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Full Moon Lockdown

Moon Compound

eXtasy Books

Heat Rating: SIZZLING
Word Count: 23,186
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Colin Brantford is an Omega wolf. When his pack is destroyed by hellhounds, he and his brother are transported to Moon Compound. There, Colin must enter into a world where all wolf shifters are sent to learn to shift. Two years prematurely.

Sloan Atwater has been at the compound for three years and still has no control of his wolf. That is until he spots Colin, making Sloan crave the slightest touch. Will he be able to claim Colin for his own? And when Colin needs Sloan, will he be able to control his wolf?

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The night was perfect—beautiful and serene with the comforting sounds of wolves running through the nearby forest. Most had already shifted and left for a run while Colin and his younger brother, Peyton, remained behind with some of the Elders who sat and talked by the fire pit. In two years, he would have his first shift, and after his stint at the compound, he would be able to join the rest of the pack on their nightly excursions.

Sheesh, hopefully, he would only have to stay at the compound for a couple of years. Gods, Colin didn’t even want to think about going there. But as the time drew near, the place seemed to invade his thoughts more and more. Especially since Colin had just had his twenty-first birthday; that milestone seemed to implant the compound into the very core of his nightmares. It wasn’t like he could get out of it, so why think more on the place?

All pre-shifters were sent to the compound to get control of their wolf before being released back to their families. Looking over at Peyton, he was thankful that at least he would have his brother with him after a year.

Trying to shake off the thought of the hell he would inevitably have to face, Colin picked up a stick to poke the fire. Sparks flew into the air and swirled around them before extinguishing to blend into the night sky.

Peyton nudged him. “What’s wrong?”

His brother was almost an exact replica of him physically. He had short dark brown hair with blond streaks throughout, tan skin and sleek muscles. Peyton was the same height at a whopping five foot eight. The only difference the two had was their eyes. While Colin’s were cerulean, Peyton’s were a dark milk chocolate. Personality-wise, the two couldn’t be more different.

Colin shook his head and leaned back on his hands. “The compound.”

Peyton wrapped an arm around him. “You need to let that shit go. We all shift, and with that comes our stay at the compound. Do you want to go feral? Harm someone? We may live in the Upper Peninsula, but there are plenty of people around that you could kill or take a chunk out of.”

Scrubbing a hand over his face, Colin whispered, “None of that, of course. I fear leaving you, the unknown...” He paused for a moment to swallow before continuing. “The pain. I would never want to hurt anyone. You know that, Peyton.”

“Then, put the compound out of your mind. Enjoy these couple years. Dammit, can you just let it go for one night and have some fun? You’re always so damn serious. And remember, it’s not forever, just look at the pack. Do they look like they hate shifting? No, they’re having a hell of a time running around us. Work hard to get control of your wolf then get home. Simple as that.” Peyton turned and embraced Colin. The warmth of his brother seemed to soothe his fears.

Their parents had died five years ago in an attack. The pack had helped raised them in the final years of childhood, but Peyton was all that Colin had left. While he cared deeply for his pack, he felt the only family he had was Peyton.

“Besides, we’re Omegas, they always have a much shorter stint than the Alphas.”

Colin laughed softly. Peyton always had a way of finding the silver lining. “You’re right. I’ll shake it off.”


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