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Empowered (MFM)

Sexual Magic 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: SEXTREME
Word Count: 70,136
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[Ménage Amour: Erotic Fantasy Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, heavy consensual BDSM, flogging, spanking, sex toys, HEA]

A psychotic Domme stalking his partner, Madelyn Girard, makes Enricher Noah Bishop's current assignment—helping ultra-successful businessman Gabriel Fleming embrace his Dom-ness—fraught with danger.

Krista, a former assignment for the pair who wants to break Madelyn beneath her whip, almost killed Madelyn once. Noah has vowed she'll never have another shot.

The real danger could be to his heart…when Madelyn, not just his sub and partner but lover for ten years, falls for Gabriel.

Gabriel isn't sure what he needs to fill the dull ache in his soul. Falling for Maddie is crazy. It's clear her heart belongs to Noah.

Fortunately Maddie's a sub who's not afraid to tell her Doms what she needs—both of them.

When Krista grabs Maddie, the men work together to save her, forging a bond that provides the strength to fight for their sweet sub…and give them all a happily ever after.

A Siren Erotic Romance

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wonderful story

- Barefoot Okie

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“Gabriel Fleming.”

“Noah Bishop,” the big man said and clasped the proffered hand.

The grip was strong but not crushing. Obviously Noah knew how to control his strength. Gabriel spun to the woman and introduced himself again. She tipped her head, making more ebony waves tumble around her face like a surging sea. “Madelyn Girard.” Her soft whoosh on the g and the delightful way she rolled her r’s made him smile. He loved a French accent and how it made every word sound sensual and alluring.

“We do not wish to intrude on you, monsieur. If you prefer solitude…”

He hadn’t built a billion-dollar business by being shy or antisocial, and something about these two was very intriguing. “Not at all,” he said smoothly. “Why don’t we move to a table? Better conversational area.”

She nodded then slid from the stool. The hem of her sundress caught on one of the bamboo pieces, affording Gabriel a good look at her pale legs, knees to knickers.

She wore tiny red, lacy knickers that didn’t hide anything. Definitely the “for show” kind of racy underwear.

Without missing a beat or losing her smile, Madelyn unhooked her dress and slowly smoothed a hand over her hips.

“This way.”

He motioned Noah forward and then followed the pair. Noah pulled out a chair for Madelyn and seated himself only when Gabriel motioned him down.

“Not that I’m complaining, mind you, but to what do I owe the pleasure of your interest?” Gabriel spoke directly to Madelyn, though he kept a partial gaze upon Noah.

He caught the furtive glance they shared, and his radar went on high alert. He took a sip from his martini while he waited for an answer.

“Why are you here, on Pleasure Isles?” Madelyn asked.

“You didn’t answer my question.”

Another shared look, and Noah gave her a sharp nod, and she sighed.

“Very well, monsieur, I will tell you, but please do us the courtesy of hearing me out fully before interjecting.” She drew random patterns on the glass tabletop with her long, rounded fingernail. “What I have to say is highly unbelievable, but I swear to you, one-hundred percent true.”


“You are a very successful businessman. So successful, you were able to sell your latest company for nearly a quarter of a billion dollars. You have an aptitude for finding a niche and filling it efficiently and in a manner which ensures you’ll make the most possible return on your investments.”

Gabriel stilled and narrowed his eyes, but remained silent. He was interested in seeing where this was going. His identity on the island was no big secret, but most people here were concerned with pleasure, not profit. So far, no one had approached him about his business dealings.

“You are divorced for one year and sixteen days. Your marriage lasted three years and nine days. You are thirty-six years old. No children. You work out regularly at the gym, swim on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and prefer potato vodka over grain.”

The grocery list, as varied and accurate as it was, sent alarm bells winging through his brain.

Still, though, he remained quiet.

Madelyn sipped her martini. “I tell you all of this to prove what I am about to tell you is the truth.”

“Any private investigator could have churned up that information,” he finally said. “You’ve not told me anything that isn’t actually a matter of public record.”

She looked chagrined.

Noah smiled and leaned forward. “When your wife told you she wanted a divorce, she cited difficulties with you in the areas of control and the bedroom. I believe her exact words were ‘You’ll never find anyone who will bend to your every command.’ Correct?”

It took every ounce of his willpower not to jump up, plant his fist in the other man’s face, and stalk away.

No one knew what Marcy had said to him that day.

He drained the rest of his martini, nodded, and rose. “Good afternoon.”

“Wait, please. Sir, please.”

Madelyn’s voice hitched with passion and pleading, and Gabriel cursed himself every kind of idiot and then some as he turned back. Her big blue eyes were as wide and imploring as a puppy’s. He’d always been a sucker for small and adorable things. Madelyn fit the bill perfectly. Her sweet face silently begged him to listen.

“Please, sit down again.” She patted the back of his chair.

“How in the hell did you know what my ex-wife said? And why in the hell should I sit down and listen?”

“I have not finished my story, Sir. There are a few crucial items to share.” She bit her bottom lip, suckling at the fullness. “It is truly important.”

He cut a glance at Noah, who also wore the same faint look of entreaty wrapped in an arrogance he was beginning to recognize and maybe even understand. The look of a Dom.

“Damn it.” He sighed and resumed his seat. “You’d better have a damn good explanation for this knowledge of yours.”

She took a deep breath, laced her fingers, and spoke again. “Our employer, collectively known as the Council, has sent us to intervene in your private life. To sort of guide you to the next step of your sexual evolution and help you to become a strong member in our community.”

“Council? Sexual evolution? Christ, lady, what are you smoking?”

“It gets more unbelievable, Sir, and I apologize.”

Gabriel waved his hand for her to continue. How much worse could it get?

“We are magically enhanced sexual guides,” Madelyn said in a rush. “You are our client. The Council has ferreted out every one of your secrets and determined you are a prime candidate for our services.” She took in a deep breath. “In short, Sir, the Council believes you to be a very strong and important Dominant in the BDSM world, except you don’t know that. We, Noah and I, have been assigned your case in order to help you find your way properly.”

His breath whooshed from his body. “Did you say a Dominant?”




“It’s a good thing there are two of you,” she muttered.

Noah, followed closely by Gabriel, moved in front of her. He put his hands on his hips and rocked back on the heels of his loafers. “Why is that?”

She looked up, eyes wide and full of innocence, mouth parted in a perfect O. She knew she looked as sweet as a teaspoon of sugar. She met Gabriel’s gaze head-on.

“Because I need you to spank me, then whip me.” Her glance bounced to Noah. “And you to fuck me like a slut.”

But Noah was shaking his head. “Darlin’, you don’t call the shots, remember? No, I think a little something extra is called for here.”

She went instantly wary. “Like what?”

His grin was just this side of malevolent. “You’ll see.” Then his brow hitched up, emphasizing the humor in his green eyes. “Well, actually, you won’t see.”

Now she got really nervous. “What are you talking about? What is he talking about?” she repeated to Gabriel when Noah didn’t respond.

She twisted to watch him open the top drawer of the dresser in the bedroom but couldn’t see what he pulled out. Moments later he returned, and her heart dropped.

In his hands he held a black, matte leather mask. One that covered not only her eyes, but her ears as well, down her neck and up along her chin. There was a strap which dangled from the left side that could come up and over her mouth. Or, if Noah so chose, a rubber ring could be inserted into the strap which forced her mouth wide open. To be used as he saw fit.

Her gaze moved to Gabriel’s prominent bulge, and she licked her lips. How she wanted to be face-fucked by his massive length again. When he’d gone animalistic on her yesterday and shoved his dick into her mouth, wouldn’t let her breathe or pull away, she’d come harder than she’d ever remembered.

But it wasn’t just the length of cock choking her, she’d been mesmerized by the tenderness in his eyes as he gently cajoled her into taking more than she’d ever thought possible.

Brute force coated in sweet words of encouragement.

Her pussy ached and throbbed, her lower lips pounding with lust-laced adrenaline.

“If I refuse?”

Noah’s brow shot upward.

Not surprising, since she never refused his requests.

“Why would you?”

The question came from Gabriel.

“Wearing the mask would make me more vulnerable.” Her reply was deliberate, a ploy to see how he would react. Would he go super Dom, force her head back, and slam the mask over her face despite her tepid protest? Or would he back down and give in? Let her have her way this time?

Disappointment shifted through her at the mere possibility.

He hunkered down in front of her and stared at her hard. “Noah has already warned me of your tendency to try and top from the bottom. I may be new, kitten, but I’m not a pushover. You’ll wear the mask because we wish it. There is no refusal. So, it either goes on easy or hard. You do have a choice there.”

He reached out and cupped her tit, thumb and forefinger closing gently around her nipple. “Be aware I also know a few of your dislikes and will not hesitate to use them as punishment.” His grip tightened ever so slightly, but enough to bring a wince to her face. “Understand?”

Madelyn nodded quickly, and he let go of her throbbing nipple. Her sigh of relief was from the release and the knowledge he wasn’t going to wimp out on her.

Her pussy pulsed even harder.

Gabriel rose and took the mask from Noah then shoved it in his pocket. “Be right back. Don’t move.”

She watched him stroll into the bathroom, then craned her neck to look up at Noah, who had his arms crossed loosely over his chest and a small grin on his face.

“What’s so funny?” she whispered.

“I’m going to enjoy this, darlin’,” he said. “You’ve been such a brat to me the last few sessions despite the punishments I administer. I think a new, fresh perspective is going to set you on fire.” His eyelid slid down in a low, lazy, wicked wink. “And I don’t think you’re going to enjoy it as much as I will.”

She stuck her tongue out and shifted on the carpet. Her knees tingled at the movement, and she reached down to rub the bare skin above them.

“You just have to push it, don’t you?” Gabriel’s tone was sharp, disapproving.

“I was just—”

He cut his hand through the air, and she fell silent. Behind her, Noah chuckled.

Oh, she was going to give him a piece of her mind when this assignment was done and Gabriel gone from their lives.

Her heart skidded like gravel under tires. She found it suddenly difficult to regain her equilibrium as a wash of anxiety hit her. She scoffed at herself. Three days was not long enough to form an attachment. Is it? They hadn’t even had a real, in-depth scene.

Madelyn swallowed hard, breath shaky and nerves taut.

Gabriel moved behind her, and she tensed, preparing for the blows she just knew he was going to administer to her ass.

Instead, his fingers gently combed through her hair, pulling the long ends from her shoulders to cascade down her back. She tipped her head in appreciation. His fingers felt gentle and relaxing on her scalp.

He continued to pull through her hair then patted her butt. “Like that?”

“Yes, Sir,” she whispered.

“Thought so.”

There was another movement and shift. She wished she could see, but the water broke the reflection of the window and all she could make out were their hulking forms behind her.


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