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Caligula Rising

Lydian Press

Heat Rating: SENSUAL
Word Count: 41,170
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Only one man in town knew all the secrets and still managed to keep the peace.

In the challenging economic times of 2027 a new world order rules every aspect of life including sexual activity. The sin tax was implemented and made into law in the United States, China, Russia and immediately went worldwide by a United nations vote. Sin City, California is the exception, a peaceful and liberal playground for the rich and powerful, until a spate of sadistic murders threatens the existence of this modern day utopia.


Sin City, California and the Sin tax

The mobile phone phenomenon completely changed the world in 2027 for “the common good”. World governments finally found something to agree on. And that was privacy should not be wasted on the masses. Technology now made it possible through mobile headsets to see when its user had last had sex. You were under the radar if you didn’t have cellular service but in 2027 everyone was required to subscribe to government run cell phone service, whether the individual needed it or not. Independent start up mobile companies no longer existed, which was seen as a good thing, for a while. Then they all fell under one umbrella company, Mobile-Serv Inc. Users’ brainwaves, like phone bills, were monitored and if it found you had indeed copulated you were charged on your cellular bill.

In the challenging economic times of 2027 The sin tax was implemented and made into law in the United States, China, Russia and immediately went worldwide by a United nations vote. The advantages far out-weighed the cons. The Sin tax raised tax revenues, cut the epidemic of STD’s, and stemmed the tide of unwanted pregnancies. It further deterred families from producing progeny “by accident” which they couldn’t comfortably support, allowing social welfare to slowly bankrupt countries. This also was ended. Those who foolishly rebelled against the sin tax were ruthlessly ferreted out by the morality police or middle class neighbors, and jailed, fined or both.

There was however a vague uncertainty as to the circumstances that legally allowed a small city in California to avoid the implementation of the Sin tax. It was the only known exception to the rule, at least in America. It wasn’t written anywhere to explain the anti- sin tax law that shielded Sin City, California.

The explanation, had it been made publicly known, wouldn’t have made sense to anyone. Marcus Syne was easily one of the richest men in the world. He was also arguably the horniest male as well. Marcus lived the good life as any billionaire would. His excesses were legendary and so, obsessed with his own good time, the sin tax slipped by him totally unnoticed. By the time he was aware of it, the sin tax had been passed into law and several of his friends were feeling the heat.

It took Marcus a year and an army of lawyers to secure the area of California and create the land boundaries then draw up a charter that would form Sin City. It was a bastardization of his own name and a fuck you to the sin tax regulations. Sin City had seceded from the union but it cost Marcus the bulk of his estate. However as soon as the idea of a separate city existing within America’s border became known, money flowed in from other billionaires who supported the cause of evading the sin city taxes. It took less than a year for the city to be filled with those who wished to avoid the tax. Unfortunately for many Sin City was not a welfare state. Those who had little money were turned away and the enclave became a haven for the very rich. The problem was that once you were in Sin City although you were immune from the tax, the moment you re-entered society at large, the tax on your sexual libido would pick up where it had left off. Those who lived in Sin city realized they could never live outside of it again.


While a great percentage of the world rushed toward sexual complacency, Sin City, CA enjoyed a sexual tsunami. It was one of the reasons so many wealthy and able bodied people from around the world found their way to Sin City, California for a good time that included, among other things, lots and lots of sex. Those who lived in Sin City soon adjusted to the influx of pleasure-seeking visitors. Sin City supported itself by becoming a tourist haven – a playground for the rich and powerful. In short, a 21st century Utopia.

Sin City, California became a modern city with a population just under a million people. Viagra sales were more than brisk. Children under the tolerable (meaning legal) age were unwanted and the offenders (parents) were quickly asked to leave the city borders. That children were being sent to live with relatives while their parents stayed in Sin City to carry on the good life was not unheard of.

Crime was a rarity in Sin City, CA. At least until recently.

In the preceding few weeks Sin City police had been stymied by the sadistic killings of hustlers and sex workers. However since the town was so insular they were sure they’d find the killer eventually. In the meantime the police did not want residents to worry, so it was kept very much on the downlow that there was a serial killer amongst them. Meanwhile the police were going through the border crossing records in the last few weeks to trap and capture whoever might be capable of bringing discord to Sin City. It was the first time a city had seceded from the Union and set up its own border patrol. Lots of political chicanery was going on, but no one cared enough to investigate.

In this sunny utopia everyone respected each other’s space by minding their own business. Built on rolling hills ensured that almost every home had a view of the ocean. The area was dotted with white clay, stone and adobe homes with colorful gardens. Automatic showers sprinkled the flora at intervals assuring their continued growth and natural beauty. The city beckoned with a warm welcome to everyone who came to live or visit the city with all its dark secrets. The town center was crowded with cafes nightclubs and restaurants, centered around attractive people sipping pale blue margaritas and popping ‘prescription’ drugs. Man made waterfalls and fountains dotted the urban landscape. Life was worth living if you lived in Sin City, California.

Only one man in town knew all the secrets and still managed to keep the peace in Sin City, California.