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Accidental Love for Three (FFM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: SCORCHING
Word Count: 17,885
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[Ménage and More: Erotic Alternative Contemporary Ménage a Trois Romance, F/F/M, interracial]

Tracey's horrific car accident brings her husband, Gavin, and her best friend, Lee, to her bedside. As Tracey goes into surgery, Gavin realizes something he'd never noticed before—Tracey's best friend loves her as much as he does.

Emotionally raw and physically exhausted, he confronts Lee with his suspicion and pushes her to eventually confess her feelings to Tracey. Gavin is prepared to face the consequences. He wants his wife to be happy, even if that means she's with someone else. But Tracey surprises both Gavin and Lee when she explains she wants both of them in her life.

Can Tracey, Gavin, and Lee find a way through confused and tangled emotions to happiness for all three?

"I've always loved reading a great romance, and ménage stories made me wonder how three people can find love and fulfillment together. I couldn't find many F/F/M love stories, so I wrote a few of my own. Hope you love them as much as I do." ~ Rachel ~

A Siren Erotic Romance

Professional Reviews
4 DELIGHTFUL DIVAS: "Accidental Love for Three... is a passionate, emotion filled story of a woman, her husband and her best friend... I... very much enjoyed this story. I really enjoyed the fact that this was a F/F/M ménage... I believe that this is my first Rachel Clark book, and I do look forward to reading more of this author's work." -- Melissa, Dark Diva Reviews



Lee stifled her own groan as the smell of Tracey's sweet arousal reached her nose. She'd dreamed about this moment so many times over the years that she could hardly believe she was actually here. She considered pinching herself just to be sure, but discarded the idea in favor of sucking harder against the beautiful breast in her mouth.

Tracey writhed against Lee's touch, pressing her crotch harder against her hand and rubbing back and forth. Emboldened by Tracey's obvious enjoyment, and Gavin's invitation, Lee lifted her hands to the snap of Tracey's jeans and eased down the zipper. Gavin lifted her slightly, helping Lee to slide the denim down Tracey's legs.

Tracey whimpered with excitement as Lee caressed her through the thin silky material of her panties and pressed a finger against the gathering wetness.

"Oh, baby, you feel so incredible," she said as she worshipped Tracey's swollen labia. Impatiently, Tracey slid her fingers into the edge of her underwear and pushed them down. She opened her legs, encouraging Lee's questing fingers, and moaned her excitement as a gentle finger sank into her swollen slit and a thumb slid up toward her clitoris.

Gavin slid his hands under her ass and lifted her up higher, settling her over his thighs and opening her legs and pussy to Lee's gaze. Lee continued to slide a finger in and out of her wet heat as she lowered her mouth to suck on Tracey's engorged clit. At her first touch, the other woman bucked beneath her, but Gavin held her safe as Lee pushed her tongue between the folds and flicked the tumescent flesh of her clit.


* * * *


Tracey's thighs began to quiver. Lee licked and sucked her clit, and Gavin pulled and pinched her stiff nipples. Her climb to orgasm felt too intense, too rapid to control. Her breath caught in her throat, the muscles in her legs tensed and her back arched toward the ceiling as they wound her higher and higher toward release.

Her breath caught and then her world exploded. Her body bucked against the twin assaults and her muscles flooded with heat as her mind burst with colors. They both held her close while she recovered, her body quivering from the incredible sensations.

Gavin kissed her neck and murmured words of love as he caressed her stomach and hips. She shivered at both his touch and the emotions his tender words evoked.

Lee lifted carefully away from her so that she could lean forward and place a gentle kiss on her lips. Tracey's tongue flicked out, tasting herself as Lee sat back onto her knees and smiled up at her.

"I love you," she said, her smile wide and genuine.

"Same here," Gavin said beside her ear. "How about we find somewhere more comfortable so that we can continue what we started." He nibbled her ear and pressed his hard cock against the soft flesh of her ass

She giggled happily as he lifted her in his arms and turned toward the bedroom. He stopped at the door and looked over his shoulder at Lee. She felt his uncharacteristic hesitation, his wavering self confidence, but it was gone before she could fully understand the cause.

"Come on, Lee," he said casually as he stepped into the hall.

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