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Arresting Dominance (MFM)

BDSM Menage Fantasies 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: SEXTREME
Word Count: 66,414
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[Ménage and More: Erotic Consensual BDSM Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, spanking, knife play, HEA]

Sometimes fate stalks you like an animal.

Ginny Nelson has fled from a failed polyamorous experiment right into the sights of the two sexiest men she’s ever seen. To make things better, they’re dominant and protective—they’re cops. Should she try love again?

Liam McCulloch and Jeremy Knight are two SWAT cops who like to have fun and live by the seat of their pants. They came to the BDSM Bed & Breakfast Clifftop Fantasies for a vacation that promises to be exciting. They’d never heard of a Human Fox Hunt before, but they’re willing to try anything once.

A daring bet leads all of them to give love another try. But when the couple from Ginny’s past comes back, their budding relationship and the prospect of a long-distance romance threatens everything. Will she choose the past, or the possible future of her dreams? Or neither?

A Siren Erotic Romance

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Was a really good book.

- rhondavb

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At first she couldn’t find them in the crowd, although many of the people she knew or had met at the fox hunt were there, milling around and chatting. Then the door opened and her guys came through. Before she went to greet them, Ginny took a minute to appreciate how they looked in their leather pants. Jeremy’s had lacing up the sides and Liam’s were smooth. She had discovered that she adored the way the leather molded to their bodies. Jeremy’s pants were made of a heavier leather and looked über-masculine. As she appraised them, knowing they belonged to her Master, goose bumps stood out on her arms in excitement. She just wanted to drop to her knees and rub her face along the leather of the inside of his thighs, forgetting her anger.

Liam’s leather, on the other hand, was a lighter weight and showed off each of his bulges very nicely. It didn’t matter if it was caused by his muscular legs or the even more impressive cock she knew rested behind that zipper. She still had the urge to drop to her knees—or maybe her hands and knees—with him riding her from behind. It dawned on her that it wasn’t the leather pants that had these effects on her but the men inside them. She decided to try very hard to let go of their argument and just enjoy their company as long as she could. They only had a few days together before they had to figure out how to make a long-distance relationship work—if they could.

Seeing them standing there before her she smiled, but then it dimmed as she saw the serious looks on their faces. Obviously they were still pissed from the conversation earlier that day.

There was only one thing to do. She dropped to her knees, bowing her head. “Good evening, Sirs.”

Sneaking a peek up, she was pleased to see Liam’s surly look soften and a small smile play across his lips. He stepped directly in front of her and placed a hand on her head, tipping her face so he was looking down into her eyes. “Good evening to you too, beautiful. Does this mean you’re willing to let go of the silliness from before and compete with us tonight?”

“Yes, Sir. If you’ll have me.”

“I will.” He bent and placed a quick kiss on her lips before stepping back to make room for Jeremy.

She stayed very still, waiting to see what her other Master would do, if he had forgiven her or was at least willing to put their argument aside for the night. He hesitated before stepping into the spot Liam had been in a moment before. Then he too placed a hand on either side of her upturned face, cupping it gently but without the warmth she was used to from him. She knew in a flash that he had been hurt by their earlier confrontation and would be slower to forgive and forget. She turned her head and placed a kiss on his palm before turning back to look into his face.

She was grateful to see the muscles along the side of his jaw relax and a hesitant smile creep onto his countenance. He murmured, “I love you” as he shifted his hands to help her stand. There was still some hurt harbored in his eyes, but she didn’t know how to take that cloud away. They each took one of her hands and walked toward the food area, where Karl was talking to Brad, most likely going over the preparations for the evening.

When he turned to greet them, Liam asked, “So how does this Crafty Dom thing work, anyway?”

Karl looked around, seeming to be counting. “It looks like all the contestants are here now, so in a few minutes we’ll assemble everyone and draw numbers. Then we’ll go into the dungeon—” He pointed to a door in the back of the social area, “where we’ve numbered four of the play stations. The contestants will go to the station that matches the number they drew, where they will find a paper bag containing four random items. They will have a few minutes to discuss the items with their partners and come up with the best scene they can. The competition will go for thirty minutes, after which the spectators will vote on the best scene. The winner will get a small trophy and the adoration of the crowd.”

Just then, Brad—no, liege since they were at the club—called out, “Okay, folks. I think we’re ready to begin. If I can have one member of each team come and draw a number, please.” He held a black bowler hat above his head.

Ginny jumped a little as Liam, who was standing just behind her, said, “Go get us a number, please, my dear.”

“Yes, Sir.” She walked over to where liege was standing and drew a paper from the hat when it was offered. Turning back to face the group, she unfolded it. “We’re number three.”

Jeremy laughed as they filed into the dungeon. “Fantastic. Our lucky number.”




Without a word she slid off the bed, dropping to her knees in front of him and reaching out to wrap her fingers around his length. Her fingers skimmed across the silky smooth skin even as her brain registered the incredible hardness that lay beneath. She heard his gasp of surprise but didn’t hesitate as she dropped her head forward and allowed her mouth to engulf him. His hands tangled in her hair, then released it, disappointingly, and began to caress her shoulders and back as her tongue glided across the head of his cock, collecting the drop of pre-cum. He tasted sweet with just a hint of saltiness and she loved it immediately. Without thinking about it, her head began to dip up and down his length as her hand stroked his shaft. She wasn’t sure what had come over her, but she had to have more of him. It didn’t matter. It was going to tear her heart out anyway when they left, but she was determined to make the most of the time that she had. They might think she was a slut, but that didn’t matter either. She only wanted to make them as completely hers as she could tonight.

“Oh, my God. You have got to stop or I’m going to come right now.” Gasping, Jeremy tore himself from her mouth by stepping back and falling over the end of the bed. “Oh, shit!” came his voice as he disappeared from sight, narrowly missing the dresser.

Ginny scuttled forward to see him sprawled on the floor, grinning sheepishly and surrounded by the toys that had been laid out. She gasped, remembering the knife she’d seen, and looked him over frantically for signs of a stab wound or blood. “Are you okay?”

“I’m fine.” He grinned, brushing a coil of rope off his thigh. “You just rocked my world is all.”

Ginny let out a sound of frustration and turned back to Liam, pulling herself forward so that she was sitting between his legs. He was leaning against the headboard, apparently mesmerized, staring at her no-doubt startling behavior. She leaned forward and kissed him, one hand trailing down his stomach until it reached the jock. Smiling into their kiss, she managed to free his dick from the cloth pouch and ran her fingers along the impressive length. He pushed his tongue into her mouth and she opened for it, imagining the invasion of his cock into her mouth and pussy. His hands clasped her head and his kiss deepened as if he were thinking the same thing. The thought brought her body to life, her pussy beginning to ache for his touch.

After a minute she pulled away, smiling into his eyes before slowly moving her head down to suck as much of his cock into her mouth as she could. She was rewarded with his immediate groan of pleasure and it fueled her desire even further. She was so aroused that her own juices were leaking down her thighs, but she didn’t care. Determined not to be denied again, she grasped his cock with one hand and began pumping it as the other found his balls. She swirled her tongue back and forth across the head, lapping up every bit of cream that appeared as he relaxed back into the headboard, obviously enjoying the attention.

She opened her eyes and let her gaze trail all the way up his body, pleased to see that his eyes had rolled up in the back of his head. His mouth was open slightly and he was moaning “Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck” in a steady stream. Taking that as encouragement, she renewed her actions. Suddenly she felt hands pulling her hips up and out so that she was in a doggie-style position on the bed. Reluctantly removing her mouth from Liam’s cock, she glanced over her shoulder and saw Jeremy’s face filled with a need that matched her own. He held the knife that had been lying on the bed, and began to run it lightly down her back. The pain she would have expected was really only a line of fire, hot and refreshingly cold at the same time. She smiled to let him know how good it felt, but what she really craved was his hands on her body, his cock filling her. He ran the knife over her skin again, making her shiver with a mixture of pleasure and frustration. Even while she was pleasuring Liam, Jeremy was going to stick to their original agreement and only do the sensation play they’d talked about. He hesitated, looking at her with a mixture of question and desire, and in a flash she knew it was her limit of no penetration that was throwing him. Technically she had already broken that limit but she could see the battle on his face of wanting her but being unwilling to violate her limit.

“Fuck me, baby,” she breathed, watching as his frustration turned to anticipation. She nodded encouragement. “Fuck me hard.”

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