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Derek's Christmas Carol (MF)

Swept Away

Luminosity Publishing

Heat Rating: SCORCHING
Word Count: 29,014
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Nearly a year after Derek and Nia’s Christmas Eve wedding, they are happier than ever. Being married has stoked the flames of their passion to indistinguishable levels.

They are about to celebrate their first anniversary, until Derek’s past, present, and future collide on the set of his new television series.

A choice must be made.

Bah Humbug!

Reader Advisory: Derek’s Christmas Carol contains erotic BDSM scenes, including, flogging, bondage, sensory deprivation and sex toys.

Publisher note: Although this is a complete story, Derek’s Christmas Carol is a continuation of the Swept Away trilogy. We recommend reading the Swept Away trilogy first for maximum enjoyment.

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“Well, well, well. Did someone deliberately disobey me?” I asked.

Nia was trussed to the bed, wearing nothing but a blindfold, completely at my mercy. Her legs spread wide, giving me access to her already glistening pussy. Tonight, I would tease her to new limits for the little stunt at the bar. She needed to be taught a lesson. Between the flogger, the restraints, and one other surprise I had in store, she would be strung out in unrelenting need, begging me to let her come.

She tugged on her secure ties. “Am I going to be punished?”

“Yes, angel. You are.”

“If this is the ‘no coming’ punishment, I’d like to negotiate.”

I couldn’t help but be amused by her. She had zero control over the situation, and she still couldn’t keep her mouth shut.

I whispered in her ear, “No negotiating, sweet girl. Tell me, who owns that pussy?”

She licked her lips. “You do. It’s yours.”

I ran my fingertip along her jawline. “Good girl. You may get to come after all.”

Her chest heaved and her irresistible nipples protruded like two ripe buds. I took them in my mouth, but just long enough to make her whimper, then I stopped, leaving her wanting. Her body squirmed and yet settled into the mattress. She was ready for what I planned.

I picked up the black and white flogger, grazing it lightly over her stomach. “Feel that, baby?”

Her hips careened and swayed with the movement of the flogger, leaving a trail of goose bumps. “Mmm … it feels good.”

The black leather would sting, but the white fur would be more gentle. It was just like her, naughty and nice. I continued exploring every inch of her skin while she basked in the anticipation of the first strike. The way her breathing changed and her skin flushed, told me it was all systems go.

I brought the flogger down on her stomach with medium force, and Nia yelped in surprise. I lashed her inner thighs, watching her revel in that sweet spot—where pain met pleasure.

I ceased and checked her pussy, by spreading her outer lips and skimming my fingers along her slit. “Just as I thought. You’re drenched. You look delicious. I need a taste.” I circled my tongue over her plump clit. “Hmm … so saucy … so good. It’s selfish of me not share.” I pushed two fingers into her dripping cunt, and she cried out. If I wanted to, I could’ve had her coming in two seconds, but not tonight.

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