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Eternal Bonds (MFM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: SEXTREME
Word Count: 52,936
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[Ménage Amour: Erotic Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, vampires, sex toys, HEA]

Duncan Masterson lives apart from his vampire brethren and has vowed to never bring another mortal into his dark world. Only his fiercely loyal human guardian, Jared Evans, knows the truth about who and what he is.

For nearly a century, Duncan has held fast to his vow, until the day he finds the beautiful Tabitha Blacke lying dazed and bleeding after a rogue vampire attack. Duncan realizes he must break his vows in order to protect her from the evil that is prowling his territory.

When both Duncan and Jared find themselves falling for their lovely houseguest, they decide to claim her together, forging bonds that will change all of their lives forever.

As trouble draws near, their bond will be tested and sacrifices will be demanded of them all. The two men know they'll do whatever it takes to keep their beloved Tabi safe, but will their love be enough to see them through?

A Siren Erotic Romance

User Reviews
Enthralling from start to finish.

- lilyrose

Loved the interaction between the three main characters. The witty & funny dialog between the three had me laughing throughout the book. I would highly recommend this book.

- Blackwolf66

Professional Reviews

5 STARS: "Holy smokin’ vampires! This book was fantastic and the sex was mouth-wateringly delicious. That’s coming from someone who doesn’t generally read ménage books overall because they’re not my thing. But this one...yeah. I had no problem with that! Tabitha is attacked as she goes to her car for the lunch she left out there, late at night. She’s saved by virtue of the fact that the vampire couldn’t control her completely and zone her out, and (it is later revealed) that he wasn’t out for the kill, but rather to send a message. Dr. Duncan picks her up (almost literally) and stops her from making a report to the hospital about the attack, and then takes her to his home to help her feel better. There, she meets his guardian, Jared. How lucky can a girl who’s been attacked by a vampire get? Two sexy men who both clearly want her. But, yeah. There’s that whole blood-drinking thing that Dr. Duncan does (which he quickly reveals to her). This could have been a sticking point with her, considering Tabi gets sick at the sight of blood, but she adapts pretty quickly to the notion that vampires are real. It doesn’t take long before Tabi moves in with the men (for her protection initially) and they try to sort out who has incurred on Duncan’s protected territory. This has some pretty standard alpha/overprotectiveness (hey, there are two guys, it was bound to happen), but to Ms. Hayes’s credit, it isn’t overdone and Tabi doesn’t sit back and take it. No, she won’t let them lock her in an ivory tower. When, later in the book, Jared is taken by the enemy, she’s right there by Duncan, hunting down the bad guys to rescue her man. There are many reasons that bumped this book to a 5-star for me. This book features a slightly different twist on vampires. As Duncan’s gotten older, he’s gotten stronger immunity against the sun, so it’s not a complete “vampires go poof in sunlight”. The maker/makee of the vampire/child relationship is interesting, as is the self-governing and territorial nature of the vampires. Ms. Hayes also doesn’t shy away from humor and taking a few good, hard smacks at a particular author’s sparkling vampires. Duncan is displeased, to say the least, when Tabi asks if he sparkles in the sun. Jared’s response: “Be careful. He ate the last person who asked him that.” And let’s not forget the smoking hot sex. There’s plenty of it, but at no point did I feel it was overdone, or came too soon (well, maybe the first hook-up between Duncan and Tabi, but that’s it). I think the reason this ménage appealed to me where others don’t is there wasn’t a lot of multiple-partner sex. There was one scene at the end where all three of them were together, but other than that, the majority of the encounters were Tabi and Jared or Tabi and Duncan. I fully got why she would be attracted and want to keep both men. I also like that Ms. Hayes was very clear that the relationship between Duncan and Jared was not and never had been sexual in nature...before Tabi. And even after they both admitted they wanted her, there wasn’t a “Oh cool, we can have sex with her and sex with each other too!” No, Tabi was very much the object of their desires and there was no man on man action. So, overall, this was a fantastic book and I’ll have to look for more of Ms. Hayes’s work from here on out." -- Victoria, The To Be Read Pile

4 - A PACK HOWL: "So, what happens when you get attacked by a crazed vampire bent on revenge? You get to shack up with the steamy doctor you've had a crush on and as an added bonus, get his sexy cowboy guardian too. I thought Eternal Bonds was a fun read, Tabi was witty and temperamental and when the time comes, fierce and loyal. Duncan and Jared are just too funny, I do enjoy when characters are witty and the back and forth banter shows a sense of connection and comradery. When Tabi is attacked in the hospital parking lot, Duncan finds her and assumes it is a personal attack on his territory. Little did he know that his crazy ex and her minion would be behind it. As Jared and Duncan are figuring out a plan of attack, Jared is taken. Duncan and Tabi do what they must in order to save Jared but will they be too late?? I enjoyed Eternal Bonds and definitely recommend it, and all of Susan Haye's work if you haven't yet." -- Emi, Bitten by Paranormal Romance

4 STARS: "Tabi has been lusting after a sexy doctor at the hospital where they both work. Until the night she is viciously attacked in the parking lot and handsome Dr. Duncan rescues her, she is not aware he lusts after her, too. He has been reluctant to approach her because he is a vampire, and he has sworn never to get involved with another human woman. When Duncan heals Tabi’s wounds with his saliva, she demands to know what’s going on. Duncan has a guardian named Jared, who also falls hopelessly in love with Tabi, and the three quickly become a triad. Tabi is amazingly calm about the whole vampire thing, and sinks quickly into the triad thing as well. There appears to be a rogue vamp after Duncan, who will stop at nothing to get to him. He suspects the last human he turned is responsible somehow, and vows to kill her and her minions to keep Jared and Tabi safe. When Jared is kidnapped, Duncan has to go rescue him, but how can he think of taking on such a big gang, with no backup? As vampire stories go, Eternal Bonds is pretty good, with a twist at the end that I liked. The action is hot and heavy both in and out of the bedroom, and I think you’ll like it too." -- Alberta, Manic Readers





One minute they’d all been sitting around the table and the next minute Tabi found herself the filling in a man-sandwich straight out of her wildest fantasies. She dragged a hit of air into her lungs and caught the scent of both men as they surrounded her. Her breasts instantly tightened and her pussy tingled as she felt the hard, muscled bodies of both men press into her. Two hot, handsome bodies that had moved so fast they’d been a blur. That thought snapped her back to the present with a crash.

“Let me go!”

“No, lass. Not until you’ve calmed down.”

“You’re telling me to calm down again? Didn’t you learn anything from the last time we had this conversation? You can’t just tell me to be calm every time the weird-shit-meter hits eleven!”

She felt Jared’s chest vibrate with laughter and she turned her head to glower at him. “And you! Care to explain how you did that? No one moves that fast unless they’re from the planet Krypton!”

“Boss? I think we’re going to have to explain.”

“Indeed,” Duncan sighed. “Did you have to move like that? You scared her.”

“Me? You were the one who had her ready to bolt like a scalded cat!”

“Guys? Hello? She is standing right here and she’d really like some answers!” Tabi was getting tired of being talked about like she didn’t have ears. In an attempt to get some breathing room she worked a hand between herself and each of their chests intent on pushing them away, but the act of rubbing her way up their hard bodies started another line of thinking altogether. Her thoughts derailed into a pileup of hot fantasies and lust, and instead of pushing she simply left her fingers splayed across two solid walls of male muscle.

Both men pushed in closer, until she was caught between twin pillars of sex and heat that had her blood simmering and her brain mushy. Jared covered her hand with his so that it was held firmly just over his heart while Duncan turned her until his mouth could capture hers. This time his kiss was gentle, tender and intended to comfort, and Tabi was too overwhelmed by her desires to do anything else but tangle her fingers into Duncan’s shirt and pull him in closer as she answered his kiss in kind.

Jared lifted his hand from her shoulder to sweep her hair back from her neck, dropping delicate kisses along the edge of the bandage.

“Mine,” Duncan growled in warning and tugged her harder against him, pulling her a half step away from Jared.

“No,” Jared growled back and moved in behind her, sandwiching her between them.

Duncan lifted his head and Tabi gasped as she saw his eyes. They were incandescent, glowing so brightly that it was as if there was a fire burning inside him.

This time Tabi did push away from him, straight back into Jared’s arms.

“What are you?” She managed to keep from screaming the question at Duncan, hanging onto her sanity by the barest of threads. What the hell had she just been kissing?

Jared wrapped his arms around her and stepped back from Duncan, taking Tabi with him. “Boss, you need to chill.”

Who were these two, the masters of understatement? “No, he needs to stop growling and glowing and tell me what the hell is going on! And both of you need to stop kissing me until I get some answers. My brain doesn’t work well when it’s drowning in hormones.” Oh god, she just said that out loud.

“Hormones?” Both men echoed her last word and Tabi nearly screamed with frustration. “Out of everything I said, you two focused on that word?” she snapped and tried pulling herself out of Jared’s embrace. She managed to twist slightly, but that was all. He was impossibly strong.

“This is going well,” Jared quipped in rueful tones.

“You’re not helping,” Duncan snarled, revealing a pair of long canines as he ran a hand through his hair, pulling it out of its customary tie. His eyes were only glowing a little now, but Tabi was too busy staring at his mouth and fighting Jared’s hold to really notice.

“You’ve got fangs? When did you get fangs?”

“Oh yeah, this is going fucking brilliantly.” Jared tightened his hold on Tabi and dropped his mouth to her ear. “It’s all right, honey. Neither of us is going to hurt you, but you’re going to hurt yourself if you keep struggling.”

Tabi stopped trying to get away and went still, finally accepting there was no point, not when Jared was so much stronger than she was. “Answers. I want answers right now or I’m going to start screaming.”

“Sure thing,” Jared drawled and loosened his hold on her slightly as he nuzzled her hair. “Duncan there is a three hundred year old vampire and I’ve been his guardian and companion for more than seventy-five years. You got your throat torn open by another vampire, and that’s why Duncan had to bring you back here.”

She’d heard enough, these men were insane. 




Jared’s arms snaked around her and he half walked, half lifted her into shower. Her back was to his chest and the hot water hit her from all sorts of interesting angles as Jared’s lips found her ear and he nibbled his way along the curve and down to her lobe. “You’re ours now, little mouse. That means we’re both going to take care of you, in every way a man can.”

“I’m going to have to quit my job just to have enough energy to keep up.”

Duncan leaned in and kissed her, his mouth warm and wet. “If it doesn’t make you happy, don’t do it anymore. I’d say life is too short, but the truth is life is too long for people like us. You have lifetimes to look forward to.”

“Lifetimes with the two of you.” The idea made Tabi’s head swim with the possibilities and her heart overflow with happiness. “I think I can handle that.”

“Good. Glad to hear it.” Jared nipped her earlobe lightly. “Now, shut up and kiss me too. We can talk later.”

“Pushy!” Tabi yelped as his teeth closed on her ear again and then he was turning her around to kiss her, his mouth plundering hers as his big body sheltered her from most of the pounding water. Dizzy from the heat and blood loss, Tabi swayed a little and Duncan’s arm curved around her waist and drew her up against him. “I have you, lover.”

“Hold onto her will you? I have a plan,” Jared grinned and began kissing his way down her body. His mouth suckled and nibbled at her breasts, feasting on them for a while before he moved lower, finally dropping to his knees so that he could kiss a ring around her navel before making his way down to her pussy. Her pulse was racing again and need was bubbling up inside her as she experienced the still new sensation of being with two men. Two sets of hands touching her, two beings devoted to her pleasure. The feeling was better than she could have imagined. The stubble on Jared’s jaw rasped over her inner thighs as he nuzzled between them, his hands gently but firmly parting her legs until she was completely exposed.

“This is a sight to welcome a man home,” he proclaimed before swiping his tongue over the length of her pussy, making her moan as sparks sizzled over her flesh at his touch.

He used his thumbs to part her labia and groaned with lust. “I may not be able to make you come just with a love bite, but I bet I can make you scream using just my mouth.”

“No bet.”

Jared’s only answer was a wicked chuckle as he pressed his face between her thighs and began to devour her pussy. Duncan’s arms stayed secure around her, holding her up as her knees gave way.

It only took a few flicks of Jared’s talented tongue for Tabi to know that the effects of Duncan’s bite hadn’t completely left her system. Her libido roared back to life with a vengeance, soaking her cunt and setting fire to her blood yet again.

“Jared!” The wail broke from her lips before she could stop it and she felt more than heard his satisfied growl of response. The world spun and Tabi closed her eyes and fought against the urge to get carried off by the storm he’d ignited. As he drew the delicate pearl out of its protective hood and captured it between his teeth a bolt of raw lust shot through her and she screamed again, her entire body shuddering as she came. She’d never been a screamer before, but with these two, she couldn’t seem to stop.

Starbursts were still dancing in her vision when Jared’s hands landed on her hips, both men turning her around so that she was bent over with her hands braced against cool marble and her feet splayed far apart.

 “Stay just like that.” Jared’s drawl was as thick as molasses, a sure sign he was not quite in control. She’d already learned that the stronger her men’s accents got, the hornier they were. Tabi smiled to herself as she braced herself and then glanced over her shoulder at Jared. His chest had a mottled bruise rising over one pectoral. “You’re hurt.” She started to move and Jared shook his head, his big hands clamping around her waist. “It’s already healing. Let me love you, Tabi. That’s the only thing I need right now. I need to be inside you.”

“Sexual healing is a song, it doesn’t work like that in real life,” she muttered as Jared draped himself over her to drop a path of butterfly kisses along her spine.

“It can work, when it’s the right people,” Duncan’s hands stroked up the underside of her body to cup her breast as Jared’s mouth continued to blaze a trail down her back. “When fate takes a hand, anything can happen.”

Duncan found her nipples, tugging and rolling them between his fingertips. Desire simmered and then flared and she leaned backward, pressing her ass against the steel shaft of Jared’s cock.

“Don’t tempt me,” Jared warned her as he smoothed a hand over the curve of her bottom, working his finger into the crack to press against her anus for a brief moment. “Tonight’s not the right time, but soon this pretty ass is going to belong to me.”

“Duncan’s right, you talk too much.” Tabi deliberately wriggled against him and grinned when she caught the sound of his breath hissing over his teeth.

 “You inspire me.” Jared placed his hands between her thighs and spread her wide, rocking his hips so that the tip of his cock brushed over her slick entrance.

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