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Shifting Through the Snow Collection

ManLoveRomance Press LLC

Heat Rating: SIZZLING
Word Count: 20,000
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Can an enchanted reindeer and a cupid angel find love in the North Pole?

Reindeer Lancelot Rein has been in love with angelic singer Gracien Camari from the first moment he laid eyes on him many years ago. He never really thought he'd stand a chance with someone so glorious until he got assigned to be Gracien's bodyguard and asked to accompany him from his present home at the North Pole to Rome to sing with the Vatican choir. Just being near him made Lance' heart beat faster. But could a singer for the Pope date an everyday Joe like him? Just one kiss from the angel's full lips made Lance brave enough to take their relationship to the next level. Then he learns that Gracien was created by the archangels and had a preordained future waiting for him. Could Lance let Gracien go to Heaven to do the Lord's work after seeing the beautiful angel naked and in his bed?


Chapter One

Gracien Camari opened his kitchen window and let in some of the glorious winter weather. He picked up his mug of hot chocolate and gazed out and watched the reindeer at play. It was just a couple of weeks before Christmas so everyone was busy preparing for the biggest event of the year. After enjoying his break, Gracien went back to his studio to rehearse for the upcoming concert. Every year around this time he performed with the Vatican choir in Rome. Gracien had been practicing for several hours when he decided to take another break. He had just refilled his cup with chocolate when he heard a familiar voice call an end to the reindeer games. Gracien hurried over to the opened window just in time to see the deer turn back into their human forms. It was the height of his day to see the naked males walk past his home on the way to the showers.
“Ciao Signore Camari,” Russell Frost, one of the leaders said.
Gracien stuck his head out the window, and got smacked in the face by a burst of cold wind. “Ciao.” All of the men waved to him.
Lance, the youngest in the brush spoke to him. “You’re exceptionally cute this morning, Gracien.”
“Grazie Signore Rein.” He grinned like an idiot. Lance was not only handsome, but well-hung too.
Calvin Winter, another reindeer greeted him. “We heard you rehearsing earlier. You’re going to slay the audience as usual.”
The other young men agreed. Gracien thanked them. “Grazie.” His temperature rose as Lance checked him out.
Lance’s body betrayed his thoughts. He moved his hands down to cover his erection. Russell reached over and slapped him upside the head. “To the showers with you, randy lad.” The others laughed and Lance dashed off. “You’re going to have to excuse him, Gracien. He is still young.”
And hot. “Yes, Signore Russell.” He wondered if the others saw the blush on his cheeks.
Russell waved to him again. “We need to shower and dress. Have a good day, Gracien.”
“You too,” Gracien said as the deer men walked away. He checked them out from behind and shivered. Santa’s elite flyers were so handsome and there wasn’t a flat butt in the bunch. He shut his window and went back to his studio. He supposed he’d have to say a couple of Hail Marys for the lascivious thoughts he’d entertained about Lance.
“When are you going to ask Signore Camari out on a date?” John Snow asked Lance as they gathered in the dining room for breakfast.
“Never,” Lance answered. “Gracien is an important singer for the Vatican and I’m…”
“One of Santa’s reindeer,” Calvin reminded him as he joined his friends at the table.
“And he’s…”
“Totally interested in you. If he blushed any deeper his cheeks would be redder than Rudolph’s nose.”
The others in the room laughed at John’s joke.
Russell sat down. “John’s right. He’s hot for your bod.”
“But Gracien’s special,” Lance argued. “There’s no way he’d go out with me.”
“Angels need love too,” Russell reminded him. “Especially one as rare as Gracien.”
As a babe, Gracien was deserted on the steps of the Vatican with a note from someone asking the bishops to care for him. Instead of putting him with a foster family the bishops decided to raise him, especially when they learned of his unique skill for healing the sick. Gracien came to live at the North Pole at the age of eighteen after several kidnapping attempts and his fans camping out on the grass of the Saint Peter’s Basilica just to get a glimpse of him. To earn his keep Gracien served as a physician for Santa’s enchanted creatures. “You guys don’t think it’s immoral?” Lance asked.
Every man in the room shook his head. Most of them were already in serious relationships blessed by Saint Nick. Lance didn’t think Santa would give his blessing to a male cupid and a changeling, not after giving the bishops his promise that he’d look after the little miracle worker.
“You do like him, don’t you?” John asked.
Lance nodded. “He makes me feel weak in the knees.”
“And powerful in other places,” Calvin teased.
Lance knew these guys wouldn’t let what happened earlier slide.
“Maybe we shouldn’t transform back into our human form so close to Gracien’s home,” Russell said.
John laughed. “Are you kidding? I think he enjoys it. Lance just needs to bed the singer to stop getting those erections every time he sees him.”
Lance didn’t think he could get any more embarrassed. “Don’t you gents have anything better to discuss?” Plus his feelings for Gracien were private.
“Aren’t you accompanying Gracien to Rome this year?” Silas Evergreen asked Lance.
Every year Santa allowed one of his magical flying deer to be Gracien’s bodyguard for the two weeks he’d be a featured singer with the Sistine Choir. “Yes,” Lance answered carefully.
“Hmmm, my guess is that nature will take its course whether you want it to or not,” Silas said.
Lance didn’t know what he assumed would happen in two weeks that hadn’t happened in the eighteen years since he first laid eyes on the gorgeous red-haired singer. “I intend to be the perfect gentlemen while accompanying Signore Camari in Rome.”
The other continued to laugh, including Russell. As the eldest Lance thought he’d at least not encourage such a conversation.
“Even you aren’t that naïve, Lance,” Russell said. “You’re going to a romantic country with a guy you’ve been in love with since the first time you laid eyes on him. Don’t be stupid. Take him out, wine and dine him, and show him how you feel. You’re Dasher’s son. Your father was quite the ladies’ man before he met your mother.”
Lance frowned. His father’s adventures as he called them were no secret around the North Pole. “So you want me to seduce him.”
”No, I wouldn’t exactly say seduce, but give him a white Christmas.”
The others chuckled at Russell’s joke. Lance bet they all thought he was clueless since he was the youngest. He wasn’t clueless or a virgin either. He just wasn’t as old or experienced as they were. “How about dancing?”
“I’m sure Gracien would love that,” John said.
“Okay, I will take him to dinner and maybe a movie, but if he turns me into a camel it will be you guys’ fault for encouraging this.”
“He won’t turn you into a camel,” Russell assured him. “Make you a eunuch maybe.” The others continued to laugh. “Relax. He’s a cupid, one of the most romantic creatures in the world.”
Eventually, someone in a very high place had traced Gracien’s origin after he was dumped off at the Vatican. Leave it to him to fall in love with one of the archangel’s favorite creations. There were rumors that there were other angels living on Earth, but Gracien was enough for him. All discussion about his love life stopped and Lance finished eating his meal.

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