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Broken (MF)

Running to Love 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: SCORCHING
Word Count: 32,301
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[Siren Allure: Erotic Contemporary Romance, consensual BDSM, sex toys, HEA]

Kyle saves Tabitha from a life destined to be cold and joyless. She has no one and he is drawn to her, wanting to be that important person in her life. He seduces her and introduces her to the sexual delights of the D/s lifestyle, allowing Tabitha to let go of the burden of taking total care of herself.

Tabitha revels in her newfound sexuality and blossoms under his care. They complement one another and met each other's needs. She falls in love with him and gives him her trust, even though Kyle never tells her that he reciprocates. Kyle inadvertently betrays Tabitha's trust, and she is humiliated and hurt. Her new life is in shambles. Can Kyle fix it? Or is Tabitha too broken?

Note: This book contains forced seduction.

A Siren Erotic Romance

User Reviews
Allyson Young writes BDSM stories that are always crowding the boundaries, always pushing the reader's comfort zones just as do the Doms in her stories. There are some situations that seem a bit cont...

- Dr. J

The was so wonderful the characters we're amazing and loved how she brought the other characters from the first book into this one. I so am looking forward to reading book three and hearing more about...


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Story Excerpt


Tabitha received the call first thing the following morning, a summons to Mr. Stone’s office. She knew it had nothing to do with her work and scented the circling of the wolf. She composed herself and went. His secretary ushered her in right away, and she saw him, his back to her, staring out over the city skyline through the huge glass windows in his office. He turned and went behind his imposing desk, motioning her to a chair on the other side.

“Ms. Land,” he greeted her. “I won’t insult you by playing any games. I pride myself on my honesty and wouldn’t treat you any differently, employee or not.”

Tabitha waited. He looked extremely handsome, and waves of strong intent rolled off of him. She wasn’t afraid, yet. Tabitha was extremely practised in reading people, as her survival had once depended upon it, and she knew that this man, while having an agenda that involved her, was presently not a physical danger. She wasn’t sure about how much of an emotional risk he presented, however. Her nervous inner animal crouched and waited.

Kyle leaned back in his chair and spoke clearly and confidently.

“I find myself extremely attracted to you, Ms. Land. That does not happen often for me. It is awkward that you are an employee, at least it would prove awkward for you within the office if it came out that you were involved with your boss, and those kinds of secrets are difficult to keep. I have a proposal for you.”

Tabitha interjected, “I’m sorry, Mr. Stone. I am not looking for any involvement with you.”

Kyle went on, acknowledging her statement with a nod. “I’m afraid I don’t take refusal easily, Tabitha, and I want you to hear me out.”

Tabitha noted how he had dropped the formality and infused his tone with a hint of steel. Her senses went on high alert. This man drew her for some inexplicable reason, and that made him very dangerous. She found herself wanting to obey him, and that was so very scary. She shifted in her chair, ready to leave on any pretext.

Kyle appeared to take note of her body language and quickly moved on. “I’m going to place you in another company I have interests in, although I am a silent partner there. It has need of someone with your skills and talents, so this offer is not entirely altruistic, Tabitha. We can then pursue a relationship.”

Tabitha nearly laughed, surprising herself. He had such arrogance, such confidence. She wished she wasn’t tempted, but she was, and her body was speaking to her again. Her brain told her to run, immediately.

“Thank you for your offer, uh, both of them,” she answered with an aloof smile. “But I like my present position, and unless it hinges on dating you, I prefer to stay here.”

Kyle shook his head. “I thought I had made myself clear, Tabitha. I am not offering you a choice. You will be transferred at the end of the week, which should give you time to clear your schedule and move your files to other employees. And it’s time you called me Kyle.”

She was speechless for what seemed an eternity. Words of outrage then rose to her lips but remained unspoken. She had trained herself better than that and knew he was more than a match for her. Kyle came around the desk and held his hand out to her. Somehow her hand got placed in his, and he drew her up and close to him, never taking his eyes off of hers. He slanted his mouth down and stopped her breath. Tabitha had never, ever felt anything like what passed between them. Her lips parted to allow his tongue to invade her mouth, tangling with her tongue, seeking knowledge. She felt his huge erection pressing into her stomach and noticed, as if from a distance, how her breasts suddenly felt too tender to be crushed to his chest. Her very core was changing, the labia uncomfortable against the crotch of her panties, and she felt wet and somehow achy. It was both unfamiliar and terribly unsettling.

Kyle released her mouth and looked into her face. He stroked her cheek gently with one big hand and murmured, “I’ll be by to pick you up at eight tonight. Please wear a black dress and heels.”




Kyle pushed her thighs apart and stroked them inside, moving to touch her labia. It felt comforting, and when he slipped a finger between her folds, Tabitha felt her moisture begin to flow and facilitate entrance into her vagina. He then asked about her relationship with her mother. Tabitha tried to move from his caress at that point, and Kyle gathered her into his arms and carried her to the bedroom. He easily overcame her halfhearted struggles and tied her, spread-eagle, to the bed, leaving only one light to burn against the dark.

“I’m sure you’ve heard that confession is good for the soul, love,” he murmured into her anxious face, “and you are going to confess many things to me tonight.”

“Why?” she pleaded.

“Because your history is holding you back, Tabitha,” Kyle answered, “and because I will it.”

She lay there silently, processing his words. She wanted to tell him but was so ashamed, so humiliated and afraid of his reaction. It was too big a risk. She couldn’t trust him with everything. It was too much.


* * * *


Kyle watched her as she clearly thought things through and rejected his demand. He sighed but secretly was looking forward to his task. If any of the bad things he suspected had happened to her, he was going to force her to share via arousal and pleasure and replace those terrible memories with new, wonderful ones.

Kyle began by arousing Tabitha to near climax, only to withdraw his ministrations and watch her fall away in frustration. He repeatedly lapped at her pussy, sucking up her juices, thrusting his tongue into her opening, and nibbling at her clit. She would arch against him desperately, begging with incoherent pleas he found hard to resist. But resist he did.

Kyle pressed two fingers deep into her and suckled her breasts, taking as much as he could into his mouth each time. Turning his attention to her nipples, he bit them in turn and felt Tabitha’s aroused reaction to the slight pain. He began to finger fuck her and continued to torment her tight nipples, but avoided her clit.

“Tell me more about your mother.”

Tabitha began to pant. She choked the words out. “She hated me. She never wanted me except for the welfare check after my father left us.”

Kyle pinched her clit on either side, hard, and Tabitha fell apart. He held her, murmuring encouragement, and into the silence, she told him in a broken voice of how sad and lonely her early childhood was after Grannie, how she was never good enough for her mother, could never please her. And then her mother met him.

Tabitha couldn’t go on, and Kyle didn’t push her. Instead, he turned on another lamp so she could see him clearly. He eased himself over her and fitted his cock to her entrance. She was exhausted, that he knew. But he needed to fuck her, and she needed to be loved, not raped, for he was certain that was what had happened to her. That was what she was not yet ready to share. Even restrained, Tabitha didn’t resist him, and he counted that as a good sign. She also appeared to be present. He wouldn’t fuck a woman who had emotionally retreated.

Kyle always used condoms. He found he didn’t want to with Tabitha, but couldn’t risk pregnancy. Still, he regretted the fact that there would be a barrier between them. She would need to use birth control in the near future so that he could forgo the latex shield between them. Tabitha was wet and relaxed, and he slid his cock into her like she was made for him. He surged against her, retreated, and surged again. She was so tight, and he found he could only advance one slow inch at a time. When he was seated as far into her body as he could get, Kyle rested his forehead on hers, and she met his eyes. There was still a hint of wariness, but no real fear, no pain, and Kyle began to pump in and out of her. Her body heated around him, and her hips started to match his rhythm as moans and whimpers fell from her mouth, punctuated by gasping breaths. Kyle forced back his release, fucking his woman with a single intent. He ground at her G-spot and rejoiced in her reaction, slipping a hand between them to unerringly seek out her clit. He rubbed it in time to his lunges, and Tabitha strained against him, the muscles in her vagina clinging to him, clamping as if to never let him go.

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