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Entity (MM)


Heat Rating: SIZZLING
Word Count: 6,878
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An entity that has no substance or form lands on Earth after traveling among planets and stars. It happens to land in the hair of a gay man, accompanying him into his apartment and his life, where the entity becomes so enamored of an old Royal typewriter that it splits in two.

Though unable to speak, the entities learn language because the man is a writer. They also learn about sex because he writes porn. Observing the man with a male lover, the entities are fascinated and ultimately crave sex for themselves. Can an entity without form or substance manage to have sex?


People are so odd. The first time we saw Bill recharge we were concerned life had left him so we moved in, only to find he still breathed. This intake and expulsion of air is fascinating. People keep putting things into their bodies and drawing others out. Air seems the quickest and most efficient exchange. The men now have closed eyes. They've blackened the room and we wait on our keys. We discovered on arrival that most of the creatures stop in the dark, like Bill and Max do now. Are they recharging together?

Ak and I wait with ease as we are constant. An entity neither takes nor gives any externals. We simply exist and now, having observed people, we are pleased with our state. Ak did once insinuate into what Bill called lemon pie because Bill seemed so happy with it, but the journey must have been bad as Ak won't speak of it.

Words are our greatest discovery here on Earth. We never had a means to communicate before but, being one entity, also never had the need. We insinuate into the words, or they into us, doesn't matter which, and the vastness of the universe falls away as we describe what's before us.

People seem dependent on their star to start up again and when the room is light, Max fucks Bill again only this time he enters the bunghole from behind. We hover between Max's legs and watch him do it. Then we discover Bill has his prick in hand and is working a frenzy until the room is again chaotic and the men cry out about coming.

The eruption! That's coming. Bill's pages make ever more sense. Max slaps Bill's bottom as he does it, comes, while we enjoy a frenzied ride on the room's chaos.

Max doesn't eat Bill's cock this time, nor does he lick up the wad. So it can differ, this fucking. So much to learn. I am tickled at all this and Ak is too. I feel his words. "Fuck me, Ik. Fuck me."

"If only," I think back to him. Not so long ago we had no words, no fucks, no ideas, no nothing beyond flying around.

The men rise but do not dress. They go to a little room that we avoid, the place of expulsion and a great swallowing device. Water abounds in there and we are cautious about water. From the doorway we watch the men stand beneath the water. They handle each other and pricks harden, but we don't see the coming and when one later expels into the swallowing device we flee. The men then dress, eat, and leave. We are left to absorb all that went on.

When dark returns, Bill arrives alone, though he is talking into the little flat device. He's tickled, we can tell. Is Max in there?

Ak tells me we should make ourselves known to Bill and after I absorb the suggestion, which is absurd, I remind him we have no powers beyond insinuation.

"That's it exactly," says Ak. "Get in there and announce ourselves."


I get nothing further from Ak because he has no idea how he'd announce us. New to thinking, he doesn't use it well, suffering human chaos as a result.

"It's not good to announce our presence," I tell him. "Humans would become even more chaotic if they found unseen entities among them."

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