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Diamond (MM)

The Men of Rock Candy

Twisted E-Publishing

Heat Rating: SIZZLING
Word Count: 16,360
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Damon and Cass have been friends since their early years of college. Cass has had a thing for Damon almost as long. Now graduated, Cass pushes pencils during the day, but by night—he’s head bouncer for the Men of Rock Candy, a touring all male revue.

Where Damon’s one of the stars.

Still in grad school, Damon’s not far from that final walk to the podium—and he’ll walk away debt-free thanks to the generous tips he gets from the many eager women who love his dance persona, “Diamond.” Young and old, he shakes his ass on stage for every one of them, all while Cass watches from the shadows, longing for what he’s scared to reach for.

When the owner of the troupe convinces the group to give a gay club a chance, they finally relent. The potential for tips sways their heads… but can Cass contain his need for Damon after seeing his friend dancing for a room full of lusty men?

Cass is one lap dance away from breaking.

Note: This story was previously released in the Lover Unleashed anthology. It has been deeply edited and 5,000 words added for TEP. There 's a brand new ending, as well.


Almost an hour later, all the men but one had performed. Damon was a crowd favorite and had secured the illustrious spot of last performer tonight. Four of the performers shifted in that final spot, depending on where they were and if there had been any special group coming in for a show. If they had a favorite, that performer went on last.

This particular club always loved Damon best. They had good taste.

Cass felt his body tighten as the house lights pitched, signaling another show was about to begin. His blood thrummed in his ears, a steady staccato that had his body alive and singing. Years of seeing Damon take the stage never got old. Fisting the black fabric that graced the wall behind him, he worked to calm himself, knowing that he had to control his reactions. There was no way anyone could know, least of all Damon.

His friend jumped out on stage in his military costume. A uniform, sword, and cover were all Damon needed to whirl the crowd into a frenzy. Women were screaming, to the point that Cass wished he’d remembered to bring his earplugs. He couldn’t even hear the music over the shrill piercing pitch.

Once the initial chorus of cries calmed slightly, Cass was able to focus on Damon once again. Women took their seats as they got ready to watch the show. Jason Aldean’s My Kind of Party started blasting over the speakers and Damon rolled his hips to the music, exciting them once again. This time, the screams were drowned out by the beat of Cass’ heart. Damon opened the dress jacket and showed off his tanned, muscled body. Cass’ stare traveled down, his chiseled abs perfectly, his strong thighs encased in the navy blue cotton—it was just too much. All Cass could think about was Damon and him in bed doing wicked things together.

Moving his stare to the crowd, he realized he’d been neglecting his duties. One of the other bouncers had moved in on a woman who was falling down drunk. Panic set in as he looked around at the other two bouncers left, but relaxed some as neither seemed to have noticed that his mind hadn’t been in the game.

He continued to scan the crowd, watching Damon from the corner of his eye. The jacket went flying to the floor, his oil-sheened skin flexing as he moved onstage. The roar from the crowd was deafening. Spotlights bounced off Damon’s chest as the lights spun to and fro, making his abs stand out even more.

Damon grasped the edge of the dress pants he wore and gave the crowd a smile. They cheered him on, knowing what came next. He tugged the pull-away material off, leaving his briefs in place. Under those briefs, there was a G-string that left little to the imagination. Cass felt his cock thicken slightly, and once again realized that he wasn’t watching the crowd like he should. Sweat formed on his brow and upper lip, and the need threatened to take his sanity. Each week, it got worse and worse, to the point he was afraid he was going to have to quit the job before showing his hand.

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