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Drew (MF)

The Texas Senator's Sons 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: SEXTREME
Word Count: 46,598
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[Siren Classic: Erotic Cowboy Romance, bondage, spanking, whipping, sex toys, HEA]

Drew Radcliff hasn't had good luck with women, which created an enormous chip on his shoulder, and Liv Lancaster is just the woman to knock it off. When she sets her sights on taming the demons inside him, she finds a man able to satisfy her in ways she could only dream of.

In order to free Drew from the pain of his past, Liv knows he must forgive his own indiscretions. Putting him through what she calls The Course may be just what the doctor ordered for expelling demons keeping him from love and the happiness he truly desires.

In Liv's quest to uncover the man hidden beneath the pain, she unleashes a highly sensual and sexual man able to give her all and more. Erotic spanking and bondage prove to be the weapon of choice when fighting for the heart of the sexy senator's son, Drew.

A Siren Erotic Romance

User Reviews
WOW! I am hooked on this series.

- Barefoot Okie

OMG. I could not put this book down. Excellent. I can't wait to see more books written by Hennessee Andrews.

- dmerideth55

Professional Reviews

4 STARS: "DREW is the second book in this series and I could not put it down. Since I read the first book, Damon, I was waiting to get to know the characters better and I feel as if I am with them in this storyline. I connected with all the characters from Regan and Damon from the first to Drew and Liv in this book. I finally learned what went through Drew's mind when things went down with Shay. What he felt towards Damon for interfering in his relationship. Not only that, but the sexual chemistry that Drew and Liv shared was hot, amazing and gut wrenching. At times I felt as hot as Liv did when Drew was being so naughty to her. It was truly hot. Yes, there were small grammar errors but they didn't deter my enjoyment of this book. I greatly enjoyed Hennessee Andrews' writing style immensely. I definitely recommend DREW: THE TEXAS SENATOR'S SON, especially if you like a little kink in the sexual contact between two people that love each other." -- CozyReader, The Romance Reviews

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The cowboy turned and seemed to catch a movement in his peripheral vision. He stopped and looked toward the door. Dropping the rest of the bale of the hay, he began to slowly walk toward her as she stood in the doorway. He seemed to clench his jaw, gritting his teeth, as he looked at her, and she looked down and noticed he had an erection.

“Can I help you?” he asked, squinting in the afternoon sun that blazed into his face.

Liv stepped into the barn further and extended her hand. “I sure hope so. I’m Liv.” Her breath caught when she looked at his face. His sapphire eyes were highlighted by the sun. Gorgeous, the man was absolutely gorgeous. That was going to make her assignment so much harder.

The cowboy shook her hand with a firm grip. His engaging blue eyes flickered with irritation. “Drew,” he said in a deep, sensual voice. It was his voice that caused her heart to race a little faster. He had a pleasant drawl that rolled across his sumptuous lips, making her body react with a light quiver.

“Of course. Drew, you’re Damon’s brother.” Liv smiled at him. She licked her lips, surveying his body and taking notes. He had an amazing body. He was tall, thick. Oh look, she thought, he has a very large erection greeting me as well. Her stomach felt giddy, and her mind raced through the possibilities.


* * * *


Cold shower was the only thought Drew could run through his mind. His cock begged him to just take her, right now, here in the barn. She wanted him, and he knew it. That smile of hers wasn’t innocent in the least. Yeah, I should take her now, without words, without warning. No, hell no! His conscience screamed. Women are evil, remember Shay? With Shay’s name running in his mind, he was able to collect himself. “Well, Liv, I’ll help you with your things and show you to a room. Regan has it ready for you.”

Liv cocked her head to the side and studied him intently, making Drew’s libido kick back into action. He had to get the hell away from her, or he’d do something stupid like claim her mouth with his own or rip her flimsy pink tank top off and suck her nipples until she squealed. He turned quickly and walked off toward the house.

Drew turned, almost feeling Liv’s eyes following him. The woman stirred his inner desires so much his cock was hard and aching. He didn’t have time for this. His control was weak, and rightfully so. Jacking off didn’t quench his sexual hunger. It was only a Band-Aid on the underlying problem.

“What do you need out of here?” Drew asked, standing next to Liv’s Jeep.

“Everything,” Liv said with a smile and reached for a couple of bags.


* * * *


When Liv said “everything,” Drew nearly fell over. There were so many cases and bags that it looked like she’d be staying awhile. He didn’t need that kind of temptation. “You, uh, staying awhile?” he asked, walking with his arms full.

Liv laughed. “Most of it’s my equipment.”

That laugh was intoxicating, sweet. Damn it. Drew walked to the back door and opened it for Liv to go in ahead of him. Manners mattered. By the look of it, he should have gone in first. This sucked. He had the perfect view of her heart-shaped ass that was barely covered by short denim shorts. Her blonde hair was long and straight, swinging just below her shoulder blades. He wanted to tangle his hands up in that hair while her pink lips stretched around his cock. He took a deep breath. He had to get the hell out of here, he thought as he pointed her toward the stairs. He didn’t need this distraction, this temptation. Damn. He had already thought that once. Code red.

With each step Liv took up the stairs, the cheeks of her ass peeked out and seemed to wink at Drew and tease him. Son of a bitch, his mind roared. Get the hell out of here! But he couldn’t. He told Regan he would help get Liv settled and show her around. That was another very big problem. If it hadn’t been for Regan counting on him, he’d run.

“Turn right, last door on left,” Drew directed and wanted to hold his breath so he couldn’t smell how absolutely edible she was. He squeezed his eyes shut, trying to not look at her ass sway down the hall. He watched her open the bedroom door and head in. God, it would be so easy to take her now. Do it. She wants it, and you need it!

Drew walked in behind her and set her bags down by the door. “Extra pillows are in the hall closet if you need any…bathroom is across the hall,” he said and began to leave. Liv grabbed his arm. He stopped and turned to her. “Yes?” He ground his teeth tightly together.

Liv smiled. “Thank you.”




Oh, mercy, Liv thought as she reached with a trembling hand. His enormous pole was rock hard. Pre-cum glistened at the tip. She wanted to taste him. Her tongue swiped across it, and she heard Drew groan. Yes, she thought and swirled her tongue around the tip with her hands bracing her on his strong thighs.

“I said suck it!” Drew barked, and she felt her hot heat trickle out more. She stretched her mouth around him and took in all she could. He was so very large and so delicious. Pulling back slowly, she sucked hard, and he moaned, his hands grasping her hair tight.

Drew’s hips began to thrust forward while his hands held her head. With each thrust, she could feel his cock at the back of her throat, and she purred. She looked up, and he was looking down at her, his face contorted from the pleasure she was giving him. His eyes bored a hole right through her. They were feral and dark.

“That’s it, suck that cock,” Drew said as he looked into her eyes. His hands tangled in her hair tighter with each pull of her mouth. Drew looked like he was trying hard to hold back while gritting his teeth tightly together. He also had a look desire and frustration at the same time. Liv wanted him to lose himself in the moment and let go. She wanted him to surrender to the passion between them.

The excitement rushed through Liv as she sucked and listened to Drew’s gruff voice. That was sexy as hell. Although she could do this all night, the tingling deep in her belly wanted more, so she increased her speed, knowing he would stop her. More of his saltiness invaded her mouth as his cock got harder, becoming engorged.

Drew pulled back out of her mouth quickly. “Take off your clothes,” he demanded.

Liv took off her clothes with Drew’s hungry eyes watching. She felt his gaze rake over her body, caressing her. This was completely erotic for her. When she took off her panties slowly, she noticed his hands balled up into fists. Her panties touched the floor, and he grabbed her under the arms and threw her on the bed. She bounced and tried not to giggle as the enthusiasm rushed though her.

Drew walked slowly around the bed looking at every inch of her body with no hint of a smile. He walked to the closet and came out with silk cording. “Hands above your head.”

Liv complied and tried to keep her body from shaking her off the bed. He wrapped the cord around each of her wrists and lashed her to either post. She couldn’t wait to see what was next but wished he would hurry before she had a complete meltdown. Her breathing was becoming erratic, her limbs shaky. She was thrilled when he opened his nightstand and laid an assortment of items at the foot of the bed. She could feel her orgasm hovering, which was surprising considering he hadn’t touched her yet.

Drew moved over the footboard like a big cat on the prowl, and her hips bucked up, wanting him. His mouth slowly eased down, and she prayed she wouldn’t pass out on contact. Sweet heaven, his mouth was hot. His tongue lashed out over her clit, eliciting a cry from her lungs. She bucked her hips to his mouth, and he restrained her leg and sucked her clit hard.

Liv cursed as stars began to cloud her vision. His fingers thrust into her cunt and tickled her sweet spot, and she burst from stimulation. She wailed as her body writhed, her arms pulling at the restraints. Her hips tried to move, but Drew had her immobilized with his strong arm. Sweet bliss, she thought as she came down. His tongue seemed to be lovingly exploring, helping calm the tsunami. When she felt his thumb graze over her tight asshole, she squealed. He continued to rim her hole with his thumb. She was slick from her excitement that ran down between her cheeks.

“I bet you want my cock in your ass,” he said while his tongue entered her cunt, and his thumb pressed into her ass.

Liv lit up. Her body needed more, wanted more. It didn’t matter how he took her so long as he did.

“Have you ever been fucked in the ass, Liv?” Drew asked lazily as he continued to feast between her legs.

“Yesss,” she cried out as she tried to move. Her skin was tingling from head to toe, buzzing.

When she heard the snap of a lid, she whimpered. Drew was torturing her by taking his time. She felt oily lube being rubbed around her hole. His fingers slipped in easily. He stroked softly, stretching her. She squeezed her eyes shut and enjoyed the invasion. Then he removed his fingers, and she felt empty. “Don’t stop!” she begged and thought she heard him chuckle.

Then the feeling of fullness returned when he gently pushed the butt plug in. Her nipples peaked, needing attention, and her pussy clinched tight. She pulled at the restraints, wanting to touch him but couldn’t. It was making her delirious and pushing her toward another orgasm.

After the butt plug was fully seated, she watched Drew open a condom. His eyes stared at her as he slowly rolled the condom down his large cock. Her hips thrust toward him.

“First I’m going to fuck your tight pussy, and then I’m going to fuck your tight ass,” Drew said and moved leisurely between her legs. Only Drew seemed to pleasure her in very unique ways.

“Yesss, do it, please!” Liv couldn’t help but beg. Her body was strung tightly and couldn’t wait.


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