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Can't Be His (MM)



Heat Rating: SIZZLING
Word Count: 6,048
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Exterminator Lonnie “Roach” Raines and ice skater Alexi Summerville have been friends and roommates for years, but they’ve never taken their relationship to the next level.

When Alexi’s coach wants him to train for the World Championship in another state, Roach is forced to examine his feelings before he loses Alexi, possibly for good.

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He released Alexi just enough to be able to look at his beautiful face. “Do you really like to be spanked?”

Alexi grinned wickedly. “Oh, yeah. Come with me.”

He let Alexi lead him to Roach’s bedroom and they undressed each other quickly. They’d have long enough to linger over such things as undressing other times. Right now he wanted Alexi beneath him naked and hot and begging for release.

Ah, fuck.

Falling onto the bed with Alexi, Roach framed the man’s face with his hands, lowering his lips to just inches from Alexi’s. Now that the moment was here he could hardly believe it.

“I’ve wanted to taste your lips for so long,” he whispered.

Alexi cupped his jaw. “What are you waiting for? Kiss me.”

He crushed his mouth to Alexi’s, the plump lips parting under the assault, a sigh escaping Alexi. God, they were better than he imagined. He tasted them, over and over, slanting his mouth over Alexi’s like a starting man. Their tongues twirled, danced, caressed, and finally unable to help himself, Roach sucked Alexi’s tongue into his mouth.

He wanted to spend hours ... days ... a lifetime like this. But his leaking prick brushed against Alexi’s thigh and Alexi reached down and closed his hand over Roach’s straining shaft.

“Ah, damn, Lex,” he breathed, trapping Alexi’s lips for a possessive, demanding kiss.

His lust fogged brain struggled for thought. Lube, condoms. He needed those. He wanted to be buried in Alexi and fast. The palm of his hand itched to feel soft, round flesh jump at contact.

Focus, Roach.

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