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A Life With Missy

excessica publishing

Heat Rating: SIZZLING
Word Count: 13,100
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Missy is down on her luck and very pregnant. Her waitressing
job is crap and so is her boss, when into her life walks Evan.

Evan, an unlikely knight in shining armor, is instantly
smitten with Missy and her voluptuous breasts, breasts that bring forth the
secret lactating fantasy he has kept inside.

When Fate puts this unlikely couple together their lives
change in a way that neither could have seen coming.

This erotic romance novelette is approximately 13,100 words and is intended for adults 18 years and older. It contains graphic scenes between consenting adults as they enjoy erotic lactation/adult breastfeeding, oral sex, and other sexual depictions.


I was one of the lucky few that had made it out of my small hometown. I graduated from high school and dived headfirst into college, anything to get out of and stay out of what I considered rural hell.
After college graduation, I went straight to New York and got me a highfalutin job as my family had put it so eloquently. For years I hated going home...back to what I considered beneath me, now that I was a top-notch lawyer. But as I matured I longed for that slow pace, that happiness that everyone seemed to have no matter what.
So I took some time off work and decided to go home. Along the way I stopped at a small diner, somewhere in the sticks of Pennsylvania. I pulled into the gravel parking area and stood by my BMW, hypnotized by the flickering neon “DINER” sign.
I opened the door and a tiny bell rang announcing my presence. The place was empty as I made my way to the back of the diner. It had to have been about midnight as a very pregnant waitress approached me. “Can I get you something?” she said in a small voice “Coffee?” she asked as she handed me a menu.
I took the menu as I looked her up and down. She wasn’t very old; maybe twenty tops and she looked ready to pop. The baby had to be due at any moment and as I continued to look her over, I found myself drawn to her engorged bosom. She was spilling out of her ill-fitting waitress uniform. The thin material pulled tight, the buttons looking as though they would shoot across the room.
I cleared my throat and hoped I hadn’t been too obvious at my interest in her chest. “I’ll have a cup of coffee and a few minutes to go over the menu, thanks.” I smiled as she turned to get the coffee.
I watched as she walked away, her hand on her lower back as if for support. She looked uncomfortable as hell but my libido only saw my fantasy girl as she picked up the coffeepot and turned around.
I didn’t want to appear any creepier so I made myself focus on the menu and not stare at her chest as she poured the hot black liquid into my mug.
“You ready to order?”
“Umm, yeah..I’ll have a cheeseburger and fries.”
“How do you want that cooked?”
“Umm, medium rare.” I handed the menu to her and watched again as she practically waddled to the little window to place my order.
What is wrong with you? I couldn’t believe I was lusting for this poor pregnant waitress but couldn’t seem to stop myself. She was the most beautiful creature I had ever seen. Her hair fell in messy tendrils to frame her plump face with eyes a dark brown in color with speckles of gold. Her body stretched the seams of her uniform showing me every curve, curves I longed to run my hands over her, and breasts I longed to nuzzle...milk I longed to taste.
I shook my head and took a drink of coffee “Snap out of it.” I mumbled to myself as it dawned on me how far from the kitchen I had sat.
I felt guilty for adding to the strain on the pretty little waitress. Since the place was empty, I gathered my coat and cup of coffee to move closer to the front.
The waitress saw me and smiled. I nodded and got comfortable again while I waited for my food.
I leaned back in the booth and placed my arm on the faux marble table as I admired the diner. I looked at the old vinyl records that hung on the wall above each bench, trying to distract myself from the voluptuous waitress.
It didn’t work very well as I found myself being tempted by the young waitress again as she set my plate on the table before me.
I looked at her name tag innocently enough but my eyes quickly moved to the massive amount of cleavage showing. “Missy.” I said hesitantly. “Thank you.” Her breasts spilled out of the uniform and I longed to run my finger over the crevice that formed between the two mounds of flesh. I wondered how she had managed to force them into her bra. I took my eyes from her chest and looked to her face.
Her brown eyes were sad and I was overcome with the urge to hold her, console her.
“You’re welcome.” She smiled weakly “Is there anything else I can get for you?”
“What is your favorite dessert here?”
“Oh that is easy, chocolate cream pie.” Her voice sounded a bit lighter as she mentioned the pie.
“Well, I’ll have a slice of chocolate cream pie, a big one.” I smiled up at her and watched her head to the small dessert cooler that stood in the corner.
“What the hell are you doing?” I chastised myself but I knew what I was doing. I was flirting with a pretty waitress. A waitress that could fulfill a fantasy I hid deep inside me.
When Missy returned with the plate of pie I cleared my throat and spoke up “Sit with me Missy.” She looked around nervously then back at me “Okay, I guess.”
She sat down and fumbled with her apron strings and I saw a slight blush to her cheeks. I pushed the plate of pie toward her and handed her my fork “It’s for you.” I smiled and hoped I wasn’t being too creepy.
She looked around again, a smile on her lips. “For me?” she whispered.
“If I’m not freaking you out or anything...I mean it is late and the place is practically empty so I just thought..”
“You aren’t freaking me out.” She took the fork and stabbed the pie.
I watched her savor the tiny bite, her face becoming softer as she enjoyed the chocolate cream and I could see a beautiful woman that had hit hard times.
I ate my burger while I studied Missy, she didn’t have a wedding band and I wondered where the father of the child was. I must have stared at her ring finger too long because she spoke up.
“I’m not married.” She stirred a bit of chocolate and whipped cream together on her plate “The bastard took off the moment he found out I was pregnant.”
“I’m sorry.” I wasn’t sure what to say, suddenly feeling guilty for wondering about the father.
“I ended up packing what I had and leaving the shit town I was in.” she continued to stir the pie “I couldn’t stand the looks I got from the folks so I drove as far as my car would go.” she put the fork in the air and waved it like a magic wand “And now I am here.” She laughed and rolled her eyes.
“What the hell are you doing Missy?”
The man in the kitchen barked at her through the little window.
“Guess I had better go.”
I watched as she made her way to the man in the window whom I assumed was the owner of the establishment. I sat there quietly as he yelled and cursed her for being lazy and harassing customers.
It pissed me off and I wanted to stand up and tell him to go to hell but I sat in my seat and ate my burger while staring at the plate of partially eaten pie.
I had nearly finished when Missy returned to pour fresh coffee in my mug.
I smiled and spoke quietly “Sorry about that. I didn’t mean to cause you any trouble.”
“Oh, no trouble.” She smiled but I could see a hint of tears in her eyes.
Again, I wanted to take her in my arms and hold her, tell her everything would be alright, that I would take care of her but of course I didn’t... that would have been weird of me.
I wasn’t sure what it was about Missy but I just couldn’t get her out of my thoughts as I fumbled around in my wallet for a tip. I counted it out. I had nearly two hundred dollars in cash. It wouldn’t get her out of her situation but it would get her through a day or two. I picked up the bill she had placed on the edge of the table and approached the cash register.
“I hope you liked your burger.” She smiled as she rang me up.
“I did, thanks.” I handed her my credit card. I saw her read the name on it before she swiped it and handed it back to me.
“Come back and see us sometime, Evan.” She smiled a bit brighter as the machine printed my receipt.
“You know, I am gonna do that.” I said and held out my hand. When Missy took it I slipped the money in her palm. “This is for you.” I said and walked away.
I quickly exited the door walking directly to my car. I hadn’t put the key in the door when I heard the jingle of the tiny bell.
“I can’t take this.” Missy said, hand outstretched and tears running down her face.
I could see her lip tremble and her hand shake as she tried to give me the money.
“No, it is for you. I don’t need it, you do.” I didn’t want to sound like an ass but I was afraid I did. “I mean, well, I don’t know what I mean. Just keep the money and I wish you and your baby all the best.” I fumbled with the keys finally, managing to get in the car. I closed the door and looked at Missy as she stood in front of the vehicle crying. She was obviously not used to someone being nice to her. She stood there and watched me start to pull away.
That is when I saw the door of the restaurant fling open and the man that had been yelling at her earlier dashed outside. He once again began his verbal assault, but this time I lost my cool. I slammed on the brakes, threw the car door open and before I knew what was happening I was in the man’s face.

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