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Crazy Little Thing Called Matchmaking

The Wild Rose Press

Heat Rating: STEAMY
Word Count: 75,460
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Dubbed “The Child Whisperer” by his peers, twenty-nine-year-old Jake Harris is a lollipop-sucking, video game-playing pediatrician, who moves to Seashore Cove, Long Island to start a family. What develops is an immediate attraction to his new nurse, Kate, and a list of reasons why he must keep his distance.

Kate Henderson is a grieving widow with two teenage boys, struggling to keep her head above water. Her growing desire for the new doctor must be ignored. But Kate’s sons think they’d make the perfect match. The duo comes up with crazy little schemes intended to ignite a spark and succeed in throwing them together.

But is that enough to make Kate and Jake take a chance on love?


He took a deep breath. “I gotta give you a shot.”

“It’s gonna hurt!” Her little face crumpled.

“For a second, but after that, you can pick a prize.”

She wiped her eyes. “I can?”

“Yup, but you have to be a big girl for Dr. Jake. Can you do that?”

“I think so.”

“I know you can.” He leaped off the table and took the syringe Kate handed him, making sure Sherry never saw it. “Do you like dolls?” He sterilized Sherry’s upper arm with an alcohol wipe.

She nodded, her face buried against her mother’s shoulder.

“Who’s your favorite?”

“Barbie.” With that one word, the little girl sat up straighter. “She’s so pretty and has the best clothes…” Jake waited until Sherry was fully into her description of Barbie’s dream house before he injected the vaccine. She barely flinched.

He held a piece of cotton over the needle prick. “My sister used to love Barbie dolls too.”

“All girls do. We have to. My brother says it’s the law.”

He nodded, loving the way kids thought. From the corner of his eye, he saw Kate’s grin. She loved kids just as much as he did. “Interesting, I didn’t know that.”

“I don’t mind following that law, ’cause it’s a good one.”

“One of the best, I think.” Jake took down the jar of lollipops from the upper cabinet. “Time for your reward.”

Sherry picked a red lollipop and handed it to him before taking one for herself.

“Thank you! How did you know red are my favorite?”

“Because you’re a boy and so is my brother and he likes the red ones.”

He tore off the wrapper and sucked on it for a second before smiling at Mrs. Golden. “She’s doing great and up-to-date on her immunizations. Any questions or concerns?”

He chatted with the mother for a few minutes. When she and Sherry left, Jake turned to Kate, grinning.

She stared at him with her mouth open. “You’re creepy.”

He laughed, glad to see her patronizing attitude from before was nowhere in sight. “No, just in touch with kids.”

“Sherry is one of our more challenging patients, and the fact that she left here laughing and sucking on a lollipop is nothing short of a miracle. No wonder they call you ‘The Child Whisperer.’”

He groaned. “God, that stupid nickname followed me here?”

Kate placed her hand on his arm, and damned if it didn’t tingle from the heat. “Take it as a compliment.”

“I will.” Jake hummed as he enjoyed his cherry-flavored treat, heading for the next exam room with a bounce in his step.

All because he’d impressed Kate.

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