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A Start Of Something


Heat Rating: SCORCHING
Word Count: 48,800
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How does a man with a perfect goddess for a wife cope when she decides to pose nude for a photographer? If you are Rex Grant, you settle back and enjoy the benefits. You watch as your wife goes from a nude model to a raw hot porn star.

This is a long involved story of a man, his hot wife, and a variety of men and women who come into their lives. This story has a lot of one-on-one sex, group sex, girl on girl sex, and interracial sex.


If I described my wife, I would have to use words such as loving, loveable, kind, generous, friendly, adventurous, intelligent, and decisive. I would have to include descriptive terms such as sexy, hot blooded, passionate, leggy, built like a brick shit-house (even though I do not understand that term), wild, wicked, and wonderful. Of course she is beautiful.
I would have to mention she graduated from a very nice college with honors. I would have to mention that she always has been a perfect wife and partner. She is involved in civic affairs. She has never failed to vote in national, state, or local elections. She keeps abreast of what’s going on in the world.
I am, I suppose, like a lot of husbands because I see my wife as near perfection. The difference in me and other men is my wife, Amy Grant, is nearly perfect. She is the best part of me, period.
Obviously that is not the end of this story. It’s just a beginning because my wife doesn’t see herself as I do. She sees flaws in herself where there are no flaws.
My name is Rex Grant and since I’m not stupid I realize that Amy has some minor flaws. They are little tiny inconspicuous things that do not even need to be mentioned; a few little things and one larger detail. It’s that larger thing that brings me to the story. My wife is hot! Very, very hot. So sexual she sizzles.
Some may not see that as a flaw and mostly it’s not a defect. Amy and I have been married for three years and a few months. I haven’t actually figured it out on paper, but in the one thousand and some days since we tied the knot we have engaged in some type of sex at least once a day. Some days when she is feeling particularity frisky, more than once.
I’m not complaining because most of the time I can keep up with her demands and perhaps even exceed them. We both have a high libido and our sex drive is usually in sync.
Now I suppose I should attempt to describe me. I could use words such as Adonis, Greek god-like, intelligent, handsome, and hung. I could use all those words but that would be a barefaced lie. I am in fair physical condition because I engage in sports and workout. I am not bad looking. Some of the fairer sex has described me as rugged looking. Now, as far as being hung, I’m about average. At least in my mind I am. I suppose my best attribute is that Amy loves me. I don’t need anything else to make me complete. I had no clue that major changes were on the horizon. It started when we agreed to hire a professional painter to come and paint our new apartment before we moved in.
My small publishing business had finally started make us enough money to move up. I inherited the business from my uncle after he died and none of his children wanted it. I inherited by default I guess. It was basically a one man show. One man and Amy taking care of the secretarial and receptionist duties. My uncle published a couple titles a year. Since taking over I managed to get that up to ten titles last year and luckily, they all did well. Hence the new apartment.
Amy had taken the say off to supervise the painting so when I could get away I went to the new place to see how it was going. I let myself in the unfurnished place and sniffed the paint fumes that filled the air. I followed the sound of voices to the dining room. I found Amy and two men there.
Amy was wearing a pair of baggy shorts with very loose legs and a sweatshirt that had been modified. By modified I mean she had whacked it with a pair of scissors. The sleeves were missing to the shoulders and the bottom two-thirds also was missing. Amy was two steps up a ladder pointing to the light fixture. I don’t know what she was point at, but the two men’s attention was centered on the bottom half of her breasts and her completely exposed pussy.
“How’s it going?” I asked.
“Hi honey,” Amy said not coming down from her exposed position. “It’s going great. I want to replace this light fixture and Clarence said he could do it for us. Is that okay with you?” I said it was fine with me. When Amy turned to talk to me I could see that it was more than just the bottom half of her boobs that were visible.
It was obvious that Amy was enjoying herself because she was flushed and her eyes were sparkling. She knew the two men could see her charms and she didn’t care!
“That is Clarence, the owner, and that is Juan his helper,” Amy said jumping down from the ladder. Clarence was a white man and Juan was obviously a Hispanic. I shook hands with both of them. “Come on and let me show you the bedrooms,” Amy said grabbing my hand and pulling me with her.
“Nice,” I said looking at the newly painted walls and ceiling. I even managed to look interested which I wasn’t.
“Do you like this color? It’s ivory. I thought about going a shade darker. What do you think, Rex?”
“I think you have on no bra or panties,” I said. “Got a little severe with the scissors, didn’t you?” I asked flipping the shirt up and grasping her hard nipple. “Your painters seemed to enjoy the view.”
“You think so?” she said giggling. “It always pays dividends to keep the galley slaves happy.” I could tell Amy was aroused. She was getting off showing off for the paint crew. I had no idea that Amy was an exhibitionist. In all the time we had been together, she had never shown any tendency toward it so you can imagine my surprise.
“I also think it’s a good thing I arrived when I did,” I said running my hand up the leg of her shorts. Her pussy was wet.
“Nothing was going to happen,” she said with a catch in her voice when my finger found her extended clitoris. “I was just giving the boys a little show.” I wasn’t sure that was the case, but I didn’t say anything.
“We’re leaving now, Mrs. Grant,” Clarence said. “We’ll be back bright and early tomorrow morning to finish the job.”
“That’s fine, Clarence,” Amy said quickly backing away from my probing fingers. “I’ll go in the morning and get a light for you to install.”
“You should be careful teasing men like that,” I told Amy that night. We were in bed and about to get down to some serious lovemaking. “That’s a good way to get fucked.”
“Oh? I’ll keep that in mind,” she said taking my cock in her hand. “Would it bother you if I did?”
That was a good question. A very good question. Would it bother me? The answer came as a surprise to me that it wouldn’t bother me very much. I suddenly found myself thinking about Amy being hosed by Clarence or Juan.
“Yes, it would kill me,” I answered giving her the answer I though she wanted to hear. I stopped the conversation and bit down on one of her nipples; harder then I normally did causing her to gasp and moan.
Nothing more was said about it for several days. Clarence and company finished their jobs and left. The movers came, got our furniture, and moved it to the new apartment. Amy stayed busy arranging and rearranging the furniture for another couple of days. Things finally settled down to our old routine, but I did think about it. I could easily visualize Amy in the arms of another man. I could see her with her legs open and ready to take his cock.

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