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: Don't Say a Word

The Wild Rose Press

Heat Rating: SENSUAL
Word Count: 94,799
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In Tokyo on business, Brendan York is notified his wife has died in a fall. He drops everything to return home to Florida. He finds his daughter, Dana, shaken; his son, Justin, traumatized; and his wife’s “fall” now being investigated as murder. Despite Justin’s account of the day his mother died, Brendan notices unaccountable changes in his son’s behavior. Did he see his mother’s murder? Does he remember?

Newly hired housekeeper, Rachel Conrad, needs a secure home for her daughter, Kristin, but finds the York family troubled. She strives to reassure and protect the children while mysterious phone calls and a stalker plague Justin.

As Brendan and Rachel work together to help the police piece together the day of Mrs. York’s death, their attraction grows and Fate makes its own move…


As the bus drew closer to Justin’s stop, the rain suddenly got even harder, thundering against the school bus’s metal roof. Justin craned his neck to see through the driver’s windshield. Yeah, there were three cars at the bus stop…but they weren’t either of theirs…or Ms. Conrad’s either. “She’ll be here,” he whispered. “She’ll be here. She knows Dana and Kristen won’t be with me.”

The driver applied the brakes, then raised her voice. “Okay, boys and girls, if this is your stop, does everyone have their jackets on? Good. Now, don’t rush, and be careful going down the steps. I think a bit of rain blew in on our last stop. This rain ought to slacken in a minute or so. The weatherman didn’t say a word about all three inches coming down in the first ten minutes.”

She laughed, but looked a little worried. “Now, if you have to cross the street, watch for traffic.”

Justin got off the bus last and drew a deep breath, startled by the force of the rain—like little pricks of ice hitting his face. How could rain be that cold? He caught up to Billy and walked alongside him. The girls were already getting in their mom’s car.

“Where’s your ride, Justin?” Billy asked.

“Guess she’s just late. She’ll be here,” Justin said, trying to reassure himself—Ms. Conrad wouldn’t forget him.

“That must be your dad then,” Billy said, squinting through the rain at the last car. “See you!” He peeled off to the other car.

“No,” Justin was saying as he reached up to pull his hood down lower on his face. He heard Billy’s mom pull out as, blinded by the rain, he wiped across his eyes. When he looked to see who was in the car, he saw instead the figure reaching out for him, a big grin on his face.

“I knew I’d get you sooner or later.”

Justin’s heart tried to beat its way right out of his chest. He jerked back even as that big hand closed around his arm and yanked him off his feet.