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Dragon Ours (MMMM)

North American Dragon 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: SCORCHING
Word Count: 34,453
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[Ménage Amour ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Ménage a Quatre Romance, M/M/M/M, shape-shifters, sex toys]

Sheriff Todd Zelner thought it best to use his dragon abilities, rather than his badge, to break up a sex slave ring. But Todd, Gabriel and six of their dragon friends aren't prepared for what they find when they raid the facility. With more survivors than anticipated, each dragon decides to take several home to care for and protect.

While freeing the men, Todd catches the gaze of the lightest blue eyes he's ever seen staring back at him. As he releases the broken, beaten man from his cage, Todd discovers he's a mute who has shared the cage with two other survivors. Dylan, Seth, and Bryce are coming home with Todd.

Can a dragon who's spent over a millennium alone find a way to help three gorgeous and abused men?

A Siren Erotic Romance

User Reviews
THis is an entertaining book.

- Saba

I read Dragon Ours in one evening then read it again a week later. On the second read the characters emerge more fully, so that the reader feels their pain and their joy and comes to care about what h...

- debee109

Professional Reviews

5 CUPS: "This is another fabulous series by the equally fabulous Joyee Flynn! I just cannot get enough of this author. Ms. Flynn creates fantastical worlds like nobody’s business, and the world of the North American dragons is no exception. The world building is simply put extraordinary. I especially liked the idea of how the humans discovered dragons existed and their reaction to the information, which was very typical human nature. The emotional bond that builds between the four is written in such a way that you can literally feel what each character is feeling, particularly Dylan; his frustration with his inability to communicate verbally is brought home very well through description and his actions. While the bond seems to develop a bit more deeply and quickly with Dylan than with Bryce and Seth, at no time does the reader feel as if Todd loves them any less, or that Dylan is his favorite, which can sometimes happen in books with multiple partners. The sex and the emotions are deeply entwined in this story as well, making it a stellar read. I for one am eagerly awaiting the next book in this series, and I encourage anyone who enjoys excellent world building mixed with stellar m/m romance to pick up a copy of this and the first book in the series Dragon Mine today. They both totally rock!" -- Regina, Coffee Time Romance

5 CHERRIES: "The first book of this series was great, and this story just keeps the momentum going. Sheriff Todd is a character introduced in the first story and I was more than giddy to see that he was getting his chance at love with not one but three mates. All of these men had qualities unique to themselves and behavior that was solely their own. I was happy to see that with so many lead characters they didn’t all seem to have the same identity, which I am sure can easily happen with four men. These unique attributes do not just include their personalities but also their sexual pleasures. With so many bodies intertwine it really helped to know what each liked in the bedroom because it made the act comprehensible. We were introduced to the slave sex ring in the first series and this one keeps that sub-plot going. It added a certain familiarity to this story that I appreciated. This was also not the only plot in the story. As with all romance stories the relationship itself is a plot, but Todd also has one of his own to deal with. I think that these various storylines add depth to the story and allows you to understand the relationship develop and main plot better. If you are unfamiliar with Joyee Flynn than you are missing some excellent erotic scenes. All of the stories I have read by this author include kink and sensuality that leaves me breathless. This story is no exception and with four men, you know it got kinky. She provides mind blowing rough sex and slow meticulous lovemaking so no matter how you like your erotic scenes you'll get it in this story. There is some pain play involved in some of the encounters, but they are done in an extremely tasteful way that only heightened the scene. I knew when reading the first paragraph that Dragon Ours was going to be a great story and I was right. I cannot wait to get more of this series!" -- Peppermint, Whipped Cream Reviews

4 NYMPHS: "Dragon Ours is the second release in Joyee Flynn’s new North American Dragon series and it takes up shortly after where the first book left off. It’s a nicely paced sequel with a few brief flashes of returning characters; and while it would be helpful to have read Dragon Mine, it’s not imperative to understanding the storyline. The story starts off quickly and progresses at a nice pace throughout, but there’s never a rush in the relationships between the men. There’s really more of a reluctance on Todd’s part to get involved stemming from a mysterious event in his past. This makes a nice plot twist, keeping the readers interest and encouraging them to continue reading…and it’s presented in a well described and believable manner. There’s additional historical information about dragon shifters in general and Todd’s clan specifically that’s nicely handled, fleshing out not just this story but the overall plot line as well. The relationship between the four men is handled realistically, Todd always giving Seth, Bryce and Dylan the physical and emotional support they need...usually at the expense of what he wants. He’s a little too noble for his own good and Ms. Flynn has written his fear of possible reprisals against his mates well. I must admit that Dylan is my favorite of the three mates. His personality is by far the more open and vibrant. There is a nicely done mini-crisis involving Gabriel and several other individuals near the end that I feel the author handled particularly well. Read and enjoy." -- Dragon Minx, Literary Nymphs Reviews

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On top of which, the guys in charge of this slave ring had come back to kidnap Ryan and Neil. During their abduction and subsequent rescue, Neil ended up having a miscarriage. So if anyone had a score to settle, it was Gabriel.

Todd gave the signal and they all partially shifted, growing wings and claws. Casey kicked in the door and they bolted inside. Todd’s jaw almost hit the floor when he saw the horrors in front of him. There had to be at least a dozen cages, each holding five or so smaller men.

“Leave them in the cages until we’re done, otherwise they’ll be cannon fodder.” Todd growled. Any guilt he might have had about killing the bad guys was gone when he witnessed this. He barreled himself at the first two guys to rush them with guns, hitting them before a shot was even fired off.

Todd dispatched them quickly, throwing their broken bodies in a heap. He turned in time to see his friends finishing up the rest of the bad guys. They had expected more than twenty of them. That was nothing for eight dragons to handle. Now the hard part, getting these poor guys free.

Everyone started opening cages and helping the men out. Todd walked down the aisle of them and froze when he caught the gaze of the most beautiful light blue eyes he’d ever seen. Kneeling down by the cage, he unlocked it and held out a hand to the man.

“It’s okay, you’re safe now,” he said gently, trying to coax the dirty, little man to him. There were two other men in the cage with the first small guy. Looking at them, he realized they were triplets, or at least brothers. “I won’t hurt any of you. I’m friends with Neil and Ryan.”

The other two men slowly made their way to Todd, eyeing him warily. His heart was breaking as he saw how dirty and abused these poor men were.

“Dylan can’t move on his own,” one of the guys told him as he climbed out of the cage.

“Okay, I’ll go get him. You two wait here,” Todd answered as he moved into the cage. “Dylan? I’m just coming to help you out.”

He nodded as he pulled himself forward. Checking him over, Todd saw that Dylan’s right leg was broken. He moved the smaller man into his arms, smiling at him when Dylan wrapped his arms around Todd’s neck. Once out of the cage, Todd stood up, surprised when Dylan tightened his hold on Todd.

“What else hurts, Dylan?” he asked gently as he walked towards the other two men.

“Dylan’s mute,” one of them informed him. “I’m Seth, and this is Bryce. We work together. We’re never separated.”

“Well then, let’s get you all into my truck, because Dylan needs to see a doctor,” Todd said as he led them to the doors. As they walked, he tried to ignore how wonderful holding the smaller man felt. “Do you know sign language, Dylan?”

He shook his head, frowning, as his eyes filled up with tears. What had this poor man been through? To be mute and never have learned sign language alone sounded like hell on earth. Dylan looked so miserable, Todd would have done anything then to help.

“It’s okay now, Dylan. You’re safe,” Todd whispered as they got to the truck. “We’ll figure this all out.”

“We’re going home with you?” Bryce asked, his eyes darting between Todd and the truck. “Are we yours now?”

“I went through this with Neil and Ryan,” Gabriel said gently as he joined them. He knelt down in front of Seth and Brian. “No one’s keeping you guys, you’re free now. You’re going home with Todd so he can take care of you, help Dylan get better. Then you can figure out what you want to do next. Do you have any family?”

“No, we’re each other’s family,” Seth answered. Gabriel gave them a nod then helped them into the truck.

“Are you sure you can handle this, Todd?” Gabriel asked his friend after closing the door. “They’re in even worse shape than Neil and Ryan when I first found them.”

“Yeah, but they ended up being your mates. I’m just helping them out,” he answered as he stared at Dylan. He hated the idea of ever letting this gentle man go, but he knew he would have to.

“You keep telling yourself that,” Gabriel snickered. Todd looked up at him, confused, but he just laughed. “We gave some money to the ones who were well enough to be on their own and had somewhere to go. The others are going home with our friends.”

“Okay, I’ve got this,” Todd replied as he moved to walk around the front of the truck.

“If you need help…”

“Gabriel, I’m twice your age. I can handle this.” He growled, cutting off his friend.

“And you’ve been alone most of that time,” Gabriel answered gently. “Going from a millennium and a half alone to having three injured, fragile men live with you is a big change.”

“I will call you if I need anything.” Todd sighed, realizing his friend was right. “Thanks, Gabriel.”

“That’s what friends do,” he answered, opening the door for Todd. Gently lifting Dylan into the passenger seat, Todd went to move away. When Dylan wouldn’t let go, Todd gently unwrapped his arms.

“I’m not leaving you, Dylan,” Todd explained gently. “I just need to put you down so I can drive us to my house.”

Dylan gestured Todd to lean in. When he did, Todd was shocked to feel Dylan’s soft lips on his. Leaning back, he saw Dylan blush even under all the filth on his body. Todd’s icy heart melted a little when Dylan smiled at him. Before he’d even realized it, Todd reached out and stroked the smaller man’s cheek.





But you will always be my special baby, the one who got through to my heart and the one I can never deny anything. I will love and protect you with everything I am and have to give you, Dylan.”

Dylan mouthed something very slowly, and since Todd was getting better at reading his lips, he got it on the first try. “I love you, too, Todd. Make love to me and claim me.”

“With pleasure, baby,” Todd answered, reaching down to pull out the large butt plug. He watched as Dylan squirmed and cried out silently from the sensations. Todd felt sad for a split second that he’d never be able to hear his baby’s cries of pleasure when they made love. But then he pushed the thought aside and focused on the wonderful man in his arms. “Wait, we don’t have any lube.”

Dylan smiled and held up a small tube he had in his hand. Todd chuckled at how his little man had basically just admitted that he’d come outside to seduce Todd. Maybe he should have been upset, but right then he was just elated they didn’t have to stop and find some slick. Todd sat back on his heels as he took the lube and squirted some on his hand. He slowly rubbed it into his eleven-inch cock, loving that Dylan was watching his every move.

“If you want me to claim you, I need you on your hands and knees, baby,” Todd said, giving Dylan one last chance to bail out before they went through with it. He was thrilled down to his toes as Dylan rolled over under him and lifted his little, firm ass up for Todd. “Thank you, Dylan.”

Dylan wiggled his ass at Todd in response, getting a low, primal-sounding growl from the dragon. Taking his cock in one hand, Todd pulled aside the right cheek of Dylan’s ass. He pushed forward slowly, groaning as the smaller man’s body accepted him. Dylan stared at Todd over his shoulder, his lips parted as he panted.

“Am I hurting you, Dylan?” Todd asked, trying to control his desperate need to thrust forward hard and get all the way into the man he loved. Dylan shook his head and pushed his hips back, helping Todd along. “Fuck, Dylan, you feel like heaven.”

He watched as Dylan nodded furiously, trying to move in a better position so that his cast wasn’t in the way. Todd pushed in the last few inches and held still, savoring the feeling of finally being in Dylan and giving him time to adjust.

“Is this what you wanted, baby? You wanted my big cock in your ass, baby,” Todd said as he slowly pulled back out. When he thrust forward, he leaned over and wrapped an arm around Dylan’s chest. Lifting them to their knees, Todd went even farther inside his baby. He loved the feeling of Dylan squirming and shaking in his arms and against his stomach. “Do you like this, baby?”

Dylan smiled at him as Todd started off slow, keeping one arm wrapped around Dylan’s chest. He lowered his head and licked all along Dylan’s neck as he started thrusting harder.

“I’m going to bite you right there, baby,” Todd whispered against his neck. “Then you’ll be my mate forever, Dylan.”

Todd felt a thrill race through him as Dylan shivered at his words. It spurred his hips on like nothing else could have. He reached down with his other hand to hold on to Dylan’s waist. Todd wasn’t sure this was the best position, but given the cast on Dylan’s leg, he was doing the best he could.

“Baby, I’m not going to last long. It’s been forever since I’ve been with anyone.” Todd grunted as he started to fuck Dylan’s tight ass hard and fast. “Oh, god, Dylan, this is amazing, you’re amazing.”

Dylan leaned his head back on Todd’s chest, tilting his neck so he could look up at him. Getting the idea, Todd lowered his mouth to Dylan’s and melted into one of the most passionate kisses of his life. Dylan gave him everything he could have ever wanted in that one kiss. Todd felt Dylan’s love, understanding, desire, and longing all in that moment. It was enough to push Todd close to the edge.

“Come for me, baby,” Todd said as he broke the kiss as he moved his hand down to Dylan’s cock and started stroking it in rhythm with his thrusts. Dylan reached back and held on to Todd’s hips so hard he’d have bruised if he wasn’t a dragon. Lowering his head to Dylan’s neck, Todd felt his canines extend in anticipation. Seconds before his climax, Todd sunk his teeth into the soft flesh where Dylan’s neck met his shoulder.

Dylan stiffened up for a moment, and then Todd felt his baby’s release spill all over his hand. As the taste of his mate burst across his tongue, Todd smelled Dylan’s seed as it left his cock. It overwhelmed all of his senses and not just pushed him over the edge, but threw him into a whirlwind orgasm. Todd lifted his head and roared out his release, never stopping his thrusts into Dylan’s sweet ass.

“You really are my mate,” Todd whispered moments later when his orgasm started to subside and the knot from his cock extended and latched on to Dylan’s sweet spot. He watched in awe as his gorgeous mate screamed out wordlessly in pleasure. Dylan’s eyes went wide as he stared up at Todd in surprise. Todd smiled and ran his hand down Dylan’s side as he swirled his hips around. “Did I forget to mention this part?”

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