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Edwina and the Seven Snowed-in Scientists (LoveXtreme)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: SEXTREME
Word Count: 47,356
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[Siren LoveXtreme Special Edition: Erotic Paranormal Ménage Romance, M/F/M/M/M/M/M/M, Yeti shape-shifters]

What the hell had she been thinking? Edwina hates the cold but ends up working in Antarctica as a helicopter pilot. When her chopper is sabotaged, she and her companions must somehow survive the harsh environment and walk to safety.

Kieran and Jake Kodi have a secret that means they aren't quite as lost as Edwina might think, but protecting the foul-mouthed, independent, quick-tempered woman will test their patience like never before. That's why it's so surprising to realize they want her as their mate.

Kieran, Calvin, Jake, Brian, Simon, Evan and Gary never really believed the seven brothers would all fall for the same woman—regardless of their heritage—yet when they meet Edwina all that changes.

But will the secret they harbor be more than Edwina wants to hear?

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings.

Warning: This book contains sexual intercourse in full-Yeti form with a non-shifting partner.

A Siren Erotic Romance


User Reviews
This was a good book. I have to admit it, I bought it cos I was curious about the were-yetis! The characters were good, the yetis were cute! The 8mths trapped in the snow really didn't feel like it,...

- AussieGirl

Professional Reviews

4 CHERRIES: "Edwina is a very busy lady in this book and readers are in for a plethora of erotic hijinks coupled with feather-light drama and suspense to heat up all that Arctic shivering. Edwina has to be the mouthiest heroine I've ever been introduced to. Ms. Clark certainly has presented readers with a challenging and acerbic character. She confounds, exasperates and intrigues the heroes. That means she's perfect for the role as their love interest. Certainly a bland, insipid and weak female would not have worked but the author outdid herself with the creation of Edwina Callahan. The courtship of the heroine is like watching a porcupine mating – careful and potentially dangerous. And yes feelings get hurt. But half the fun is watching them get soothed, stroked and explored. The seven scientists are more than what they seem. There's a really good reason why they are so effective at their chosen profession and the author explored that just enough for the plot to work. A reader will meet Jake and Kieran first and they play a huge role in some of the heroine's initial internal angst. Each of the seven brothers is unique in how they talk, how they respond to Edwina's stubbornness and what their sexual kink is. The guys also do it furry – sort of. I actually liked how the author approached that kind of action and how she handled it. It was fascinating and totally hot. I also liked how Ms. Clark gave the brothers their own time with Edwina so they could explore the relationship individually and then with more than one. There's something for everyone and I never knew who was going to do what. I consider it a kind of sexual suspense – how many, when and where? But no matter if it's Gary or Brian or one of the other brothers, the author made each encounter move the relationship forward. Don't get the impression that this story is short on heart. It's not. There's a lot of emotional juggling going on as all of them sort through what they expect from the relationship. It's touch and go for all of the brothers, with mistakes being made, egos being bruised, tears being dried and fears being soothed. Without any of those feelings, the sexcapades wouldn't have had much meaning or worth. I'm glad to say there was enough to satisfy me. As for the conflict, it ends up being nefarious and quite a nice touch. I liked how it was presented step by step as the brothers slowly put the pieces together. Even though I figured out how and the why before it was actually revealed, the dramatic confrontation was pure entertainment. I just sat back and enjoyed it. Edwina and the Seven Snowed-in Scientists is the book to read for adventurous erotic paranormal readers who enjoy a different type of furred beasty. It's entertaining, fun, certainly inventive and at times very cute. I liked how Ms. Clark wrapped up the happily ever after because it left me with a warm glow. I felt happy and content with the ending and that's good enough for me." -- Xeranthemum, Whipped Cream Reviews




“Everything okay?” Jake asked Edwina as soon as he climbed into the bivvy bag beside her. She nodded slightly, but it was obvious that she was very cold. Without thinking too much about the possible side effects of having this woman close, Jake wrapped his arms around her and tucked her under his chin. Her hands were already like ice, and he had a brief moment to wonder what happened to her gloves before she pressed them to his chest and snuggled closer.

“Is the storm over?” she asked in a small voice. She didn’t sound like the cantankerous woman they’d been dealing with a few hours ago, so he relaxed and nodded.

“Kieran has gone to explore the area. Hopefully we can figure out where we are, and then we’ll know which direction to head.”

“He’s out there alone,” she said in a concerned voice. She tried to sit up, but Jake used his strength to keep her pressed against him.

“It’s okay,” he said in what he hoped was a reassuring tone. “We’ve spent a lot of time in Antarctica. He’ll be fine.”

“But we should go with him. What if he gets lost? How will we find him?”

She seemed ready to leap out of the bivvy bag and go rescue his brother. Considering some of the accusations she’d been throwing around earlier, she seemed awfully concerned for his brother’s safety now.

“It’s going to be fine, Edwina. Wouldn’t you rather stay cozy warm here with me than traipse aimlessly through the snow looking for a clue to where we are?”

“I’d rather be lying on the beach sunbathing,” she said with a pout. Ouch, didn’t that deflate his ego? Fortunately, he had plenty to spare.

“So you’re not lying in my arms dying to know how good I am at kissing?” He gave her his most lascivious grin and raised his eyebrows in question. She laughed, as he hoped she would, but he didn’t miss the way her eyes darkened with desire. So she wasn’t completely turned off by the idea of kissing him. Interesting.

He was still trying to think of a change of topic when she wriggled higher and pressed her lips to his. Thank heavens they were in a bivvy bag, partially under a snow cave, or they might’ve frozen together in this weather. Fortunately, his body temperature helped to stave off the threat of lip-lock, and he kissed her back softly.

She sighed the sweetest, neediest sound he’d ever heard a moment before she pressed herself more firmly against him. His cock grew rapidly, pushing hard against his snow pants, demanding release even though he tried to keep the kiss light and playful.

But Edwina touched her tongue to his, and he groaned as he deepened the kiss, plunging into her mouth, tasting her sweetness, reveling in the feel of her against him. Her hands roamed over his chest and abdomen, skimming lower across his erection. He wanted to strip away her clothes and lose himself in her soft body. He wanted to thrust hard and deep and claim her as his woman. He was so needy for her that he almost missed the sound on the wind.

He pulled away slightly. Breathing hard, staring at the woman in his arms. Never before had he felt this overwhelming attraction. He’d never had any trouble finding a willing woman…but well, he usually avoided the ones who disliked him. He tried to tune his hearing into his brother’s voice, but in this form it wasn’t as easy to interpret.

The noise sounded again, and this time he understood the message. “Nothing yet.”

“What was that?” Edwina asked, looking rather spooked.

“What was what?” He tried to sound unconcerned.

“That noise. It sounded like a wolf or elephant seal or something.” Jake tried to keep his face straight as he imagined Kieran’s reaction to being likened to an elephant seal.

“Just the wind,” he said, hoping she bought it. She seemed to relax again until another voice sounded. Relieved to hear his brother Calvin’s voice, Jake wanted to leap out of the bag, change and reply, but the woman in his arms shivered nervously.

“Was that just the wind too?” she asked skeptically. She made it very clear by her expression that she believed he wasn’t being truthful the first time.

“I’m not sure,” he said, wondering how to explain without explaining. He just hoped his brothers both retained enough sensible judgment to walk around the campsite not through it. The last thing he needed was trying to explain the unexpected creature moving around them.

Of course, he couldn’t be that lucky. Calvin called to his brother again when he was no more than fifty feet away from their position. Edwina froze at the loud noise and looked like she was about to crawl out of her skin. Jake held her tight, pressing her face into his chest, trying to minimize her movement. In his current form, Calvin’s thought processes were simpler, and realizing that his brother shared a bivvy bag with a woman just might lead to some uncomfortable behavior and even more embarrassing explanations.

Edwina jumped again when Kieran’s voice echoed from the other side, but fortunately, Calvin seemed to get the message and didn’t come any closer. Jake tried to stifle his sigh of relief as he held Edwina close, whispering reassurances into her ear that they were safe in the bivvy bag. She clung to him, shaking with fear, and a part of him wanted to kick his brothers’ asses for scaring her. Even knowing that the communication had been unavoidable didn’t soothe his irritation.

Hell, it looked like Kieran wasn’t the only one falling for Edwina’s grumpy charm.




Kieran took a deep breath, almost as if he could smell her arousal, rolled her onto her back and pushed her legs wide. He hovered over her, his hard cock pressed against the slippery flesh of her pussy. He kissed her again as he rubbed his cock against her opening but didn’t penetrate her. Whimpering with need she tried to wriggle down the mattress to impale herself on his cock. But he moved away.

She watched as he slid off the end of the bed, hooked his arms under her knees, and dragged her to the edge of the mattress. Open and exposed to his gaze, she felt her nipples tighten even more from her arousal than the sudden cold. He must’ve felt her shiver because he leaned over and pressed his warm lips to her cold nipples. She arched off the bed at the intense sensation. He laved the tight buds over and over, his warm hand shaping and squeezing one as his tongue worshipped the other.

She almost leaped out of her skin when she heard someone come through the door. She was naked, hanging off the edge of the bed with all of her secrets exposed, she should’ve been horribly embarrassed, so the gush of desire that pulsed from her core surprised her.

Both men breathed deeply, and this time she was certain they could smell her excitement. Jake immediately started to strip off his clothing, his cock hard and thick and pointing at her like a divining rod. Kieran lifted her knees once more, pushed her thighs wide open and dipped his tongue to her slippery flesh. He licked her like ice cream, the flat blade of his tongue pressing against the sensitive folds.

Jake lowered his head to her breasts, nipping and biting at the hard peaks that begged for his attention. She moaned at the twin sensations. She wanted to writhe against them in sensual agony, but they held her so tight she could barely move. Kieran thrust his tongue deep into her pussy, licking and sucking at her juices, and she cried out at the incredible feeling. He found her clit and latched on to the small nub, suckling the sensitive flesh until she thought she’d scream. Every moment dragged her closer to mindless need, and she whimpered as she felt Kieran replace his tongue with his dick.

He held her still as he slowly forced her body to accept that thick cock. She panted in both arousal and fear as she felt stretched to the point of pain. Jake bit down on her nipple distracting her as Kieran continued to slide deeper. Blunt fingers found her clit and squeezed, and she rocked slightly as Kieran finally rested deep inside her pussy.

He held still while her body adjusted. Heat swirled through her, her orgasm so incredibly close that one thrust would likely set her off. But still he waited, holding her immobile, grunting in disapproval as she tried to force the pace.

Impaled by Kieran’s big cock, Jake sucking and kissing her breasts and someone’s slippery fingers gently toying with her clit, Edwina could barely breathe. She wanted to writhe, wanted to scream, wanted to demand they both move, give her more, give her something, anything.

 But then heat unexpectedly rushed over her skin. Colors exploded behind her eyelids, liquid lava drenching her veins as the most incredible orgasm pulsed through her. She moaned, her pussy gripping Kieran even tighter, every muscle rippling with the explosive release.

She gasped for air, almost crying out in relief when Kieran started to pump into her, over and over, slamming into her pussy like a man possessed. Jake climbed over her, his cock pressing against her lips, demanding entrance, refusing to back down. She opened for him, sucked on him greedily, groaning in agreement when Jake tangled his fingers in her hair and adjusted the angle of her head so he could penetrate deeper. Together they fucked her—Jake’s shallow thrusts into her mouth, Kieran’s harder, more forceful possession of her pussy, both driving her to the edge of sanity.

She screamed in frustration when they both pulled away. But Kieran lifted her easily, flipped her onto her hands and knees and entered her with one hard thrust from behind. Jake wrapped his fingers through her hair once more, guided his cock back into her mouth, plunged much deeper than before, and groaned as she swallowed around him.

Each pounding thrust into her pussy pushed her farther onto Jake’s cock and she gagged as he slid deeper. “Swallow,” Jake commanded as she wriggled to break free in a moment of panic. He held her firmly against him, not letting her retreat. He caressed her cheeks with his thumbs as she tried to see his face. “Relax, Edwina,” he said quietly. The words may have been gentle, but it wasn’t a request. She hadn’t even noticed Kieran had stopped moving until she managed to swallow around Jake’s cock, and Kieran thrust hard into her once more.

Together they began thrusting into her faster. Kieran gripped her hips in his large hands, pounding into her, possessing her in the most elemental of ways. He wrapped an arm around her hips, found her clit with his fingers, told her to “come,” and then squeezed. She screamed, throbbing, pulsing, shaking all over.

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