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Healing the Bear (MF)

Kalispell Shifters

Evernight Publishing

Heat Rating: SCORCHING
Word Count: 33,400
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Dane Reynolds was banished from the Kalispell Shifters when he killed the man who’d murdered his wife and unborn child. He’s been allowed back and invited to the wedding of Christopher Renner and Lilly Banks.

During the ceremony he thinks of his wife and all that he’s lost. He flees, running for cover into the kitchen of the Lodge where the wedding is being held. There he sees a woman who he believes is his wife.

Melanie Partridge thinks the man who utters the words, I know who you are, has one intention and that’s to kill her. When she realizes he’s just a harmless and very handsome guy, the two strike up a conversation.

Dane knows he has to get on with his new life and asking out a woman might be a good start. However, the only one he wants to ask is human. He’s a grizzly bear shifter and he’s never been one for keeping secrets. However, Melanie has a few of her own, like Melanie isn’t her real name and she’s got a former life that she’ll keep hidden at all costs.

Can these two overlook each other’s secrets or will they come back to break them apart?

User Reviews
I love bear shifters and I love this book.

- rhondavb

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A tear slid down Dane’s cheek. He and Lucinda had been one. He saw the bullet hit her again and again, played out the scene where she slumped to the ground. He lifted up the petals the little girl had dropped and put them under his nose, almost coughing and choking on their overwhelming scent.
Please help me, Lucinda. Be here with me. Help to get me through this. I think I’ll have to skip the reception.
“I’m right here, Dane.”
He looked around, positive she was somewhere close by because he’d heard her voice as clearly as if she was sitting next to him.
“And don’t you dare walk out on that reception. Think of all that great food you’ll be missing.”
He laughed. A few people sitting on the opposite side of the aisle looked over and knitted their eyebrows together as he did so.
Lucinda knew him well and that he loved his food. What grizzly didn’t?
“And I think mixing with lots of people might be just what you need. You’re going to find happiness again, Dane. I know you will. Someone who you’ll love as much as you loved me.”
“No,” Dane said, not realizing he’d spoken out loud until the people sitting one row in front turned to look at him.
You’re wrong, Lucinda. You’re the only woman I can ever love and I have to go.
Dane rose from his seat, feeling a sense of dread washing over him. He ran down the rest of the aisle. People turned to look at him, their whispers not hard to overhear.
“Poor, Dane. I didn’t think what he must be going through. We should have asked him to sit with us.” It was a cacophony that was making him dizzy.
He felt sick and he needed to get away. He lost his orientation and couldn’t remember where the young man had parked his car. Never mind that for now, he had to take cover someplace. He ran toward a building to his left. He put his hand on his mouth, thinking he was going to throw up. He went inside, thinking maybe he could get a drink of water, but clearly he’d entered the back entrance of the main kitchen because people were putting food on plates.
A beautiful woman with dark wavy hair was placing tiny flowers in bowls of what looked like soup. Lucinda. It was her. She was back. He hadn’t been imagining things. She had been with him today.
Dane ran over to her. She jumped, knocking over three of the bowls, causing them to fall to the floor. Soup began seeping across the floor. She looked horrified, like she was going to scream.
Up close, he realized it wasn’t Lucinda but just his wife residing in this young woman’s body. That had to be true because he felt the same thing about this woman as he had the first time he’d set eyes on Lucinda.
“I know who you really are,” he said.
With that, it looked like every piece of blood had drained from her face. She was going to pass out. She’d hit her head and he couldn’t allow that to happen to her.

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