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Betrayed (MF)

The Mackenzie

Luminosity Publishing

Heat Rating: SCORCHING
Word Count: 39,166
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After her handsome Scot is forced to leave London, Lady Adrianna’s father arranges her betrothal to a French Baron known as The Murderer of Muzon. She reluctantly boards his vessel and finds herself on a pirate ship under the perilous protection of an opium smoking deviate, by the name of Monsieur Moreau.

With the captain, hell-bent on her seduction, the feisty goddaughter of George II’s only chance of escape lays in the hands of her courageous Scottish warrior.

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4 STARS: You Gotta Read Reviews

In this second book of The Mackenzie series, Adrianna and Drew are still fighting to find their happiness. Adrianna has been forced into a marriage and is now on a ship destined for her betrothed. Drew is coming to the rescue but storms have delayed the ship and he may have lost his love to the evil men who want to use Adrianna and toss her away. Will fate give them another chance to be together or is all lost?

Watching Drew and Adrianna fight for love made for a nice read. Drew is a good man and does all that he can to save Adrianna. He risks his life and more for her. Adrianna may not be my favorite heroine but she can be a strong woman and she loves Drew with all her heart. At times she is very naive but she is stubborn and has a good heart. The two make a good couple and I cannot wait to see how and if they finally get their happy ever after in the next book. The two have gone through so much in the first two books. I hope that we get to see the evil men that have stood in loves way get what they deserve.

Review by Gabrielle You Gotta Read Reviews

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Outside, the wind had dropped and at last, some semblance of normality prevailed. Lady Adrianna’s attention went to the sound of splashing in the passageway. She tensed and reached for a damp cloth to press against the throbbing pain in her brow. What now?

She collapsed in the chair and leaned her head into the soothing coolness of the wet rag. As a shadow approached the doorway, the outline of Betty came into view.

“There you are, milady.” Betty negotiated the dim entrance with a basket in one hand, shoes, and stockings in the other.

Relief flooded over her. “Oh thank heavens. I thought I had lost you.”

“I found myself stuck fast in the galley and had to wait for the bad weather to pass. The cook says the storm has blown itself out for now, so I have brought a bite to eat.” Betty smiled. “I will wait a bit for the men to pump the water from the hallway then I will go back for a pot of tea.” She shut the door and placed the tray on the table. “We are lucky the cabin has that step to keep the water out. The floor in here is practically dry. Now what is amiss? Are you quite well, milady?”

“I will do but I have had a fall and hurt my head, and my right leg is quite sore too.” She leaned back in the chair. “Thank God, the ship has stopped pitching back and forth. Perhaps now we may light a lamp or two.”

“Goodness, I should never have left you, milady.” Betty placed the basket on the table and went at once to light the lamp. She turned, lifted the lantern, and stared at her mistress wide-eyed. “You are soaked through and filthy to boot. Did Monsieur Moreau have anything to do with this?”

“No! He did not lay a finger on me but the man is a beast, and we are to refer to him as ‘Lord Moreau’ from now on.” She squeezed the rag into a ball in the palm of one hand. “He made my position very clear.” She narrowed her gaze at Betty then went on to give her details of her disastrous situation and explaining Drew as Lord Rupert’s trusted friend.

Betty’s dark eyes rounded and her mouth turned down.

“Oh, milady.”

Adrianna pressed the back of one hand to her aching head. “I trusted my father to assure my safety and respect my wishes concerning Baron du Court. I was sorely mistaken.” She stood to allow Betty to unlace her sodden gown. “Unless I have help from Mister Mackenzie, I do believe it will take a miracle for me to escape from Lord Moreau.”