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Galactic Hearts

Men of Austoura

The Wild Rose Press

Heat Rating: SWEET
Word Count: 100,855
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As a pragmatic cop, Kerry Blaine doesn't believe in aliens from outer space. When she's told they exist, and that she's to work with one to save the planet from total annihilation, her worst nightmares become reality.

Using an Earth moniker, Regin Adams wants nothing more than to make a home for his parents, siblings, and his entire race. If he can't block deadly gamma radiation in Earth’s atmosphere, there’ll be no life left at all; no home for anyone.

Despite Kerry’s fears, Regin means to do all he has promised. He vows to not only forge a home for his space-weary people, but win the heart of a very skeptical police officer—a woman he’s come to love more than anything in the universe. All it takes is an alignment of faith, hearts, and minds. Harder than saving humanity is the quest to win Kerry’s love.


The open vee of his shirt displayed tanned amounts of flesh synonymous with exposure to a lot of sun. Muscles protruded from every visible aspect. She’d been in a gym enough to know somebody who was training safely. This guy looked like a walking ad for steroid abuse. She could almost hear a TV public service announcer saying ‘don’t look like this…remember, steroids kill’.

When he slowly walked toward her, Kerry held her stance. To be realistic, where could she go? Somebody had thought so little of her—even with her beloved uncle near—to lock her in this room with a towering, pissed-off looking column of flesh.

The mythical god-like man stopped several feet from her and insolently looked her up and down. When the perusal went on too long, Kerry’s Irish ancestry emerged. She lifted her chin and stared back at him, moving closer as a way of showing her mettle. If she was going to die—or at least get the crap beat out of her—she’d do it with her own brand of dignity.

Suddenly, a light of admiration shimmered in the big man’s eyes, and he slowly?ever so slowly?smiled. His full lips and gleaming, perfectly white grin were disarming, not to mention enticing. The change was so sudden she stood there blinking in shock.

“You have courage, I’ll give you that,” he admitted.

For a long moment, she didn’t answer. Finally, curiosity overcame amazement. “Who are you and why am I locked in here?”

“I can’t say why those agents locked the doors. As to the other part of your question…my name is Region.”

“That’s it? Nothing else?”

“That’s the name you may use.” He walked slowly around her and stopped in front of her again. “You’re far more intriguing in person.”

“What’s that supposed to mean? And what accent is that? Are you Dutch…German?” she asked as a way of throwing him off balance.

“Let’s say I’m not from around here and leave it at that,” he glibly replied before backing up and sitting on a tabletop. “So…it begins.”

“What begins?”

“Ah…your government friends didn’t have the nerve to explain. They probably thought I’d think twice about communicating if you became hysterical.”

Kerry lowered her head and gazed at the floor for a minute. When she raised her eyes again, she fought to keep her temper. A silent count to ten hadn’t worked. “Look…Region…or whoever you are…I don’t like games. I got a call from my supervisor to show up here. But if there’s no emergency, my time is bein’ wasted. So…either somebody tells me what the hell is going on or I’m walkin’!”

Region grinned. “You are exactly as I imagined.” He looked her over again. “You’ll do.”

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