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 Flirting With Fairies

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Flirting With Fairies

The Wild Rose Press

Heat Rating: STEAMY
Word Count: 53,105
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Literary agent, Nicole McConnelly is in trouble. Her career’s in the toilet, her bank account overdrawn, and she’s a wanted, fugitive fairy, from the Realm of Imagination, with a price on her head and a ruthless bounty hunter, who happens to be Satan’s brother, on her heels.

Lonely young writer, Kaleb Whalen, lives in a rundown apartment with his pet cockroach and dreams of becoming a best-selling author. But after a run-in with a Boston city bus, he may have lost any chance of a future at all.

When both agent, and author, magically appear center-page in Kaleb’s jungle adventure novel, Nicole finds herself faced with something more terrifying than her long-time nemesis…the possibility of something she has artfully avoided for three centuries. True Love.


“So, what’s you’re your name?”

“Kaleb, Kaleb Whalen. I didn’t catch your name, but it really doesn’t matter in a dream, does it?”

Her big green eyes widened again. But this time, not only did they widen, but they changed color. Kaleb gawked as the iris in each of her eyes started to swirl with tiny explosions of color, like golden fireworks dancing in her eyes.

“Wow,” he said. “That is even cooler than the ear thing.”

“What? What’s cooler?” Her breathing escalated to panting.

He cocked an eyebrow. “Not to brag, but I’ve gotta hand it to my imagination. This is an amazing dream.”

Between frantic breaths Ivy said, “Kaleb Whalen? You’re Kaleb Whalen?”

“Yeah.” He stepped closer and blinked as her eyes whirled, changing color again to purple. “Wicked cool.”

“Oh, God. Don’t tell me they’re changing color.”

“Okay.” He shrugged. “I won’t tell you.”

A warm breeze sprang up sending his hospital gown fluttering around his bare legs. “Now, that’s strange,” he said shifting his gaze from Ivy to his polka dot ensemble. “I should be wearing something macho. Something jungle-ish. You know, a loin cloth, or at least khaki safari shorts.”

Ivy grabbed his shoulders. “This is not a dream. Kaleb, I don’t know how, but somehow you’ve slipped into the Realm of Imagination and right into your own novel.”

She pointed toward the other characters. They were milling around the bunch of bananas like office workers around a water cooler. “See? There’s Ronan and Janelle, hero and heroine. And your villain, Mac.”

“Macundo.” The author corrected. “Bloodthirsty cannibal chief.”

“Yeah. Whatever.” Ivy rolled her eyes.

Kaleb snorted. “Of course, my characters are in my dream. Hey, can you do that swirly thing with your eyes again?”

“Kaleb!” Ivy shrilled in a whisper. She reached over and pinched his upper arm. Hard.

“Ouch!” He jumped away. “Why did you do that?”

“I did it to prove my point. She moved close enough for him to smell her perfume, sweet and spicy. “You and I, unfortunately, are stuck in your jungle novel. Which, by the way, with a few revisions, could be a bestseller.”

Kaleb stopped rubbing his arm. His face lit up like a kid on Christmas morning. “You really think so?”

“Yes. I do.”

“Are you an agent?”

“Yes. I am.”

He grinned triumphantly, and crossed his arms over his chest. “See, I knew this was a dream.”