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Absolute Perfection (MF)

Aspire 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: SCORCHING
Word Count: 30,848
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[Siren Classic: Erotic Consensual BDSM Romance, spanking, whipping, sex toys, HEA]

Georgios Andreas’s wife, Jane, left him and died under mysterious circumstances. Afterward, he avoided relationships outside of club play.

At a ceremonial claiming, he meets the sister of the submissive, there to bear witness to her sister’s claiming. Iris Snider draws him, initially because she looks like Jane, but he quickly realizes she is so much more. He is powerless against the attraction.

Georgios sweeps her off her feet, insisting she too is submissive. Iris, for the first time in her life, leaps before she looks. She falls in love and submits to Georgios, hoping for more than a D/s relationship, and he, too, dares hope for more.

Iris then sees a picture of Jane and is devastated by her resemblance to Georgios's dead wife. She refuses to take the leavings of a ghost. Georgios gives her space, inadvertently putting her in danger. Jane’s killer is still out there, and he, too, has seen the resemblance. And he hates George.

A Siren Erotic Romance

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Everyone here was strange and different by the outside world’s standards, and the club had a really nice, relaxed atmosphere where they were all accepted and quite comfortable. Iris could see that. It was she who didn’t fit in. She didn’t know what one wore to a BDSM club, although Haley insisted a skirt and top were just fine.

Many of the other women were dressed in skirts, but hers actually covered her ass, and her boobs weren’t on display above bustiers or covered with just plain nothing. C’mon, Haley. Get this show on the road. Iris found herself getting cross-eyed trying not to look at all the flesh on view, not to mention some of the men who were obviously cut from the same cloth as Gordon and Warren. Leather pants were prevalent, and while some of the naked torsos above them didn’t really speak to her, there were one or two that fairly shouted. Especially that dark hunk of a man with the brooding features and the insolent slouch against the far wall. Iris kept her eyes resolutely on the door Haley was to emerge from, but she felt that man as if he was standing right beside her. She somehow wasn’t shocked when her sister walked out wearing a lacy pink robe. And nothing else that Iris could see. Haley had always been comfortable in her own skin, unlike Iris. She was tall and too slender, with small breasts and no hips to speak of. It made her rounded bottom all the more noticeable. Although they shared similar coloring, Haley was like a petite pocket Venus, all curves and cuddles, especially now that her early pregnancy was making her breasts fuller and her stomach curve. Iris was thrilled to know she’d be an aunt in the not-so-distant future even as she suppressed a longing for her own child. She didn’t have a man in her life, and while her gypsy lifestyle was coming to an end, she wasn’t certain she wanted to raise a child on her own even if she could now provide a stable home. She made a mental note to soon tell Haley she would be staying put and for Haley to be ready for lots more contact. She herself had just found out, and her news took a backseat to weddings. Haley was the only family she had since their mom died, and Iris was determined that nothing detract from these occasions, considering how they’d nearly lost Warren not so long ago.

Iris inched closer to the place where Haley now stood, and once again her heart swelled for her sister as Warren and Gordon stepped up as equals and surrounded her. Their leathers fit admirably and didn’t hide their enormous erections. The three of them all made solemn oaths of commitment to one another, and Iris handed over Haley’s new collar, hung with Gordon and Warren’s birthstones. Haley didn’t need her own gemstone. She was their jewel. Iris thought it was quite lovely and sincere, if obviously different from the church.

Then they eased her robe from her shoulders, and Iris took it from Warren, numbly. They were going to have sex with Haley right in front of everyone, and she didn’t know if she could do this, bear witness. She closed her eyes in panic and blinked them wide when a hot, hard body blanketed hers to support her trembling frame. A thick, muscled arm came around her waist to hold her close to his naked chest, and a deep voice rumbled in her ear.

“Relax. Haley wants this, and it’s our Lifestyle.”

Iris managed not to struggle in his grip. It was the brooding man. She didn’t have to see his face to know it to be true. He’d been as aware of her as she had been of him, and this wasn’t the time or place to get into a discussion with him about his effrontery. Besides, she needed the support. She watched as if from afar as her sister was secured to some kind of structure and her body prepared for penetration. By both of her husbands. At the same time. Oh my god. If it wasn’t her flesh and blood hanging there, Iris would have found the sight totally arousing and astoundingly beautiful.

“They won’t use anything on her because she’s pregnant.”

Iris stiffened. She had no idea what he meant at first and then tumbled to it. Haley had told her about liking erotic pain, describing some of the things her men did to her, and it made Iris’s pussy both clench and tingle even as her brain protested the very idea. She then worried about the double penetration, considering the pregnancy.

Again, he read her mind. “They’ll be careful with her, Haley’s sister. They love her more than life itself.”

He was correct, and while Iris looked just above the writhing forms, avoiding some of what transpired, she understood she was bearing witness to an act of deep and abiding commitment as her new brothers-in-law shared their bride, her sister. There was no mistaking Haley’s sexual satisfaction either. Everyone heard it, too.

She was able to pass the robe back to Gordon afterward, and he wrapped Haley up before taking her sated form off with Warren, and then Iris extricated herself from brooding man’s hold. She felt curiously bereft, even as he released her. The heat of his erection seemed imprinted on her lower back, and she, too, hadn’t been unaffected by the end of the “ceremony,” her sister’s sexual submission or no. She let her breath out on a long sigh and wondered what to do while she waited on Haley and her husbands. People were drifting off, presumably to their own pleasures, and this felt really awkward.

“Care to have a drink with me while you wait?”

Well, crap. Iris was a smart woman, and this guy, while mouth-wateringly hot, was clearly dangerous to any woman’s virtue. She needed to find somewhere to wait and keep her wits about her. “Sure.”

Okay then. That indeed had been her voice accepting the first step down the road to hell. She let him take her elbow and escort her to the area where refreshments were served.




Georgios drew her along with him and keyed in a code on a door just a few steps down the hall. Showtime. She began to tremble and wasn’t certain if it was with nervousness or arousal. Perhaps both. Iris figured she was going to leave this place a different person, and for a moment, she faltered. Georgios held her in front of him and stared at her, his face impassive, his eyes dark as night with desire. She fell into them and put her trust in him.

“Choose your safe word.”

Iris had thought about that already. “Chocolate.”

He didn’t raise an eyebrow, although she detected a hint of laughter in the depths of his eyes. He pushed the door open and ushered her inside.

There was a really big bed in the middle of the room, covered with lots of pillows and sumptuous bedding, and Iris noted the restraints on the headboard and footboard. A long padded bench stood at the foot of the bed, and she observed a set of chains hanging from the ceiling. It didn’t look totally like the pictures on the Net, but she doubted most bedrooms had chains and velvet ropes.

“Remove your clothes.”

Okay then, comedy act over. Iris felt no hesitation, as though this was the natural way of things. She pulled the concealed zipper at her side down. The silk dress slipped off her shoulders and over her upper arms, and Georgios tracked the movement with those amazing eyes of his. It dropped across her breasts and snagged on her beaded nipples, the sensation making her shiver. As it gathered speed, the fabric passed her hips and slithered down her legs to pool at her feet. She could smell her own arousal, and it emboldened her. Without waiting for further commands from Georgios, Iris dispensed with the wisp of panties, shimmying them off and stepping out of them. She then knelt at his feet, mirroring the pictures of all those women she’d looked at on the websites. The floor was hard beneath her knees, and she felt vaguely chilled while the molten heat between her thighs polarized that sensation, but it was the feeling of rightness that engulfed her. She placed her hands palms up on her widespread thighs and lowered her gaze. Georgios rested a hand on the crown of her head.

“Keep your place.”

Iris waited as Georgios stepped out of her line of vision. She heard the sounds of a large zipper, of objects being placed on a solid surface, and then fabric rustling. There was a certain amount of anxiety fueling her thoughts, but for the most part she was looking forward to the experience. She didn’t believe Georgios would harm her. He walked back in front of her, and she saw his leather-clad legs. Ah, the Dom outfit. She swallowed a giggle as the anxiety bled through. His hand rested on her head again like a benediction and slipped down to her cheek. She turned her face into his palm and closed her eyes as she again settled.

“I approve of the personal grooming, Iris. Now open your eyes and keep them on me. We haven’t discussed limits. There will be no bodily function play, nor will I entertain breaking your beautiful skin. Is there anything you believe you can’t accept?”

She tipped her head back far enough to stare into his face, trying to keep her position. She ogled his cut chest and muscled abdomen as her gaze travelled upward, and her fingers twitched involuntarily. She wanted to touch him, explore him, but knew from her readings it wasn’t allowed unless he gave permission.

“I’m in total agreement with what you just said, Georgios. I’m uncomfortable with the idea of anal sex, but want to try. And I’m a little worried about being displayed. And being shared.” The last comment left her in a rush. Part of her wondered about being pleasured by two men, having witnessed firsthand how well loved and treasured Haley was, but she found she couldn’t think past wanting only Georgios.

His eyes narrowed and she thought she saw a flash of anger, but his face still told her nothing. He finally spoke. “We will ease into anal sex, Iris. It is important to me, and I want to take you, claim you in that manner, but I will never give you what you can’t handle. As for being displayed, that is the first time you’ve come close to being untruthful, and I won’t let that slide. We’ll sort out why you feel the need to say you wish to hide, even as I doubt I will share you.”

Iris felt her pussy involuntarily clench, and she was instantly soaking wet at his assertion of punishment to come. He wouldn’t hurt her, not really, although she accepted there would be some initial discomfort. Her brain had processed the information she’d read, and she wanted to participate, have the experience. She said nothing, simply waited because she knew he had more to say.

“I find the idea of sharing you distasteful, sub. But I also will ensure you get what you need. But for now you will please me.”

His hands dropped to the front of his leathers where his cock bulged and strained. For her. He freed it and Iris’s eyes fell to it, drawn by the long, hard shaft and bulbous head. It sprang out and up to curve to the right side of his ridged belly, nearly brushing her lips as it did so. It wept for her. Iris wasn’t fond of oral sex and rarely gave blow jobs, but she wanted to give one to Georgios. She wanted to taste him. She didn’t know if she’d do it right but had no doubt he would teach her.

“Eyes on me!” The comment had her snapping to attention. She jerked her gaze up.

“Open.” Again with the little commands. It was amazing how her body responded. Iris opened her mouth, and Georgios guided the head of his cock between her lips and rested it there. She felt him kind of flex and realized he was straining for control.

“Wider, sweet one.”

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