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For the Love of a God (MMF)

Gods of Olympus

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: SEXTREME
Word Count: 34,733
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[Ménage Amour: Erotic Fantasy Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/F, gods, sex toys, HEA]

Welcome to Mount Olympus, where nothing is as it seems.

Eros, Greek God of love, is so tired of finding love for everyone else. All he wants is to find a lover or lovers of his own. Using his powers, he finds a man and a woman who share his fantasy of the ménage relationship.

Neil and Talia have captured Eros in a way no others ever have. With the encouragement of his mother, Aphrodite, Eros embarks on a quest to make them his own. Successful, Eros enjoys the relationship of his dreams. But Eros soon begins to wonder if his lovers feelings are genuine or simply a product of his powers.

Join Eros, Neil, and Talia as they search for love in the midst of Eros's zany immortal relatives in this searingly hot romance.

A Siren Erotic Romance





“Oh, for Zeus’s sake, Eros, cheer up.”

Shit on a shingle, why had he accepted his mother’s invitation for dinner? Oh yeah, because if he’d declined, she would have packed up his stepfather and brought the dinner to him, and that would have been a disaster.

Thankfully, his stepfather stepped in before she could harangue him some more. “Now, Aphrodite, leave the boy alone. Everyone’s entitled to a bad day.”

Aphrodite grumbled, but she stopped pestering him, walking into the kitchen and muttering about stupid males the whole way. The sounds of banging pots and clattering pans had him flinching. It wasn’t like she was cooking or anything so mundane. They were gods. They ate ambrosia, not food.

That didn’t mean she wouldn’t make them eat real food at some point though. She had gone through a domestic phase in the fifties, cooking for him and his stepfather every night. It had quickly become clear that cooking was not one of Aphrodite’s strong skills. Still, he and Hephaestus had eaten everything she’d ever put on their plates. His mother had a wicked temper, and neither of them had wanted to risk upsetting her. It wasn’t until Zeus tasted her cooking one day that she heard the truth.

Now she only threatened to cook when she was feeling particularly irate with something. Or somebody. Like him.

“Now, you’d better buck up, son, or else we’ll be eating scorched meat and clumped rice. And I’ll be sleeping on the couch for siding with you.”

“I heard that,” Aphrodite called from the kitchen. “And forget the couch. You’ll be sleeping in your forge if I find another half-finished sword lying around the house.”

Hephaestus swore under his breath and jumped to his feet. “That sword is for Ares, Affie. Please don’t do anything to it. He’ll bitch about it for days if I don’t get it to him on time. That man’s the biggest drama queen around.”

He disappeared into the kitchen, and Eros followed him in, just in time to see his parents share a passionate kiss. They may have started off as an arranged marriage, but love had blossomed between them for everyone to see.

Hephaestus scooped up the sword and cradled it against his chest as if it were a precious child. “I’m going to go out and work on this some more. Call me when it’s time for dinner.” The door closed behind him, blocking out the roar of his forge in the backyard.

Great. Now Eros was left alone with his very protective, very nosy mother. She didn’t say anything, just opened her arms.

And crap, if he didn’t need his mom’s arms right now. Not that he’d ever admit to needing his mother. The others on Mount Olympus would never let him hear the end of him being a mama’s boy. But sometimes, only a mother’s love could make things feel better.

She stroked his hair. “Eros, baby. What’s wrong?”

He sighed and pulled away. It wasn’t like he’d be able to hide it from his mother forever. He’d confessed his issues to Hermes in a temporary fit of insanity, and the other god was sure to open his big mouth soon. It was better his mother heard it from him than that gossiping god. Hermes was worse than a bored housewife.

“I’ve been helping people find their true loves for thousands of years now,” he hedged. He wasn’t exactly sure how to proceed.

A steaming cup of tea appeared in front of him, delivered by his mom’s hand. One sniff of the dark brew told him that it was safe to drink. He’d long ago stopped wondering why ambrosia always tasted like whatever he felt like eating, ever since his mom had sent him to Athena. His aunt had just looked at him and told him that was the way of things. So much for her wisdom.

Aphrodite sat down next to him at the scrubbed wood kitchen table. “And you want to be able to experience love yourself.”

It was remarkable how keen his mother really was. But then again, she was the goddess of love, and she usually was able to ferret affairs of the heart out without too much trouble.

He nodded miserably and wrapped his hands around his mug, letting the heat warm his hands even if it couldn’t reach his heart.

“Is there someone in particular who holds your heart?”

Well, now, here was the real problem. It wasn’t one person who held his heart. It was two. Not that having a relationship with two or more people was all that uncommon up here on Mount Olympus. Gods seemed to be a perpetually horny bunch, and many of his relatives participated in orgies on a regular basis. It was just that he had no idea how to go about courting two mortals.

“There’s a male and a female. Both fascinate me for different reasons. Mainly because of whom they are at their cores, but also because of their sexual preferences.”

“Ah. They’re kinky. Good for you, Eros.”

He groaned and dropped his head so that it rested on his folded arms. Great Zeus, he might be the god of love, but the idea of his mother knowing exactly what got him off was so embarrassing.

She simply patted his shoulder and chattered on. “Come now, Eros. I have the same gifts as you, remember? I can see exactly what turns someone on. I know their deepest, darkest fantasy. Not that your fantasy of having a romantic relationship with both a man and woman is all that deep or dark. I mean, you could have gotten off on satyrs or centaurs or, you know, cows. Your fantasy is pretty damn tame compared to some I’ve seen.”

Oh, this day just kept getting better and better. “Mom, can we talk about something else, please?”




Eros tried to get a hold of his emotions. It wasn’t like he’d never had sex before. He was close to three thousand years old, give or take a few centuries. But this was the first time he’d ever come close to being intimate with someone he truly loved.

“God, Aaron. I want you so much. I don’t know if I can go slowly right now.”

That was the sexiest thing he’d ever heard. Luckily, he was a god and would be able to make this good for both of them. “Don’t wait. I want you just as much.”

“Oh, thank god.” A long finger traced down Eros’s spine, lingered at the top of his ass, and then dipped into his crack. “Lube, baby. We need lube.”

Again, it was a good thing he was a god. It wasn’t like he had lube and condoms stashed around, but he could summon them with a blink of the eye. “Nightstand. Top drawer.”

He heard some rustling and then the sounds of Neil rummaging in his drawer. “On your hands and knees,” Neil commanded. The finger was back, tapping at Eros’s back door, and this time, it was cold and slick. “Relax and push back against me.”

Eros blew out a breath and used his god powers to loosen his muscles. Neil’s finger slid in easily, and they both groaned.

The finger in Eros’s ass wiggled. “Tell me when I find the right spot.”

“’Kay.” In all the years he’d existed, no one had ever gone out of their way to find his most responsive spot. The few times a lover had stimulated him there, it had been an accident and had only lasted a few minutes.

But it looked like that was about to change.

Anticipation raced through him. Neil might say he wasn’t going to be able to go slow, and maybe he really felt that way, but he was taking the time to prepare him. Even if Neil was unable to find that coveted pleasure spot, the very fact that he was trying put him head and shoulders over any of Eros’s other lovers.

Just as he was about to tell Neil to forget it, a pleasure so intense battered him. Oh man, there it was! Neil had just found that secret gland, and the feeling was indescribable. All he knew was that if Neil kept this up, Eros would be peaking again all too soon. “Gods, Neil, get into me. I’m stretched enough.”

Neil’s finger stilled and Eros’s knees were wedged apart by a pair of thighs. “You can’t be ready yet,” Neil protested. “I’ve only got one finger in.”

He was so crazed to feel Neil in him that it was on the tip of his tongue to confess who he really was. But he’d tried that with another lover before, and the woman had tried to have him committed to an insane asylum. “I like the burn,” he said instead.

There was no answer at all. But another finger joined the first, and Eros’s eyes rolled up. He swore he could see the inside of his skull, but he couldn’t help it. His cock felt like it weighed a hundred pounds and throbbed with its impending orgasm. He was a god, dammit. He should be able to control his body, but it seemed his body had its own ideas. “Neil,” he said in warning.

The fingers were removed, and Neil tugged gently on Eros’s balls. Fuck, that was good.

“All right, baby, all right. We’re going to go slow, though, and you’re not going to change my mind on that.” The tip of Neil’s cock nudged his pucker, and Eros sighed with contentment.

Progress was slow, agonizingly so, but bordered on oh-fuck-so-good territory. How the hell was he able to be this aroused again when he’d already blown his brains out the back of his skull with his earlier orgasm?

Well, whatever god had blessed him this time, he would take it and run.

“Aaron,” Neil said on a moan.

That took a little of the wind out of his sail. He’d never before cared what a lover called him during sex, but now he fervently wished that Neil would say his proper name in the heat of the moment.

But then Neil did this swivel thing with his hips, and the wind was right back in his sail again. There was no stopping the freight train of an orgasm that was barreling down on him. Was it possible for his brain to explode out the back of his skull more than once in a night?

It was.

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