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Connor (MF)

Big Sky County

Evernight Publishing

Heat Rating: SCORCHING
Word Count: 25,915
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Jennifer Nealon went looking for a story for Big Sky County Magazine and boy did she find a good one. At the Grantsville Historical Society she stumbled upon a journal kept by Sarah Smith who was a mail order bride back in the late 1800s. Seems she not only loved her intended groom but his best friend too. Armed with that information, maybe she can blackmail Connor Nolan-Delaney into bidding on her at the upcoming Bachelorette auction.

How dare Jennifer, and a Nealon of all people, be the one to inform him about his ancestors’ scandalous ways. And how dare she know things that he doesn’t. Seems the only way to get back at her is to be downright snarky. However, that’s not what’s in his true nature and maybe who he thought was an enemy could actually be the woman destined to steal his heart.

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He turned away from Jennifer and hurried out the door before he kissed her to make up for his previous insult. He was half way to the Old Mine tavern when he heard the sound of heels getting closer. It was Jennifer. He’d noticed she was wearing those mighty high ones the ladies loved so much. Pair them with some fishnets and a garter and he’d lose it every time.

The thought of her standing by his bed wearing just those two items… He turned hard just thinking about it and that’s what he hated the most. He turned around, ready to put up his guard and insult her again.

“Connor Nolan-Delaney how dare you,” she said.

Had she put more emphasis on the Nolan or the Delaney name?

“Should it be Nolan or Delaney? Oops, guess we don’t want anyone to know granny Sarah was one hell of a loose lady,” she said.

He hoped she’d see the anger on his face. If only he could conjure up some smoke to billow down each of his nostrils.

“At least two men wanted my granny. You know Jennifer; I’m surprised you’re even here. You ever seen the photo of your granny? I’m shocked that anyone wanted to fuck her. In fact, I would think your granddaddy had to either put a bag over her head or over his own to stop himself from throwing up each time he fucked her.”

Mean and nasty…two things he wouldn’t usually use describe himself. Just what was happening to him?

Several people had stopped, obviously hearing the exchange between them.

“How dare you. You uppity bastard, and I do mean bastard. At least my ancestors had the decency to marry before they had children.”

Connor heard the murmurs coming from the ever growing crowd of people. The chances of him being sheriff were gradually fading away. They’d overheard the little fact that he was a bastard and yes, he was acting like one too. Jennifer had hit the bull’s eye with that last comment. He was about to apologize and call a truce and not just for the good PR. he was truly sorry for his behavior tonight and he wasn’t even drunk. However, before he could get the words out, Jennifer took him by complete surprise by slapping his face. He held his hand to his face, watching her turn and walk away, hearing people mumbling some more and all he could think about was how great her ass looked in the jeans and high heel combo.

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