, and I want him.”

“Let me go, he’s my mate!” Shane heard the other man shout before he looked over his dad’s shoulder and saw the same thing. His brothers held the man back from Shane.

“Oh, for heaven’s sakes, lads,” Shane's mother, Brighid, said as she stepped in between the two men. “Ya both promise not ta claim each other until we talk?”

“Fine,” the warrior growled. “I don’t understand, but I assume there’s something going on here that I don't know about. I just didn’t like him being held against his will. If he wants to come to me, then let him go.”

“Aye, lad, there be some things ya don’t understand.” Brighid nodded. “We’ll let ya both go, but ya need to be restrainin’ yurselves until we talk. No touching until we're done.”

“I swear on my honor,” the man said solemnly and stopped struggling. “If you release me, we can talk, and you can explain.”

“Let them go, lads,” Brighid said, but still staying in between them. “Let’s all get inside and talk. We can start with introductions. I’m Brighid O’Hagan, ma of all these knuckleheads.”

“Pleased to meet you, ma’am,” the man said, extending his hand after everyone released him. “I’m Dillon Dragos. I’m here on orders from my Council to meet with Manus and Michan O’Hagan.”

“Aye, they be me husbands,” Brighid said, nodding her head.

“Your husbands? As in both of them?” Dillon asked, sounding surprised as they all started walking back toward the house. “I don’t mean to be rude, but isn’t that a little unconventional for mates?”

“Aye, it is, lad.” She snickered as Michan opened the door for everyone. “It’s bein’ part of the reason we need to talk before ya go and claim me son.”

“All right, you have my attention,” Dillon replied, raising an eyebrow at Brighid. As she led them into the living room, she gestured for Dillon to sit in one of the chairs before going to sit between both her husbands.

Shane sat next to Banning and Brian, who had come downstairs after probably hearing the commotion outside. He couldn't keep from looking at his warrior. The man was gorgeous.

Dillon looked at Banning and then at Brian, nodding to them before continuing. “Twins are rare for vampires, especially identical twins.”

“Not for O’Hagan’s, lad,” Brighid said gently. “There’s something in O’Hagan blood so that they are always born identical twins. I have five sets of them.”

Dillon’s jaw just about hit the ground at Brighid's statement. While it was the normal reaction to hearing about the O’Hagan way of having children, on Dillon it was sexy as hell. Shane realized he was starting to get hard. He forced himself to stop staring at the hot man and looked instead at his mother.

“Don’t worry, lad, most don’t know what to say after they hear that.” Brighid giggled for a moment before turning back to serious. “The part ya need to know, Dillon, is they come as a package deal. If ya be mates with Shane, ya be mates with his twin, Sean, as well.”

“I’m sorry, you’re saying I have two mates? Identical twin mates?” Dillon asked, looking like he didn’t believe Brighid. “Well, that’s… I mean, I wasn’t expecting…”





"Do you mean that?" Dillon asked, leaning back to look at Shane's face. "You both want me?"

"Oh, yeah," Shane purred before leaning in and kissing Dillon. It was gentler than Sean's kiss but just as explosive. After a few moments, they parted, and hands started tugging at his clothes. He lifted his arms as his mates quickly began undressing him. Dillon pulled off his boots as Shane and Sean turned and started yanking off their own clothes.

"Wow," Dillon whispered once he was naked and drank in the sight of both his naked mates kneeling before him. One of them had a large birthmark on his right shoulder. He reached out and touched it gently as his other hand stroked the man's chest.

"One of the O'Hagan twins always has a birthmark there," the mate he was touching said. "It's the only way anyone can tell Shane and I apart."

Ah, this twin was Sean then.

"Then you'll just always have to be naked around me, Sean," Dillon answered with a smirk on his face. "Of course, then I'll constantly be hard. I think it will be worth it, though. I'm really not sure I deserve two totally gorgeous mates."

"Ya think we're gorgeous?" Shane asked, eyebrows raised to his forehead in shock.

"Oh, yeah, you're both totally hot, and your accents. Who doesn’t melt when they hear a brogue?" Dillon said, running his tongue over his lips, completely focused on the buffet of flesh in front of him. "I have to tell you both, I've never been with anyone before."

"Ya are a virgin?" Sean asked, not hiding his shock as his eyes bugged out of his head. "Why?"

"I've never been attracted to anyone before," Dillon answered sheepishly, shrugging his shoulders. "I've just never felt that draw, until I met you guys."

"So we get ya all to ourselves forever," Shane purred. "That is so fuckin’ hot."

"Really?" Dillon asked, whipping his head to face Shane. "You think it's hot?"

"Oh, fuck, yeah," Sean said as he started stroking Dillon's chest. "We're going to have the rest of our lives to show ya how much fun we can all have."

"Of course, ya always gettin' to be in the middle," Shane purred as he started to move around behind Dillon. "Every time we're going to be together, it will be a Dillon sandwich."

"Oh, god, I could get used to that," Dillon moaned, turning into a large pile of goo as his mates touched all over his body. Sean seemed to mimic Shane's every touch to the back of his body, on the front of him. When they started licking all over his chest, back, and shoulders, Dillon was worried he was going to shoot his load prematurely.

Sean leaned back, lying down in the grass, and pulled Dillon down with him. Shane started caressing his ass, one hand on each cheek. Sean brought Dillon's hand to his mouth, licking and sucking on his fingers. Then he took Dillon's hand and brought it down to his forbidden entrance.

"Ya have to stretch me out for that monstrous cock of yurs," Sean purred.

Dillon didn't need to be told twice. He slowly pushed a finger into Sean's tight ass, groaning at the image of sinking his cock in Sean soon. Dillon cried out when he felt Shane's tongue licking around his hole from behind. The multitude of sensations rolled over him, driving his lust for his mates even higher.

Once Sean was ready, Dillon slid a second finger in, making sure to wiggle them around to stretch him out. As if a choreographed dance, Shane slid two fingers into Dillon's ass after he stopped licking it. He'd never felt as full in his life as he did now with Shane's fingers in him. Dillon moaned loudly when Shane started scissoring his fingers and made sure to mimic the movement on Sean.

"It's time, Dillon," Sean said after a few more moments, pulling his knees up to his chest. "I need ya inside me."

"I'd like nothing more," Dillon said lovingly. He leaned down to kiss Sean as he lined up his cock with Sean's hole and started to push in. Dillon moved his hips back and forth slowly, working his cock into Sean inch by inch. He hissed when he bottomed out, loving the feel of his mate's tight channel around his cock.

"Me turn," Shane growled behind him as he started to work his cock into Dillon. "Ya are going to love this, our big warrior."

"Oh, fuck," Dillon cried out. "I feel so full. Don't stop, Shane. Please, don't stop."

"We won't," Sean replied, smiling up at him. His little mate ran his hands up and down Dillon's shaking arms in a soothing touch. "We've got ya, Dillon. Just enjoy the sensations, and ride them."

"I never imagined it would be like this." Dillon groaned as he felt the slight burning as Shane kept pushing his way in. It was so much pleasure with just a light bite of pain, it felt amazing. "I feel so full. I'm not sure I can take any more of you, Shane."

"Aye, ya can, I promise," Shane grunted from behind him. "It gets even better, Dillon."

"We can stop if ya want us to," Sean said, looking almost worried. "We don't wantin’ to push you."

"No, don't stop, please," Dillon begged. "I love the feeling. It's just so new to me. It feels so fucking good."

Just then, Shane thrust in the rest of the way. Dillon and Shane let out a long groan when he was balls deep. After a brief pause, Shane started moving his hips. As he plunged into Dillon, the motion pushed Dillon's cock into Sean.

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