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Destiny Awakened (Destiny African Romance #4)

Destiny African Romance

Decadent Publishing Company

Heat Rating: STEAMY
Word Count: 68,000
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After enduring a traumatic event as a child, Gloria Anokye isn’t sure she’ll ever be enough for any man. With no other option, she entrusts her romantic future into the hands of Esi, midwife-turned-matchmaker. In the meantime, the one guy she’s ever desired has the power to destroy her newfound career as a wedding planner.

Kamal Lawrence has less than six weeks to plan his sister’s wedding. With the help of a wedding planner, they might be able to pull off the best wedding Ghana has ever seen. The trick is to fight off the attraction exploding between them. Once Kamal realizes there’s no way he can or will be able to stay away from Gloria, he plans his seduction.

Will she fall into his arms or keep it strictly professional?


Not sorry for wanting to spend more time with her, he grinned. She’d wrangled so many apologies from him already that he wanted to reserve them for when they truly mattered. “Come on. I distinctly recall hearing your stomach gurgle when we were with the pastor so I know you’re hungry.”

Without waiting for an answer, he got out of the car wishing the flirtatious Gloria he’d experienced a little while ago would return. The obstinate woman waited until he’d reached the restaurant before opening her door and slipping out. His stomach did a crazy dip as he watched her walking toward him.

He hated when that happened, which was far too often for his comfort while around her. She had no right to be so beautiful. Those big dark eyes captivated him. The memory of the pleasure her lips had aroused during their brief kisses made him long to have her back in his arms.

Releasing the door handle, he blocked her path. When she shifted to the left to get around him, he moved in the same direction. Without realizing his motives, he dipped his head and slid his mouth over her succulent lips.

Lifting his head, he realized he wasn’t satisfied so he returned for a proper kiss. Gloria had other ideas when his lips met her fingers.

Undeterred, he caught her wrist. A flick of his tongue against the pad of one finger was the only prelude he gave before taking it into his mouth. He focused on her eyes turning into pools of liquid chocolate as he reveled in the texture of her finger.

Her moan propelled him to suck harder. When she pulled her finger out, her hand trembled.

Rather than deal with the repercussions of his impetuous actions under the hot sun, he opened the door. It took a few seconds for her feet to move. And then she huffed past him with, “I don’t know what that was all about, but you deserve a slap for it.”

He’d expected one when he’d pulled away after the short kiss. The finger thing had been downright dangerous on his part.
Totally worth it.