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Can't Help Loving You

The Wild Rose Press

Heat Rating: STEAMY
Word Count: 85,125
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Artist Lillian Beaumont loves her free-spirited lifestyle. Her family...not so much. But she has a plan to follow her artistic dreams and still make them proud. If she can resist the distraction of her brooding neighbor with the gorgeous eyes and yummy Latin looks.

Police officer Rafael Delgado struggles to put both his shattered leg and life back together. Fantasizing about his sexy neighbor while he recovers would be a lot more enjoyable if she wasn’t forbidden fruit. But after acts of vandalism finds him acting as her unofficial bodyguard, he’s suddenly presented with the very temptation he’s tried so hard to avoid.

When their simmering attraction boils over into steamy romance, Rafe and Lillian find that despite all the reasons they shouldn’t be together, only one thing can keep them apart – the person who won’t stop until all of Lillian’s dreams go up in smoke.


For a second, the kiss was as chaste as the first, a pleasant press of lips and nothing else. And then it was so much more. Heat flashed through Rafe’s body as her lips parted. Her teeth tugged on his lower lip until he let her in, her tongue darting in to tease at his, encouraging him to play.

With a groan, Rafe pulled Lillian up against him in a tight embrace, the feel of her in his arms stoking the flames of passion higher and faster. Too high and too fast, some rational part of him cautioned. But months, no years of wanting and not having her had pushed him far beyond the point of good sense. He sank into the kiss with every unfulfilled desire leading the charge, and was greedily satisfied when the response he got from her was just as wild and unrestrained.

He wondered how difficult it would be to get them both to the bed without breaking the kiss when the sound of a throat being cleared sliced through the haze of lust like a bucket of ice water.

Lillian must not have heard it. When he lifted his mouth from hers, she made a sound of dissatisfaction and chased him, managing to land another quick kiss before she caught on to Rafe’s attempt to hold her off. Her breath hitched as she figured out what he already knew. “Mom,” she choked out weakly.

Angry with himself for letting what was supposed to be a simple kiss get so out of hand, Rafe struggled to collect himself as he turned to face Lillian’s mother, who was hovering in the open doorway behind them. “Mrs. Beaumont, I’m sorry. We were…” There was no good way to finish that sentence.

To his surprise, Patricia waved a hand and smiled. Smiled.

“Don’t worry about it, Rafe. And please, call me Patricia.”

“Uh, all right.”

“Good.” Still smiling, Patricia said, “I think I’ve found out everything I needed to know here. I’ll just see myself out.”

“Let me walk you to the door,” Lillian said.

Patricia smile turned a bit wicked. “No need to interrupt what you’re doing. I know the way.” She looked at Rafe, her gaze sharp. “Take care of my baby.”

“I plan to.” It was a promise he intended to keep.