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Bannon's Brides

The Wild Rose Press

Heat Rating: STEAMY
Word Count: 68,000
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Jail or prostitution?

Fiona Quinn chooses neither. On a wagon train bound for Oregon , the newly-contracted mail-order bride braves rattlesnakes, Indians, and depraved buffalo hunters who kidnap her. But nothing tests her mettle like Cordell Bannon, the wagon master poised to steal her heart.

Cordell Bannon signed a contract to safely deliver thirty mail-order brides to their husbands. Yet one bride stirs his emotions, threatening his oath of celibacy and making him choose between his job and his passion. Can he stand by as she marries another, or will he claim her as his bride?


“Draw up your skirts, Miss Quinn. It won’t do for you to get tangled up in them and dragged under the wheels only to be crushed or drowned.”

Her cheeks flushed red as she reached down and drew the length of material between her legs and tucked the hem snuggly inside her waistband. Her elegantly arched eyebrows spoke volumes. “Thank you for your concern,” Fiona said with more than a trace of sarcasm in her voice.

Bannon had already dissolved into silent laughter, his shaking shoulders the only outward sign he found humor in the situation. “I admire your youthful vivaciousness, Miss Quinn.”

Her face was raised to the sun’s warming glare, long, coppery lashes resting against cheeks brightened with a healthy glow and a sprig of freckles across the bridge of her nose. Her small tongue ran lightly over her lips in an unconsciously sensual motion, deepening their pale rose color.

She’s nervous and trying to hide it. A muscle in his jaw ticked, but he could not force his gaze from the luminous green eyes that stared up at him. He followed the thin column of her creamy throat and rested for a tormenting moment on the small rise of two perfect breasts. He called himself every kind of fool, disgusted he should be attracted to a woman who could never be his. Sure, she was an alternate bride, and sure, the first leg of the trip had gone without error or accident, still he knew the dangers that lay ahead and went without saying that death waited to claim a victim. When that happened Fiona’s name would go into the lottery.

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