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Crowning Glory (MF)

The Royal Wolves 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: SIZZLING
Word Count: 82,960
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[Siren Allure: Erotic Paranormal Romance, werewolves, HEA]

When you are the oldest of five brothers there are certain standards that you are held to no matter what. Don't hit them (even if they really deserve it), set a good example, and keep them safe from all enemies. Lazlo Farkas has always lived by the rules his parents set out before them and tried to do his best by his family at all times. Thrust into a role of parent at too young an age, he had to keep them from all becoming the next victims of the Rebels and to ensure that all his brothers had the life their parents would have wanted. Never taking for himself, he has always given, but a man can only give so much before he wants something in return, and in her he finds it.

Brash, loud, authoritative, and just plain crazy, Desmonda Franco is attitude personified and proud of it. She has never been one to just lie down and take it. Dishing it out was always more her style. And then it happens she meets the man that can stand up to her and even put her in her place when needed. He's strong, determined, and unbelievably sexy, and she just arrested his brother for murder. Not exactly how one expects to meet the man of her dreams, but it could have been worse…maybe.

Thrown together against their wills but with Fate giving each a strong push, these two have more than just a killer to worry about. They have a whole society wanting his head on a silver platter. Together they must stay ahead of all those that are coming for them and find a little time for romance and love, too. Oh, to be King for a day…that may be all they get!

A Siren Erotic Romance

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wow I just love this book and bought another one of this series

- KW

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“Hello,” Laszlo grumbled into the phone, rolling in his bed with a groan before he shot upright. “What?!” he bellowed into the line. “Who the fuck would ever think that?” he snarled as his brother Mik told him the reason for the call. “If Ben’s a murderer, I’m the Pope,” Lazslo said into the receiver. “Sit on him and keep whoever the moron was that arrested him away from him. I’ll call the lawyers and be there in an hour.” A perfectly applicable claim considering the retainer those said lawyers had from him and his family and hung up.

Tossing the phone down, he scrubbed his hands over his face, trying to finish waking before he put in the call. It didn’t really work, but he was at least coherent, which was all that was really needed at four in the morning. Dialing the number of the head of the law firm on his personal line, Laz apologized for the early time and then explained what was required. Agreeing to meet the lawyer at the precinct, he got up and showered quickly, was dressed in a pair of jeans, plaid shirt and his old leather jacket with his boots on moments later, and was out the door with time to spare. Someone was going to pay for this and he’d ensure that by the end of it, he had their head on a silver platter mounted to his wall.


* * * *


The song fromMadagascar 2, “I like to move it”, was stuck in her mind and was a nightmare to try to think over and around the tune as she looked at the scene before her. “I’m sorry, what did you say?” Desmonda, or Demon as everyone called her, asked the rookie standing before her looking green and pasty. The crime scene behind her was a mess and a half, the rookie’s eyes already glazing over as he tried desperately not to stare.

“They are asking if you want each part to be put in a separate bag.” His body heaved. Throwing his hand over his mouth, he didn’t wait for her to excuse him as he ran past her, rushing for the safety of the trash cans lining the main street. 

“Puke in a bag, don’t contaminate my scene!” She shouted at him and sighed, shaking her head. Rookies, you couldn’t live with them, and killing them was just too much trouble. 

No, Demon wasn’t the ME but she was the highest ranking officer on the scene, which troubled her to no end. Walking over to the Detective on site she accepted the coffee he held out and looked down between the two narrow buildings and filthy alley. “You do know that you have a serial now, right?” 

“Yeah, and it pisses me off,” the man said as he heaved a sigh, his large bulk shifting slightly from foot to foot. 

“Why didn’t you call for a specialist earlier?” This was the question downtown. It wasn’t like they were in freaking New York City! Hello, her mind screamed to him, wake up and smell the Gouda, asshole. 

“Because as a part of the Upper Ninth, we take care of our own,” he said pointedly. 

“Yeah, smart, and because you take care of your own another woman died. You boys of the Upper Ninth are really brilliant. Remind me never to walk in the dark in your neck of the woods.” Yeah, she was a bitch, but she couldn’t stand incompetence, and that was what the jackass beside her was, incompetent.

Every fiber of her being had him pegged as a wife-beater who got off on making women squirm, just the way he tried to intimidate her told her that much. He was a jackass and she would bet a month’s salary that he had been out on mental medical more than once in his career and likely got off on shooting perps. 

Moving away from him, she walked toward the ME who finally made it and tossed her coffee in the trash as she moved. She was the best there was, the best profiler ever at Quantico, and part of that was because she could usually sum people up with just a brief chat or look into their lives. Her profiling experience launched her into field work and since then she had moved up the ranks and was now lead in the Homicide Division of Quantico, a spot normally only held by a man. 

She had gotten the tip about the murders through a snitch on the streets. After pulling the computer files without the Ninth knowing, she found she had a serial on their hands, one who not only killed in NYC, but Jersey as well. The man doing these killings was an enigma, and she fucking hated puzzles. 

“Hey Bill, about time you showed up.” She had worked with Bill Chambers on more than one occasion, he was quiet and shy, but damn good at his job, too. 

“They had me neck deep in paperwork and sent the rookie.” Said rookie who was now barfing in a plastic bag thrust into his hands by one of the EMTs. “Looks like I will be requesting another one, huh?” he asked and moved toward the body, well body pieces, as it was. 

It was half an hour later, many photos taken of the scene before Bill was able to roll the torso part of the body. The torso still had one arm attached and it was under the chest and when Bill rolled it Demon saw what she needed. “Fuck me,” she growled and then said, “thanks for letting me hang, Bill, will you cc me in on your report?” 

“Sure thing Demon.” He said as he continued to make verbal notes into the voice recorder. 

Striding down the alley and toward the Lexus, she stripped off her gloves and paused at her trunk to peel off the booties over her heeled boots and slipped into the car. Later she would go and check on Harker, but for now she would leave it because Harker’s lover would ask her questions that she didn’t have answers for right now, she knew one thing for sure, she would never, never have a cop for a boyfriend, or even lover. 




When he was as naked as she was, she stroked him with her hungry hands. She could feel her own moisture as her wrists touched her seam over and over again. “Laszlo,” she breathed. God, had she ever known how good this could be? No.

Shifting, he slid a hand between her legs to stroke her pussy, her scent rising up around them. It was intoxicating and heady. “Talk to me Desmonda,” he murmured. “Tell me what you want, darling, tell me what you need,” he said softly. Pushing two fingers into her wet cunt, he rubbed at her slowly, his thumb pressing against her clitoris.

“I need you Laszlo, no thinking, no talking, just feeling, doing.” Her hand squeezed on him. “I need you in the most primal of ways.” She moved on his fingers and sobbed slightly when he slid a third finger inside of her. “Right now, I need rough, I need you in the most primitive form of being together, Laz, give up to the beast roaring inside of you, because god help you, I feel one inside of me needing to become reality and be freed.” She didn’t understand the need, but she never rejected her intuition and right now it was telling her to let him choose, let him lead the way and for him to make her his. She needed to be fucked, was desperate for it in fact. She wanted him and his thick beautiful cock inside of her, not his fingers.

Her words clearly hit a chord inside of him, deep inside where no one but his mate could have found it. Leaning over her, he stared into her eyes, his eyes fully Wolf, and he knew it, like he could see the reflection in hers. “If I take you like that, I’ll mark you as mine and you’ll never get a chance to back out, Desmonda. You will be my mate and wolves mate for life,” he whispered, needing her to know despite his driving need to do as she asked. “Do you understand what that means, honey?” he asked quietly. “I do it your way and there is no going back, there is no running away when you’re angry or annoyed with me. You will be mine for all time,” he said as he moved his fingers faster, driving her toward the precipice of her orgasm and all the while let his pinky finger toy with the small rosebud of her anus.

“No running.” She promised, she was tired of running. “We will fight and argue but no more running.” When she opened her eyes, she nodded. “I want everything Laz, I need to be able to hold my own at your side and I am not going to be a victim simply because of who I choose to love. I want the marking, I want to be yours but I want more.” Yes, she knew what she was saying, somehow it all felt right. She had always been more dominant than any human woman and she realized it was because she was never really meant to remain as one. Some sick and twisted act of fate placed her into the wrong body. “But there will be no going back Laz, if we do this you will have to put up with me forever, no running, no hiding and you will have to understand that I am not a nice woman most of the time.” Except with him, he had gotten under her skin unlike anyone ever had before, even when she had been engaged, it was nothing like this with this man. “I will demand everything from you but offer the same in return, but however we are going to do this, we need to do this soon because I want to feel you inside of me.” Before she lost her nerve and tried to hide from the feelings once more.

“Then we do this,” he said softly as he slowly withdrew his fingers. Flipping her over onto her stomach when she relaxed infinitesimally, he lifted her hips to put her on her knees. “Shoulders down Desmonda,” he growled, pressing down between her shoulder blades when she tried to lift up. “If you want to survive this you need to let me dominate for a while. Later you can pretend to be in charge,” he teased her softly as he rose up behind her and rubbed his cock against her weeping pussy. Pressing in, he leaned over her and slowly slid into her, his eyes closed as he let the feelings wash over him. She was so fucking tight, his face tightened, like he could feel her every muscle working to take him in deeper, pulling his cock further into her pussy so that he could touch her womb. It seemed like  fucking heaven and hell at the same time.

She pushed back on him with an indrawn breath of pleasure. “Oh my god.” She clenched her hands into fists and tossed her hair out of her way to watch him, “Later I want to play too, Laz.” She grumbled and bit her lip. “Oh god, yes.” She sobbed out and nodded. “All of it Laz, I need all of it.”

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