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Be with Us (MMF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: SCORCHING
Word Count: 32,394
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[Ménage Amour: Erotic Contemporary Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/F]

Lindsay, a conservative librarian, has always fantasized about being with two men who love her and each other. Much to her dismay, two hot men walk into the Toronto library where she works, eager to make that fantasy come true. But, wary of the scandal a ménage relationship would bring, Lindsay sends them away.

After being convinced to give them a chance, Lindsay begins to realize how close to reality her fantasy is, until a reminder of her painful past surfaces and her fears take over.

Will Lindsay have the courage to seize what she wants, or will she let her past dictate her future?

A Siren Erotic Romance

User Reviews
I enjoyed this book, its so hot and steamy and what gal wouldnt want two handsome sexy bi men. Ms Tyler did amazing job. Lovable characters and a wonderful storyline, would love a sequel with family...

- Barefoot Okie

very good book

- jess.ann

Professional Reviews

5 KISSES: "Lindsay is working in the Toronto library when two of the hottest men she has ever seen walk in; they are both checking her out. Liam had flirted with her before, but today he’s with another man, and they seem to really want each other. Lindsay would want them both but she isn’t sure they swing that way. When Nick, Liam’s partner, suggests they have a ménage, Lindsay wants to say yes. But, years of gossip has haunted her life and makes her say no. She has to be a good girl, but she really wants them both. Liam and Nick will have to earn their lady’s love and heart. Both men are more than up for the job. Be with Us by Lynn Tyler is an extremely hot and steamy book. I thought the chemistry between Nick and Liam was just off the charts. I also thought that while Nick was more into Liam than Lindsay, he was accepting her because his partner wanted her more than he wanted her himself. There are many hot male on male interactions in this book; I really like that so I enjoyed this book a lot. The true ménage scenes don’t happen until the end; for most of the book it is mostly Nick and Liam. For me that made me love this book. Nothing is better to this reviewer than hot man love. Nick and Liam have a deep relationship and were perfect for each other. I highly enjoyed this book and will look for more of Ms. Tyler’s work in the future." -- Tina, TwoLips Reviews

4.5 RAVENS: "So what to say about Ms. Tyler’s newest book? Well, I can tell you it has sizzling sex scenes, whether it’s between Lindsay and guys, the guys themselves or any combination of the three. Oh and not to mention some rather hot sizzling phone sex….(and that’s all I’m giving away – if you want the rest you’ll have to pick up this wonderful book.) All that aside, what does this author leave us with? A wonderful plot with characters that are truly evolving. I love how different the characters are…you have the wounded Lindsay who struggles with her wants, the impulsive, but sensitive firefighter in Liam, and the dominating but quiet Nick. Then we have Lindsay’s BFF, Marla, who is like a pillar in the storm of Lindsay’s life. Always there with an encouraging word. Ms. Tyler has done a wonderful job of developing not only the characters of Be With Us but she also drew this reader in. I cried, I laughed and generally enjoyed the book so much I couldn’t put it down. I have to give kudos to Ms Tyler’s. Not often do i find books that are m/m/f and when I find one as well written as this one, I jot down the name on my list of authors to be on the look out for. I will definitely be reading Ms Tyler’s next book, Shi-Guy" -- Tamara,BlackRaven's Reviews

4 STARS: "Be With Us is about overcoming your fears and embracing the future with both hands. It is a story about a ménage a trois and features M/M as well as M/F/M, so if that doesn’t appeal to you, then don’t bother. Liam and Nick are in a relationship and have been for a while, but they are looking for a permanent third to complete their love triad. They both think that Lindsay, the curvy librarian is the one. Now the only thing is convincing her that they are the ones for her. Lindsay is a nice girl who has had a hard life. Her mother deserted her and her father because she couldn’t cope with the gossip that swirled around the small town that her husband and her sister were having an affair. Instead of facing up to the gossip, she deserted her family and Lindsay suffered as a child. Lindsay also tried to find her mother years later, only to find that she had already put her first daughter aside and substituted her with another daughter and a husband. Lindsay has issues to deal with and unless she deals with them, they could cost her the love of the two men who worm their way into her heart and her life. I liked the character of Lindsay. She was down to earth, but also had a sexiness to her that obviously attracted Liam and Nick. On top of that she also had her own demons to deal with. Would she grasp what she was being offered by Liam and Nick, or would she deny herself and the guys the chance of a fantastic ménage relationship? Liam and Nick were obviously so in love with each other, but they wanted a third. That would make everything complete and they chose Lindsay. Liam and Nick were both strong, caring males, and they knew what gossip could do, having dealt with it themselves, so they could understand some of Lindsay’s fears. What I really liked about both of them was that for them it wasn’t just about the sex—they wanted more. These guys were so male, innately sexy and hot, but also caring and considerate. They wanted a real grounded relationship and while I felt that the initial meeting/getting to know Lindsay lacked a bit of detail and explanation, it didn’t affect the overall story. Add a good friend, the return of the wayward mother and a nasty co-worker and you have an interesting read! Overall this was a great story. Plenty of hot loving and great sex, emotional issues to deal with and on top of that, two gorgeous hunks who yearn for one lucky girl. Definitely worth a read!" -- Sabine, Manic Readers 




He jumped when the curvy little librarian shifted even closer and tangled her fingers in his pubic hair. Every thought of trying to speak fled his mind as he flexed his hips, trying to force her fingers lower.

“Kiss me,” Lindsay said abruptly, arching her neck toward him.

Obeying her request without a second thought, Liam brought his lips to hers and let her take control. Heat swept through his body and erotic possibilities flashed in his mind as he made quick work of her underwear.

A sound from the door drew his eye, where he found Nick grinning wickedly. He made a circling motion with his finger, letting Liam know he wanted Lindsay to be facing the other way. He followed Nick’s command, turning her around so that her ass snuggled against his crotch while Nick crept into the bed.

Liam brought his hands up to mold her breasts and watched Nick stretch out in front of Lindsay to kiss her. “I’m not going to last very long,” Liam warned.

The two of them kept at it, finding all of Lindsay’s sensitive spots. Liam discovered that her neck, especially the spot directly behind her ear, was as responsive as her nipples when kissed and sucked. He found a tiny area on the right side of her clit that was particularly sensitive, so sensitive that it drove her into climax if he stimulated for more than a couple of seconds. Within just a few minutes, Liam felt her pussy flooding with cream and she was begging for more.

Liam scooted back for just a second to put on the condom Nick magically produced. He braced himself for the pleasure of possessing Lindsay’s body, but nothing could prepare him for the sensation of sliding into liquid fire. He rocked into her gently, drawing her leg back over his thigh and opening her up to Nick’s view. And damn, he wished he could see the same thing as Nick.

Nick turned around so that his head lay next to Lindsay’s exposed pussy. Liam felt Nick’s finger trace along the spot where he and Lindsay became one. Nick leaned forward and, resting his head on Lindsay’s upper thigh, buried his face between her legs. Liam groaned, both at the sight and at the feeling of Lindsay’s muscles fluttering around him.

Liam watched his lovers with fascination as his increasing thrusts forced her sex to rock against Nick’s chin, driving all of him wild with need. Nick pulled back slightly, looking up at Liam, heat glittering in his eyes. “Do not come,” he ordered over Lindsay’s whimpers.

At Liam’s nod, Nick went back to suckling Lindsay. Liam could feel her muscles tightening, and when she reached back to grip his hip, he knew he would have some very strange fingernail marks. He’d have to be careful to avoid showering at the station for the next few days if he could help it.

Liam’s balls began to burn with the effort of holding back his orgasm. The only thing that kept him from spilling into the condom was Nick’s command. Nick was going to top the shit out of him if he managed to hold on, and he always loved it when Nick got extra aggressive.

Lindsay’s hips began to jerk back and forth convulsively, as if she couldn’t decide what felt better, Liam’s dick in her pussy or Nick’s mouth on her clit. A high whimper sounded as Lindsay began to contract around him.

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