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Bayard (MMMMM)

Bedtime Stories 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: SCORCHING
Word Count: 23,265
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[Ménage Amour ManLove: Erotic Alternative Fairy Tale Ménage Romance, M/M/M/M/M, shape-shifters, public exhibition, HEA]

Taji hated hiding out in horse form, but it beat the way people treated him when he was a man… Letting anyone find out he was a bayard was even worse. He’d escaped from the beatings a few times and refused to risk it again.

But Taji is intrigued when four handsome brothers purchase him from his current owner to help on their farm. Callum, Dromio, Ansel, and Brix treat him and each other like kind men should, and it doesn’t hurt that each one is gorgeous.

At night he starts shifting into human form and helping out… Much to the brothers’ confusion. When he stumbles upon Callum one night, he can’t help but offer himself to one of the men he’s falling for.

The problem is he just doesn’t want one of them. He wants to please all the brothers, but will they be willing to share?

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings.

A Siren Erotic Romance

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This one was fun!! A must read!!

- Keara

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“I think we should pick this one,” a gorgeous man surrounded by three others said as he ran his hands down my flanks. Even in my horse form, it felt wonderful to be so lovingly touched. I made a small sound of agreement and moved my nose against one of the other men’s hand.

“He’s a good-looking horse, that’s for sure,” the second one hedged. “I wouldn’t guess he’s more than five years old and has at least a good decade or two of work he could give us if we treat him right.”

I stared into his kind eyes and knew I’d carry rocks from one side of their land to another if that’s what they wanted. They’d never work me just to work me like some of my previous owners. That knot I got in my stomach formed again when I thought about being owned and some of the people I’d had to deal with.

There was a reason I mostly stayed in my horse form. Bayards were strong, magical, immortal creatures that were said to be given to the world once a decade. In other words, there weren’t many of us.

“We can afford him?” a third one asked.

“Yeah, Callum,” the first answered. “The owner is getting up there in age and wants to move into the village with her children.”

That wasn’t entirely true. Yes, Ester was in her seventies, but it was more that her husband had died last fall and staying at the farm where they had spent so many happy years was just too much for her. She was one of the nicest owners I’d had in the centuries I’d been alive.

“You guys go make the deal then. I’ll stay with the horse,” a fourth offered as he eyed me over. They nodded and went over to talk to Ester. “Please be good to us, boy. We need your help so badly. We came home when we got word Father was ill but he’d been sick long before he let us know. The farm is in shambles and we can’t give up or lose the land. It’s been in our family for so many generations.”

“Should we worry that you’re talking to the horse, Dromio?” the first asked with a smirk as they joined us again.

“No, brother. If I heard him talk back then you might want to worry,” he answered with a chuckle.

“Touché.” He nodded and grabbed my reins. “He’s ours now. Let’s get him home and get back to work. We have more to do than hours of daylight.”

And just like that I had new masters. They were good men. I could tell just from the way they treated me and each other. I knew I’d do everything I could to help them save their land.

An hour later we were home… And home was a dilapidated farm that had sections that they were obviously working on. But, damn, there was a lot of work to still be done.

“I’m going to give the horse a drink before I hook him up to the plow, Ansel,” Callum said to the first man. I guessed Ansel was the oldest.

“Good plan,” Ansel replied with a commanding nod. “I’m going to help Brix with the barn and clear out a spot for the horse. Dromio’s got orders to fill to help the baker in town. What time is he coming, Dromio?”

“Around suppertime,” Dromio called out as he raced into the house.

“So everyone has their tasks for the day then.” Ansel turned and headed to what I guessed was the barn with another man, who had to be Brix. So they were all brothers. I had surmised that from the way they all had the same shade of blond hair and green eyes.

Ansel and Callum were the biggest ones, coming in well over six feet. Brix was a little over six feet but still just as wide in the shoulders. Dromio wasn’t small, still bigger than I was in my human form, but the smallest of the four.

Callum grabbed a brush and led me to the stream. “Help yourself, boy. We’ve got a long day of tilling the soil so hopefully we can grow our own food soon. It’s going to be a lot of hard work but we’ll take good care of you.”

He hummed a bit as he brushed me and I drank from the stream. It was comfortable and relaxing as if this was a normal occurrence. The opposite couldn’t have been more true. Ester’s hands hurt her most days so she never got to brush the horses. I had done it most nights while she slept just to help her here and there.

When he was done and I’d had my fill, he led me back over to the barn. I just about swallowed my tongue when I saw Ansel and Brix reinforcing the beams of the barn… Shirtless, sweaty, and grunting as they banged those hammers. Wow. If I’d been in human form I would have been sporting wood and begging them to bang me!

Callum harnessed me and attached me to the plow as if he knew what he was doing. Each brother seemed to have a trade they knew, though Ansel and Brix both did building. So maybe one also knew something else, but when working on a farm, most became a jack-of-all-trades.

Several minutes later we were tilling one of the fields and it wasn’t going well. “I know, boy. I’m sorry. We only have to do this once for each field and it will never be this hard again.” I gave him a snort, letting him know that wasn’t very motivating since we’d just started and I could see at least half a dozen more fields to be done after this one.

I didn’t give up though.




“Then take the comfort that I offer and find relief in my body.” He nodded and got to his feet, lifting me into his arms.

“This is just a dream anyways,” he mumbled before his lips found mine. I gasped as his tongue plunged into my mouth, wanting this more than I could put into words. Callum was so strong that I couldn’t help but shiver at the idea of what else that body could do. He started to carry me inside and I pulled my mouth away, panting.

“We cannot go inside. The others will hear us,” I said gently as I moved my hands over his chest. “We need oil though. Please go get some and then take me.”

“You won’t leave when I go inside to get it?” he asked suspiciously.

“No, I want you way too much.” I wiggled my body so his groin was against my ass. “My body is yours to take.”

“Please don’t leave,” he whispered in a pained voice as he lowered me to the ground. I nodded and he smiled before darting into the house. When he came back he sighed in relief that I hadn’t moved. I had to bite back a yelp as he threw me over his shoulder and carried me farther away from the house. He set me down on soft grass and yanked off his clothes.

“Please be gentle with me,” I said shyly as I grabbed the oil he’d set down and slicked up my fingers. “It has been a long time for me and I need so.” I eyed him over as I pushed two fingers into my ass. “And you are very large. Larger than any lover I’ve ever had.”

“I would never hurt you, sweet—what is your name?”

“Taji,” I whispered, trying not to moan. It had been so long since I’d even touched myself this way. “My name is Taji.” He nodded and started to kneel in the grass but I shook my head, opening my mouth wide. “Feed me your cock while I get ready. I want to taste you.”

“You must be a dream,” he muttered as he held it up for me, hard and ready. I slid my tongue over his length, groaning at the taste of him. He was all man and smelled, tasted like one. A few moments later he pulled away, his sac having drawn up to show that he was close to finishing. “I want to come inside of you.”

“Please do,” I purred as I pulled out my fingers. I had worked up to four while sucking on him. “I’m ready for however you want me.” He eyed me over as he dropped to his knees.

“If it’s been a while for you then you should be on all fours to make this easier.” I nodded and got into position, presenting my ass to him.

“Take me, master.”

“Callum. My name is Callum,” he said gently as he pushed inside of me. “I don’t want to be anyone’s master, especially not my new lover. We are equals, Taji.”

My eyes brimmed with tears at the sentiment. I couldn’t remember anyone ever having treated me as an equal. I nodded when the words seemed to escape me. Callum molded his body over mine, bracing his weight on his hands.

“Words cannot do you justice,” he moaned as he started thrusting in and out of my body. “Thank you, Taji. I did need an outlet for my stress. I never pictured it would come in such a glorious package.”

“You’re so strong and talented,” I cooed as his dick nailed every pleasurable spot in my body. I shivered when his lips trailed along my shoulders. “Do I please you? I want to please you and make you smile. You were so sad when I found you.”

“You are the most pleasurable lover I’ve ever had,” he grunted as he picked up the pace. “I’ll be smiling for days after this.” His hand found my cock and he stroked me in time with his hips. I bit my lip to keep the sound in as I screamed in pleasure and came. Callum followed me right over, filling my body with his seed.

When we were spent we fell to the ground, Callum saving me from landing in my own cum. He held me until we were on our sides, his body still in mine. It was wonderful. The sex had been mind blowing and being held as if I was treasured soothed a lot of the hurt I’d lived through.

“I don’t want to pull out,” he admitted as he kissed my shoulder. “I want to do it again.”

“Can you recover that fast?” I asked, glancing back at him. He smiled and thrust forward. I moaned as his cock went right back to being hard. I used my strength to surprise him, rolling us and turning so I was straddling him as he was on his back. Then I lowered myself right back onto his long, thick, proud cock. “I want to ride you.”

“Yes, yes, you are so fucking hot,” he whimpered as I held my hips still. “Ride me and kiss me, Taji.”

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