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All Hell Breaking Loose (MM)

Night and Day 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: SCORCHING
Word Count: 47,593
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[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, vampires, HEA]

Cedric and Silus are two creatures forbidden to be together. A sun sprite and a vampire. They must hide from their powerful families. Otherwise they risk a death that will not be swift.

For the last year, they have been together, thinking they were the only sun sprite and vampire to take each other as mates. Until Silus's former fiancée arrives with a sun sprite mate on her arm. The two have tracked down Cedric and Silus, and want to create a new nest where sun sprites and vampires live peacefully.

Silus is suspicious and wary, especially considering the circumstances in which they were found, while Cedric is forced to deal with his jealousy that Silus had a fiancée before him, and with the grim knowledge that he is aging and dying as the days go by.

A Siren Erotic Romance

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Cedric stared hard at Silus, his stomach saying hello to his tonsils the entire time.

Varinia was his long lost fiancée. That had been...unexpected.

“All right, explain,” he said slowly. “I thought vampires didn’t do arranged marriages because they thought it was cruel.”

Cedric could still remember Silus telling him that. He’d been angry at the time, because he himself had just learned that Cedric had a fiancée back home, despite how he constantly snuck over to spend time with Silus.

Silus had thought Cedric was being unfaithful to a mate, to someone he shared his soul with. Cedric could still recall the look of disgust on Silus’s face when Cedric had made the confession, and the fear he felt when Silus nearly walked out on him. He also recalled the way Silus didn’t at all care for his explanation of an arranged marriage.

Vampires didn’t do that, he’d explained, so Silus had, at first, not fully understood that Cedric wasn’t in love with the girl in question and that he didn’t want to get married.

Now Cedric was finding out about this.

“Vampires don’t arrange the marriages of their children,” Silus said, folding his arms in an obvious show of defense. “But loveless marriages still occurred often enough, and still do. Should the matched couple choose to mate with each other, it could still bring about a very prosperous union.”

“Okay.” Cedric struggled for patience as Silus explained. All he could think about was that vampire woman, and how she’d barely glanced at either him or Silus while she’d been in their house.

Engaged thirty years ago. That would have been either just before, or just after, Cedric had been born.

And neither of them would have aged a day since.

“Did you love her?”

There was no mistaking that Silus thought Cedric was sexually attractive, and that he loved Cedric, but Cedric wasn’t about to rule out the possibility that his lover was perhaps bisexual. If that was the case, and Silus so much as admitted to being friends with that woman, Cedric didn’t know what he would do.

Silus shook his head. “I can practically see the thoughts swirling through your head. You have naught to fear from her. I did not love her.”

“Then why—” Cedric pointed with his hand in the direction the car had driven off in, unable to finish the sentence.

Silus’s chest expanded in a heavy sigh. “I will admit that I was not in a good place with myself during those days, those years, even, leading up to my introduction to Varinia and her family. I was seventy years old, an age for my mind and body to have long since finished growing and maturing, yet as a vampire, I was still barely older than a child, and was often treated as such. My father and mother made constant hints of the Marcellus family, their wealth, their status, and how wonderful and beneficial it would be for our families to make friendly contacts out of them.”

Silus looked pointedly at Cedric. “Our families were in the same business, you see.”

Cedric nodded. Sun sprites weren’t really into human trafficking like some of the more wealthy vampires were. They liked to stick closer to the stock market, buying and selling houses and all that. Still, a nest of vampires did what it had to in order to ensure blood was always available. For themselves and their not-so-rich tenants, Cedric had long ago forgiven Silus for any part he may have played in such acts, not having much of a choice, considering the family he was born into.

“So they gave you the hint that mating with her would be good for the family,” Cedric said.

Silus nodded. “As I have said, I was not in a good place with myself at the time. Though thirty years ago may hardly seem like much.”

Cedric snorted, and Silus promptly ignored it. “Those were hardly the years of tolerance, and the decades before them were much worse. Neither of my parents knew of my preferences for my own sex until the beginning of the new millennium, and that was after many, many years of battling with myself, living in constant fear of their reaction should they discover my secret. So yes, I agreed to marry her and mate with her.”

“Jesus, Silus.” Cedric had liked to think that, after a year and a half together, he knew his lover well enough. Definitely not everything, not yet, but the fact that Silus had suffered like that for so long and Cedric hadn’t known about it, well, it baffled him.

Silus was one hundred and two years old. If he’d only told his parents, coming out to them at the start of the new millennia, then that was ninety years of hiding.

Cedric couldn’t even contemplate what that was like. And he’d thought he had it bad growing up with his family.

He already knew what happened once Silus finally told his parents. They’d both had this conversation with each other. The how did your parents handle it? sort of thing.

Silus’s parents had basically shrugged it off, taking it no more seriously than a phase or simple curiosity, expecting he would eventually settle down on his own time. A reaction like that probably made Silus go a little mad for a time. All those years of hiding and pretending, and his parents had barely blinked at the confession.

Cedric’s coming out had been a little different. His father, bastard that he was, had basically forced Cedric to promise to never reveal his terrible secret to his mother or anyone else in the family. That hadn’t stopped Cedric from going out and enjoying himself as often as he could with the men he picked up from the bars and clubs he’d liked.

Silus never had any of that for ninety years.




Silus made an indignant noise of protest as he was flung down carelessly on the leather sofa. Cedric worked on the button and fly of his jeans, shoving them down and kicking them off before climbing on top of the love of his life, who glared at him in annoyance.

“What in the damned—”

Cedric kissed him before he could finish whatever long-winded thing he was about to say. He pulled away long enough to rasp a breathy “Shut up,” and then he got back to work.

By then Silus melted for him, his body becoming more pliant, his arms coming around Cedric’s shoulders, pulling at his T-shirt, stretching it more and more until it finally ripped apart and the cool air of the room touched down on Cedric’s bare back.

The sound of the material coming apart, and the knowledge that it was being torn from his back in their haste to fuck each other, only made Cedric’s blood run hotter.

It wasn’t like they kept lube hidden around the house for the occasions when they wanted to have spontaneous sex. They hadn’t done that even when it was just the two of them alone on the lake, but they knew how to make do.

Cedric helped Silus to pull the last remaining bits of clothing he wore from his shoulders, lifting himself onto his elbows so that his lover could kick off his pants and throw them onto the floor. When it was skin on skin, Cedric very nearly lost all control.

They spent a good couple of minutes holding each other close, humping and kissing and searching for friction, and it felt so good.

To Cedric, it felt like they hadn’t done this in forever.

Silus pulled his mouth away, dark eyes clouded with lust. “Fuck me, sprite,” he commanded.

Cedric had every intention of doing just that, but he hadn’t forgotten that Silus needed a drink. He presented his wrist. “Bite me,” he said.

Silus immediately complied, drunk on his lust for blood and sex. He said nothing, opened his mouth over Cedric’s willing vein, and bit down until his fangs punctured the skin in their usual place.

The second Cedric felt the flow of warm blood on his skin, he pulled back. “Let go.”

Confusion entered those endless black pools Silus had for eyes, yet he did as he was told, barely the tiniest drop of red to cost his pale lips. “Wherefore would you have me stop?”

Cedric shivered, as always, enjoying his lover’s vampire speak while they were rolling around naked.

He put his cut wrist to his lips and began licking and sucking up the flowing blood. He made a small noise to communicate to Silus that something good was coming, and the vampire nodded and lay back, watching Cedric lap up his own blood with eager eyes.

It stung a bit without Silus’s venom there to numb the pain, but he’d wanted to do this for a while. When he had a sufficient amount of blood in his mouth, he pulled his wrist away, leaned down, and kissed Silus again.

Oh so intelligent and sexy as he was, Silus picked up on what Cedric intended and opened his mouth to the kiss, letting the red, copper-tasting fluid enter and slide down his throat.

Then came the reaction natural to a vampire who drank sun sprite blood.

Cedric felt Silus’s prick jump between them. Silus’s breathing through his nose became hard and heavy, goose bumps prickling over his skin making the dark hairs on his arms stand up straight.

Then he moaned and thrust his hips into Cedric’s. Silus grabbed him around the waist so tightly, pushing them together, that Cedric knew he was going to have severe bruising when all was said and done.

He couldn’t wait. Cedric thrust his cock into Silus eagerly. Despite the cool temperature of the room, their bodies became slick with sweat. The slide of their skin, coupled with the rough pull and scratch of their pubic hair, was enough to stimulate the senses to the point of drunkenness.

They were openly moaning and keening into each other’s mouths as they forgot everything else and just moved.

The first time Silus had ever drunk some of Cedric’s blood, a small sip had been enough to give the man a seizure-inducing orgasm. Now, a year and a half later, Silus was better able to withstand the effects of drinking Cedric’s blood. He didn’t have a seizure anymore, but he damn sure had good time.

And Cedric wanted to draw it out for as long as possible.

It damn near killed him to do it, but he reached down to grab himself firmly around the base of his cock, lifting himself off of his lover. If a stray breeze from an open window somewhere in the house so much as fluttered across his cock, he was going to come.

Silus grabbed him in a near mad craze. “Finish it!” he demanded.

“On your hands and knees,” Cedric said.

Silus spun around in record time.

Cedric would have laughed if he weren’t so damned horny. He shifted back a little, his hands firmly gripping Silus’s hips while he tried to keep his balance on his knees on the plush leather.

He bent down to place a kiss on Silus’s lower back, noting the way the bit of blood left behind from his lips kind of looked like red lipstick.

“Though I adore your attentions,” Silus said, trying to drawl out his words yet failing as his lust won out, “I am hardly getting younger up here.”

He certainly wasn’t getting older, either.

The next kiss Cedric placed was on Silus’s asshole. Goose bumps pebbled in a moving wave all across Silus’s flesh, and Cedric heard the pop in the leather as he gripped it too tightly, puncturing the arm of the couch with his fingers as he moaned, his body making jerky spasms.


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