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Cuffed and Stuffed

Trouble in Paradise

Destiny Blaine Productions

Heat Rating: SCORCHING
Word Count: 19,129
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Please note: This novella was previously published.

She doesn't like frills and lace. Handcuffs and spankings are a different story

Annabelle Agnew is a gal with money to burn and too much time on her hands. Known to pull all sorts of capers while visiting her family’s summer home, Annabelle pushes two local cops to their intimate limits when she returns to Tybee Island to celebrate her recent college graduation.

News of Annabelle’s arrival is the talk of the town, and the first round of citizen complaints soon reaches the police department. Colby and David Shanks, two officers and brothers, are sent to deal with the unruly hellcat and her obnoxious friends. Reconnecting with an old friend, David and Colby devise a quick and quite intimate scheme to keep the sexy Annabelle under their control.

Hardcore Doms, the men recognize a submissive woman when they see one. Instead of reading the sexy vixen her rights, they decide to taunt her and see if she puts up a fight. And the crimes Annabelle commits are certain to lead two officers to cuff and stuff her in a way they'll all enjoy.

User Reviews
Was a good book!

- rhondavb


“What do you say we get out of here?” Annabelle asked, practically yelling over the music.

“Are you kidding me? We just got here,” David said.

“Yeah, but we could go someplace more private.”

“I’m perfectly content right here,” Colby rasped at her ear, slipping his hand under her short leather skirt.

His fingers skimmed over the thin trim of her thong, and she stilled against him. A bolt of electricity licked at her pussy lips long before he dipped his fingers underneath the scant cloth.

“What’s wrong, doll?” Colby crooned, nipping at her ear. “I thought you wanted an all-night party.”

She swallowed hard. Had she bitten off more than she could chew? Did the Shanks brothers enjoy public exhibition? Were they ready to exploit her? Would they want to rent one of the semi-private viewing rooms so everyone could watch them train their sub, devour their woman? If so, how often had they used the club for a training facility? Even worse, how often did they come there to scout for a submissive partner?

David cupped her neck and whispered across her lips, “Relax, sweetheart. This is what you wanted.”

“Not really,” she muttered, her gaze meeting his.

“If this isn’t what you originally had in mind, it soon will be.” Colby’s hand jerked, and she felt the pad of his fingertip pressing against her damp center.

“Oh God,” she whispered, curving her arm tighter around his neck.

“A receptive woman. That’s what I like to see,” David said, kissing her.

He thrust his greedy tongue between her lips and insinuated a raw and hungry sex act, screwing his tongue inside her mouth. He dragged his lips over hers then propelled his tongue inside her mouth hard and fast, fluttering up and down as she feasted on his hot lust-driven kiss, holding fast to the unraveling passion.

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