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Breathe (MF)

Running to Love 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: SCORCHING
Word Count: 27,731
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[Siren Classic: Erotic Consensual BDSM Romance, voyeurism, spanking, sex toys, HEA]

Rowan Scott is the fantasy librarian. She wears tailored suits on the job, her hair restrained in the quintessential bun, and appears every inch the academic, except for the sexy lingerie hidden beneath her staid clothing. Rowan has discovered the world of erotica and is seeking to explore it and find her place.

She attends a meet and greet at a local club and meets Jace McEachern. Jace takes great pride in his ability to avoid commitment while bringing women the best sexual pleasure. He believes he has hit the mother lode in Rowan and is unmanned when she makes him lose his famed control. Rowan is confused and questions her own appeal because of Jace’s strange reaction.

They both run hard from the other, only to hide in the same place. It’s a fresh start and a love story that evolves, with a little kink, of course.

A Siren Erotic Romance

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Another great story in this series. Jace is the altimate commitment fobe until he meets Rowan on her first night to a BDSM club. Things don't start well for either of these two of course and Rowan run...

- sarki

I love this series!


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Jackie was already in the apartment when Rowan got home, the wine opened and poured. The oven had come on in blind obedience to the timer she’d set that morning and the smell of chicken in savory herbs and rice greeted her as she opened the door. Jackie enveloped her in a hug, smelling sweetly of the floral fragrance she preferred.

“I missed you, Shakespeare! I’ve pulled a lot of shifts, and found a couple of other things to occupy my time.” Jackie’s affect was almost manic, and she looked different, somehow. Rowan hugged her friend back, stooping to do so, and then really scrutinized her. The drift of bright blonde hair was the same, the petite and curvy body as animated as ever, but Jackie’s violet-blue eyes were shining.


Rowan shrugged. “You look different.”

“I feel different, hun. Here, have a drink and let’s have a chat.”

They settled themselves on either end of the heavy old couch that Rowan couldn’t bring herself to replace, despite the fact that it was ancient and upholstered in a depressing shit-brindle brown. She compensated by throwing brightly covered crocheted afghans over it and enjoyed its firm comfort.

“Remember I told you about Ashley?” At Rowan’s nod, Jackie continued, “Well, she and I have spent a few evenings together, platonic like, but she’s definitely interested and I’m feeling the pull, too. And she totally gets that I like men as well. She’s not so into them, but doesn’t object to the idea of a threesome. Maybe not permanent, even if she and I go anywhere with this, but still…”

Jackie tapered off and then seemed to find her wine incredibly fascinating. Rowan tapped her leg with her toes. “Jackie? It’s me, remember? I couldn’t be happier for you, my friend. I won’t pretend to totally understand, but I’ve got your back.”

Jackie gave her a tremulous smile. “I’m going to give this thing a shot, Rowan, and we’ll see how it goes. But, there’s more. Ashley is going to take me to the club tomorrow night. She wants to introduce me to her friends. I’ll know lots of them, apparently, because some are from the station, but it feels like, well, that I’m important to her.”

Rowan smiled at her friend and got up to replenish their glasses. She nearly spilled all over the counter when Jackie added, “I told her about you, and she said you could come, too.”

She whirled on her friend. “Jackie! I don’t even know what goes on there! What if it’s not for me? It’s not like I’d even be going there with a date! I hoped you might find out and tell me.”

“I’m sorry, Shakespeare, it just kind of came out. We were talking about stuff, getting to know one another, and we talked about our friends. Ashley wondered if you and I had a thing, and I laughed which made her curious. I kind of mentioned that you were totally hetero if only you could find a real man.”

Rowan couldn’t get a full breath. The air literally stuttered in and out of her lungs, and her stomach clenched. God. A woman, who could conceivably become Jackie’s significant other, or one of them, now knew that Rowan wanted a “real” man in her life. She wanted to choke Jackie, and then wondered at her cowardice. She did want a real man. She knew she did, and maybe it was time she quit kidding herself. She wanted one of those men who would take charge of her sexuality and help her experience it fully. Maybe she didn’t want the Dom thing in its entirety, but everything she read on it both intrigued and aroused her, even if it scared her a little. Surely it wouldn’t hurt to go with her friend and this Ashley and see for herself. She might learn more. She might even meet someone. It was getting tiresome, going to clubs every weekend and not sensing what she wanted in any of the men she met. Breathe, Rowan.

“Rowan? I’m sorry. Maybe you’ll come another time.” Jackie sounded so penitent that Rowan couldn’t help but smile, but she wiped it off her face and fixed her friend with the stink eye, just to tease her.

“If you abandon me to sneak off with Ashley, I’ll bitch slap you, Jackie.” Rowan ruefully reflected that all her reading had given her quite the varied vocabulary. The Urban Dictionary was really quite interesting.

“I won’t, I swear! Oh, Rowan, maybe we’ll both get what we need.”

Rowan sipped her wine and made a silent wish that her friend’s hope would come true.




He watched her swallow, and his cock hardened further. It wanted in that mouth. He managed not to wince and waited, although his patience was nearing its end.

“I’m not sure about anal sex.”

Jace immediately shook his head. “Not up for negotiation, Rowan. I won’t take you there unless you are ready and well prepared. If you’re not sure, then you’re just anxious. You’ll simply have to trust me, because anal is high on my list of most wanted.”

This time she touched her throat and swallowed more visibly. “All right.”

His heart leapt at her acquiescence. “Choose your safe word.”

Rowan’s lashes veiled her eyes and she murmured, “Rutabaga.”

Jace felt himself boggling at her. “What? A vegetable?”

Rowan shrugged, the movement making her breasts lift and fall against the fabric of her dress. Her nipples were hard, and Jace’s fingers tingled to touch her there. “It’s not an easy word to say, and I don’t want to say it unless I really mean it.”

Fuck, this woman was downright cerebral. But enough talking, more doing.

“Take your dress off.”

He watched as she stood and reached for the hem of the dress, her hands visibly trembling. She hesitated, her throat working again, and Jace wondered if he had pushed her too hard. She then obviously gulped in air and yanked the crimson silk over her head and then stood, clutching it in front of her, just looking at him. Jace gestured to the closet and enjoyed the flexing of her thighs and calves and how her tight, small ass cheeks barely moved when she walked over to hang it up. She had great posture, and that would probably transfer when she knelt for him.

“Lose the pretty bra and panties, but leave the thigh highs and shoes on.” Jace mentally congratulated himself on winning his underwear bet, and tried not to show any hint of how her nudity affected him in his voice or on his face. He couldn’t keep his cock from advertising though.

Rowan quickly dealt with her underwear and then crossed to him when he held out his hand. He made her stand for his inspection for a few minutes, admiring her poise. Her small, high breasts were tipped with tight, dark nipples, and he knew they would taste like sweet blackberries when he suckled them. The naked lips of her tiny pussy glistened with her natural lubricant, and Jace’s mouth watered. He felt his self-control slip and made himself move. He pulled her down beside him and laid her out, spread-eagle. Jace dispensed with any thought of restraints and instead guided her fingers to the slats of the headboard. “Hang on and don’t move, Rowan.”

Her long legs felt so supple to his touch, and he smoothed his hands down her thighs, separating them as he did so. Christ, he could smell her arousal and her luminous eyes sucked him in. Jace shucked his shirt and pried his cock from his pants, breathing a sigh of relief when it sprang free. He kicked his shoes off and dispensed with his pants and boxers. He knew he was probably making a mistake by not teaching Rowan what he wanted from her right from the get-go, but he found he was again sadly lacking in control. This was a sign of something different for certain. Jace normally had no problem making himself wait, but this time it felt absolutely unnecessary. He sheathed himself and slid over Rowan’s long body until he rested between her widespread thighs. His cock found its way home without any direction and fought up inside of her, her incredible heat and wetness easing the way. Fuck, when those silky thighs slid up to enclose his hips and her arms slipped around his shoulders, to hold him close, Jace forgot about teaching her, training her, forgot about being the dominant. His brain snagged on that errant thought. He was dominant, never needed to be, but this was right, this was what they both needed and he began to rut mindlessly. Rowan met him stroke for stroke, and he powered on until her body lost the rhythm and her pussy began to clench on him.


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