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: Angel of Fire

The Wild Rose Press

Heat Rating: SIZZLING
Word Count: 46,605
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After an attempted rape by her foster father, Raxiel fled to the city streets to live among the homeless. One hopeless day, she feels compelled to search for the true love foretold in her mother’s prophesy. Her hunt leads to the roof of a high-tech building nearby.

Seamus, a software engineer, finds Raxiel crouched at the roof’s edge. Less than thirty seconds later, she’s convinced him to quit smoking. An electric connection, he had never felt before, swept over him, demanding he take her into his care. Within the hour, his boss is dead, and he loses his job.

As the couple explores their newfound relationship, a legion of the damned attack and pursue them, convinced Raxiel holds an ancient, powerful tome their leader is determined to possess. Will Seamus and Raxiel find The Book of Wisdom and defeat the forces of darkness or will Hell claim its final victory?


“Please wait here,” he said to Raxiel and went after paper towels, some wet, some dry. On his return, he knelt and washed her feet and ankles. This gathered the attention of other shoppers. The obnoxious clerk stared in disbelief from behind the protection of his shop window. Some passersby stopped and remarked at the ray of light beaming down through the glass canopy to the spot where Seamus worked. Time stopped for a moment, or it seemed to. Even dust motes floating in the ray of light appeared to hang where they were.

Seamus dried Raxiel’s feet and dressed them in the sandals. They fit perfectly. He stood and offered his hand, and as they walked toward the food court, everything around them resumed its former motion. He had no thought of the clerk whatsoever.

Raxiel inhaled deeply of the aromas melding in the air in the center of the ring of restaurants.

“Not the greatest food in the world, but it’s filling. Maybe we can get something better later.”

“What about your appointment with Olivia?” Raxiel laughed.

“We’ll work it out,” he replied with a shrug, not sure exactly how he’d work it out, but somehow he felt he would. As it turned out, there was no appointment to keep.

“Hamburgers okay?” he asked.

She nodded vigorously.

He ordered them each double burgers with three extra-large fries and shakes to go. After he paid and accepted the bag of food, he led Raxiel out the back door of the food court to the little green metal bistro style tables arranged near the river. A heavy double railing along the top of the river wall kept mall patrons from falling in. The tables waited near the wall. They chose one and took their seats.

Seamus opened the bag and gave Raxiel her burger, fries, and shake, but he did not eat his immediately. He took one shoestring fry from the third box and placed it on the table nearest the railing and the river. A sparrow fluttered down and landed on the top railing overlooking the table and studied Seamus for a moment, then dropped down to collect the precious morsel and flew off. Seamus took another fry and placed it in the same spot. In a moment, another sparrow arrived, chirped, scooped the fry, and zoomed away. Then three sparrows arrived. He fed them. Before long, the upper and lower rails were lined with hungry birds.

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