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A Safe Place (MM)

Romeo & Julian 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: SCORCHING
Word Count: 25,571
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[Siren Allure ManLove: Erotic Alternative Romantic Suspense, M/M, sex toys, HFN]

Some good boys are best when they’re bad—and FBI-Agent Julian Harris knows that no one is better at being bad than his lover Romeo Paris Montague. They are assigned a new case, the high-profile Houdini-Heist. It leads them to France, Romeo’s country of origin, where he is supposed to play his role as an art thief to meet a contact person.

When events take a dramatic turn, more secrets from Romeo’s mysterious past are revealed, and some of them have the potential to get them killed. At the same time, the wish for a quieter life and a blast from the past leads Romeo into a temptation that is hard to resist.

But is running away from the only safe place he’s ever known and escaping to the dark side really the solution for Romeo? Or can Julian convince him that there is another way out?

Note: This book is written in one point of view.

A Siren Erotic Romance

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Romeo was back. At last. The cool night air wafted around him as he entered, the smile on his face a wordless promise.

“You’re here,” Julian gasped, breathless with surprise and joy.

“Yes.” Romeo’s smile widened. “I told you so, didn’t I?”

“Yes.” Taking a step, Julian reached out for his lover. The need to hold him, to feel his comfortingly solid body in his arms again was overwhelming. His fingertips almost connected when he noticed the cuffs around Romeo’s wrists. He froze. “What’s that?”

Following his gaze downward, Romeo shrugged. His smile faltered. “What did you expect?”

“I…I’m not sure. Getting you back in one piece was what I was hoping for but I really would’ve preferred it to be without those.”

Romeo’s handsome features rearranged into a melancholic frown. “Ah, Jules, didn’t you realize? They’ve been there all along.”

Julian jerked awake, disoriented and, as reality began replacing his dream, disappointed. Like so many times before, Romeo had come to pay his subconscious a visit, but the sweet warmth of his imagined presence gave way to yet another cold, bleak morning of waking up alone. And those handcuffs…Julian shuddered.

He threw back the blanket and got up, swaying as the room took a moment to catch up with his movement. A headache throbbed behind his temples. He’d gone to bed late, keeping himself busy with work so as not to dwell on memories, and the resulting lack of sleep did not sit well with him. When his legs were steady enough to carry him, he staggered across the room and toward the kitchen area. He didn’t need to put on the lights. After two months, he could have navigated his new home blindfolded. His new home, which was also his lover’s old home. The notion should’ve been romantic, should’ve made him feel connected, but Julian hated the thought. He hated to be reminded of Romeo. Despite what the slick bugger said the day he left, despite his promise to come back soon, he’d barely managed a phone call during the past weeks.

Julian had kept telling himself that Romeo didn’t have the chance to call now that he was back in his real occupation as an agent with the British MI6. That had led to wondering what exactly Romeo was doing that kept him from picking up a damn phone and dialing a number. Those thoughts had made Julian sick with worry, so he’d made himself think of other possible reasons instead. The reasons he’d come up with were not favorable to Romeo and painful for Julian because, really, what reasons could there be?

If Romeo wasn’t involved in a super secret mission somewhere in the world where telephones didn’t exist, the most sensible explanation for his lack of contact was that he simply didn’t want to be in touch. The other explanation was too horrible to even think about. Someone had been after Romeo. Someone who had known more about him than Julian. Someone who had wanted him dead and hadn’t shied back from manipulating an FBI agent to get what they wanted. Had this phantom been successful after all? If that was the case, Julian doubted that he’d ever learn what had happened to the man he loved. As Romeo himself had said, he was leading a life as a ghost, but when a ghost died, what was left of him?

Shaking off the depressing thoughts, Julian bypassed the cooking island to get to the cupboard containing medical supplies. He hadn’t changed a thing in the apartment after Romeo had left, other than to put his own clothes into the deserted walk-in closet.

The door of the cupboard opened noiselessly and Julian rummaged through its contents. Bandages and band aids. Great. He put the band aids on the counter and dug through the rest of the packages until he found some aspirin. That and some strong black coffee would do the trick. Sighing, he pushed back his fringe and shut the door. And nearly had a heart attack. Less than four feet away from him, hidden in the darkness, stood a man. Julian could only just recognize the outline, but that was enough.

“You fucking son of a bitch, how dare you frighten me like that!” he snapped, ignoring the pain that shot through his head. “When will you ever learn not to sneak up on me like a fucking cat!”

“Ah, Jules.” The voice was soft, with only the hint of roughness smoking put into it that Julian remembered so well. Romeo covered the distance between them in two quick steps, then he reached out and gently curled his fingers around the lapels of Julian’s pajama top to pull him closer. “Isn’t that a contradiction?”

Confused by Romeo’s words as much as his sudden appearance, Julian frowned at him. “What is?”

A mischievous smirk curled Romeo’s lips. “The son of a bitch would be a dog, so accusing me of sneaking up on you like a cat doesn’t really make sense.”

“You…you…” Julian didn’t find words to speak but he didn’t have to. He broke into a frantic laughter that soon turned to desperate, choking gasps as weeks’ worth of pain and pressure threatened to overwhelm him.

“Shh, I’m here now, sweetheart,” Romeo whispered, his face buried in Julian’s neck. “I’ve missed you so much, but I’m here now. Don’t cry, baby, please don’t cry.” Romeo’s voice was smooth and warm, like liquid honey, and Julian felt all the pent-up anger, the fear and the loneliness of the past months loosen and melt away. Romeo wrapped him up in a hug, clinging on to him tightly just as Julian held on to him so hard his arms hurt from the strain.

“Where have you been?” Julian enquired, fighting back the sob that wanted out with the words.




Julian groaned. Arousal was making him dizzy, but there was more. All those lonely hours came back to him, all the nights he spent alone in bed and all the horrible scenarios he imagined. Emotions welled up again, still laced with tears, still threatening to overwhelm him.

“Shh, Don’t cry, baby. I’m here now,” Romeo said and moved his head that little bit farther. His lips were parted and so wonderfully soft against Julian’s. Their kiss was gentle, almost careful—a hesitant reunion rather than a rekindling of raw passion. Only their matching erections were proof that they both wanted a lot more than a kiss.

Romeo was the first to give in. Pulling back a little, he whispered, “Bed?”

Julian smirked. “What, not right here? Kitchen table not good enough for you anymore?”

Romeo smiled but shook his head. “Not this time, no. I want a bit more style. And more comfort. Come on.” He took Julian by the hand and dragged him back to the bedroom where he lay down on the bed, tugging Julian on top of him.

“I’ve missed you so much,” he murmured again, then arched up for another kiss.

“Mm-mm-hmm,” Julian agreed, already busy undoing the buttons on Romeo’s shirt. It seemed to take forever, but eventually they were all open and he slid his hand inside, pushing the fabric out of the way to get at the warm, silky skin underneath. A shudder rocked Romeo’s body and he moaned.

“You’re so fucking beautiful.” Julian took a few seconds to appreciate what he saw. The sight of Romeo in all his naked glory never failed to take his breath away and indeed, lust and excitement finally drowned out the lingering traces of disappointment.

Julian ran his fingertips over Romeo’s sleek, sculpted muscles. There was no bulk there, just the wiry strength that made him so easy to be underestimated and yet such a pleasure to look at. Goose bumps popped up where Julian brushed his skin, all the way from collar to hipbone and back up. He drew a teasing eight across Romeo’s chest, centered around his nipples, then repeated the motion with ever narrowing circles until he brushed one stiff little nub.

A soft sigh escaped Romeo and Julian chuckled. “Like that, do you?”

“Fuck, yeah. You know I do. But do you know what I like even better?”

“I have a few ideas but do tell.”

“You shoving that pretty dick of yours up my arse.”

“Language, Mr. Montague,” Julian scolded playfully. He’d noticed Romeo’s usually unnoticeable accent before, but his choice of word was not very often on the wrong side of the ocean. Julian tucked the observation away for future reference. It wasn’t overly important, but interesting as it implied that Romeo had spent at least a part of the last weeks in England.

“Yeah, what about it?” Romeo asked, bringing Julian back to the present.

“Well, it’s foul.”

“So what? I didn’t even use the f-word.”

“Yes, but still—”



“Shut up and fuck me already.”

“Um, okay. There might be a little problem though.”

Romeo’s expression darkened in a frown. “What’s that?”

“Well…It’s been a while and I’m afraid I’ve run out of lube,” Julian explained.

Romeo sighed. “Sod lube. Just use spit.”


“Yes. And now stop talking.”

Julian was aware of that underlying awkwardness between them. Two months of almost no contact and there were so many questions, but the need to fuck Romeo was at least as strong as the wish to talk to him and it seemed their bodies hadn’t forgotten each other. Romeo was pliable and ready as always when Julian pushed into him, despite the lack of proper lube. He groaned, but arched his back, welcoming Julian home and letting him slide in all the way. Julian struggled to make the first moves slow and gentle. He would’ve given a lot to be able to just pound in now, but knew better than to try it. Romeo’s muscles would yield soon enough and then it would be fine.

It was fine. Every motion, every touch and every deep, powerful thrust into Romeo’s welcoming body flooded Julian with reassurance. Romeo was alive and, true to his promise, he was back in Julian’s life, his bed and his arms.

“How…uh, long?” Julian asked.


“How long…are you…staying?”

Romeo groaned and tilted his hips, giving Julian that extra half inch of access. “Do you really…oh yeah, right there, baby…do you really want to talk about that now?”

“Um…” Julian considered it briefly, then he smiled. “No. Not right now.”

“Good. Because right now I want you to fuck me like you mean it,” Romeo muttered. Hooking one leg around Julian’s lower back, he pulled him in tightly. Julian gasped. The muscles in Romeo’s leg were like a vise. Two months had let him forget just how strong his lover was.

“You think too much,” Romeo whispered and slid one arm around the back of Julian’s head. Pulling him down, he kissed him, hot, demanding, and passionate, and Julian felt the last of his hesitation slip.

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