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Gregar's Passion (MMM)

Elven Conceptions 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: SCORCHING
Word Count: 24,684
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[Ménage Amour ManLove: Erotic Alternative Fantasy Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/M, elves, voyeurism, HEA]

As his time to give birth approaches, Lyrion sets off for his village with his two royal lovers and two knights, Arowan and Mulciber. Another elven Bearer, Gregar, is working in the local tavern when the unusual group arrives in his village. Though Arowan and Mulciber are already mated, Gregar is attracted to both of them. To his surprise, they return his feelings, and soon the three contemplate starting a family of their own.

Unfortunately, not every elf in the village is pleased to welcome the visitors. Soon a jealous rival pursues Gregar and his new mates to the kingdom of Mavra and hatches a plot to kidnap Lyrion, Gregar, and the newborn royal heir. As the prince’s personal bodyguards, Arowan and Mulciber are sworn to protect their ruler and his household. This time, however, their loyalties are divided as they must also deal with the threat to their own beloved third mate and unborn child.

A Siren Erotic Romance

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“Come with me,” Gregar said. The two mysterious visitors followed him up the narrow staircase at the back of the tavern. “The rooms haven’t been aired in a while. We get few visitors here.”

“I am quite sure they will be preferable to sleeping out of doors, as we have done for the past several nights,” the one called Arowan observed.

Gregar didn’t bother to hide his curiosity. “What brings you to our village, that you have endured such discomfort?”

“We are merchants by trade,” the one called Mulciber said. “We are on our way north to find new goods and novelties to take home with us. Our buyers are always searching for unusual items to spend their gold on, and we are happy to oblige them.”

“I see.” Their story seemed plausible, but Gregar wondered what merchandise they could possibly find in the territory of Mosswyck that would interest more sophisticated buyers. Of course, there was Sehru’s tailoring. He would try to find a manner of suggesting that they look at his friend’s creations before they left. “That sounds most exciting—the travel, at least.”

“It can be,” Arowan agreed. “’Tis also grueling, which is why we are grateful to have found this place.”

“I have never left my village, though I confess at times I long to.” When they reached the top of the stairs, Gregar unlocked the pair of rooms at the far end of the hall. “You may use both the bedchamber and the sitting room. If you require the fireplace lit, let me know.” He gestured to the stone hearth at one end of the sitting room.

“’Tis a bit warm for a fire, but we would like a bath,” Mulciber said as he dropped his satchel of belongings on the bed. “The long journey has left us bespattered and achy.”

“A good idea,” Arowan concurred. “Warm water. No need to make two. We can share one tub if you have one big enough.”

Gregar blushed. “You are quite broad-shouldered men, but I believe I have one that will do. I shall deliver it forthwith and fetch you when everything is ready.”

“Excellent,” said Arowan. Caring nothing for Gregar’s presence in the room, Arowan shed his cloak and reached for the hem of his tunic. He pulled it over his head and stretched his bare arms and chest, flexing the hard-ridged muscles that lined his body. No doubt Mulciber appreciated the sight.

Gregar did, too.

As he moved down the hall to fetch the tub and buckets for them, he paused to wonder about the story they had told him. It seemed plausible enough, at one level, as all of them had heard stories of magnificent territories and even cities beyond the forest, farther than it was safe for them to travel. Yet it was also possible that they were creating a tale to cover a less appealing truth. Could the two be thieves or outlaws, escaping from another village that had condemned them?

Those details were not his concern, of course, he reminded himself. Carawog had given him orders to see to their guests, and that was what he had to focus on. He would have time to fantasize about them later, in his own small chamber beside the kitchen.

On his way past their bedroom with the first pails of water, he noticed that their door stood ajar. Through the crack, he saw the two of them celebrating their acquisition of a soft, comfortable bed. Half-dressed, they lay in each other’s arms, kissing and murmuring words Gregar could not make out. Tucking his head against his chest, Gregar hurried into the next room to finish preparing the bath. When it was ready, he knocked on the wall beside their open door.

“I hope the water is to your liking,” he said as the two walked out wearing only their trousers, both pairs half-untied at the codpiece. “I fetched a jug of hot water from the kitchen cauldron to warm the rest, and I added some herbs to scent it for you.”

Mulciber nodded. “It sounds delightful.” To Gregar’s astonishment, he reached down and swiftly peeled away what remained of his clothing. Unashamedly naked, he strode toward the tub and stepped in with a sigh. “Yes, ’tis most soothing,” he said as he submerged. “Come, Arowan, before it begins to get cold.”

“On my way.” Arowan likewise stripped. When he saw Gregar staring at his cock, he batted it playfully with his palm and made it stiffen. “I don’t suppose you would care to remain and assist us further?” he teased.

“I–I fear I have other duties to attend to,” Gregar stammered. He indicated the two drying cloths he had hung on pegs beside the door. “I trust you will be able to proceed from here.”

“I suppose we can try,” Arowan replied with an amused shrug. Gregar was still staring at his thickening cock, flushed and red as it rose against Arowan’s taut stomach, as he backed somewhat clumsily into the hall.

Leaning against the wall, Gregar shivered. From inside the room, he heard a gentle splashing sound as Arowan lowered himself into the water alongside Mulciber.




“Mulciber and I have often talked of having a son,” Arowan confessed with a sigh. “Every man wants to pass along his name as well as his knowledge, after all. Yet neither of us has ever cared to—well, I mean, neither of us is a Bearer. We did not think it could ever happen.”

“You said your village has no Bearers. How do your people survive? Do you find Bearers elsewhere?”

“Sort of,” Mulciber said with a touch of discomfort. The subject was obviously painful for them. Gregar felt a twinge of regret for bringing it up. “There are…a few ways it can be accomplished. None of them appealed to us.”

“That changed when we met you,” Arowan said. “Lyrion spoke of you frequently, so we felt as though we already knew a bit about you even before we arrived. Later, Mulciber and I talked it over, and our thoughts were as one on the matter…as is most often the case with us.”

“Are you…are you asking me to be your Bearer? For both of you?” Gregar’s eyes widened. He hadn’t wanted to believe it earlier. Never did he dream such magnificent men would pay him that sort of attention or award him so much respect. In the inn, he was little more than a servant. “As Lyrion and his…er…his mates have done?”

“We did discuss it,” Mulciber admitted. “But of course, ’tis far too early to decide. We must get to know each other first. We must discover if we are compatible—if we can love each other.”

“All three, as equals,” Arowan said. “From watching Talek, Kevris, and Lyrion, I suspect ’tis not always an easy road to travel. Yet somehow they manage.”

“And there are some advantages, to be sure,” Mulciber added. His cock was harder now, rubbing against Gregar’s so insistently that Gregar feared they might accidentally spark a fire. “When Talek becomes too set in his moods, as he often does, Kevris and Lyrion can stand together and outnumber him.”

“Be careful with such gossip,” Arowan warned, though he was clearly amused as well. “We mustn’t speak disrespectfully of our—er, our friend.”

“Yes,” said Mulciber. “You’re right. I’m sorry.”

Gregar frowned. He still sensed there was something about the true origins of this group that they weren’t telling him. What, he couldn’t imagine. It did occur to him that neither Mulciber nor Arowan had actually responded to his guesses about their possible professions, though. They had treated it like a game that had no resolution.

Still, now was not the time to ruminate on such matters, much less ask about them. Already Mulciber had taken Gregar’s cock into his mouth and was in the process of tonguing him to a state of bliss. Gregar surrendered to the feeling, made all the more intense by the added sensation of Arowan kissing and lapping the back of his neck. At the same time, he was rubbing his own thick cock up and down the tender split between Gregar’s buttocks.

Mulciber drew every ounce of Gregar’s passion to the surface and stayed with him while he rocked on the bed, moaning and trembling. Gregar responded by hesitantly grasping Mulciber’s cock and rubbing it up and down the way he liked to pleasure himself. He assumed Mulciber would like the same thing, and he was right.

“Mmm,” Mulciber moaned, his breath vibrating around the tense skin of Gregar’s cock. Gregar took that as encouragement to continue. So he did.

All the while, he was aware of Arowan’s hard length stroking up and down the crevice of his backside. Though Gregar had never been in such a situation before, he knew as much as most unmated men his age about the mechanics of the act, which was admittedly not much. He wished he had found a chance to ask Lyrion, who had experienced things Gregar and Sehru had not even dared to dream of.

Still, he had a good idea of what Arowan wanted to do with his throbbing cock. Gregar wriggled his body, trying to give Arowan encouragement to take things a step further. He even felt Arowan’s bollocks growing warm and tight as they pressed against the curve of his backside. Yet Arowan did not attempt to enter him.

Just then Mulciber’s mouth closed down on him, the insides of his cheeks gripping Gregar’s cock with newfound strength.



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