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Her Biker Bodyguards (MFM)

The Dirty Dozen 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: SEXTREME
Word Count: 49,066
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[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, spanking, HEA]

Briana has her hands full with a pair of biker bodyguards. Can they keep her safe despite her assurances that she doesn’t need them? When she moves to Dallas to start work, will they convince her to let them stay on the job or will she push them away?

How can she ignore them when they are the fathers of her child, and how do you fill out the paperwork at the doctor’s office when you don’t know which one is the father?

Dillon and Gavin are determined to make Briana their own. When they find out she’s pregnant with their child, they pull out all the stops to change her mind about going it alone. What will it take to convince her they want to guard her for life?

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among the men.

A Siren Erotic Romance


Marla Monroe is a Siren-exclusive author.

User Reviews
I really enjoyed reading this story. It was hard to put down. I was surprised by the sudden ending. I guess I'll have to read the next book to find out what happens. :)


This is my first book by this author, and will not be my last. I really enjoyed this story. I loved the heroes Dillon, Gavin and felt the heroine,Briana, was a great. My only complaint is that the end...

- rebekaholiva

Professional Reviews

4 STARS: "Briana has her hands full with a pair of biker bodyguards. Can they keep her safe despite her assurances that she doesn’t need them? When she moves to Dallas to start work, will they convince her to let them stay on the job or will she push them away? How can she ignore them when they are the fathers of her child, and how do you fill out the paperwork at the doctor’s office when you don’t know which one is the father? Dillon and Gavin are determined to make Briana their own. When they find out she’s pregnant with their child, they pull out all the stops to change her mind about going it alone. What will it take to convince her they want to guard her for life Alyn's Thoughts: Marla Monroe has done it again with Dirty Dozen 3! After Briana is almost raped when leaving her night job at the adult store in town, she finds herself face to face with her guardian angels in leather. After a chance drive by and a good beat down of the assailant, Dillon and Gavin are now Briana's self appointed body guards simply because they can't stand to see a young lady working in such a dangerous area. Since Briana has to work nights so that she can attend school during the day, the adult store is her only job option. As a result, Briana now finds herself in the company of two biker hotties that are not only brothers, but twins. They refuse to let her leave work alone and after a few short evenings, Gavin finds himself falling for her. With three months left on their construction job, Gavin and Dillon are worried that Briana may leave town sooner than they are willing to let her go. They make a point to show her that two is better than one and offer her the hottest menage action possible. But when loyalties are questioned, things get difficult and Briana finds herself in a predicament. Can she handle two overprotective hotties on Harleys during her pregnancy? I must say that I find myself enjoying this series more and more with each book. Reading about two bad ass bikers doting over their woman and following pregnancy books to take care of her simply made me giggle. The menage scenes are nothing short of steamy and descriptions of men smacking their heads against the shower wall in pleasure made me drool. I hate the stereotypes of bikers always being tough so I love that Marla shows how dedicated two men can be to their woman while still having that rough neck exterior. 4 stars and a tissue to keep the drool at bay!" -- Alyn, Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews

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Story Excerpt


Briana locked up the shop at a quarter until twelve Saturday night. She hurried to her car, always aware of the potential for something happening in this part of town. Just as she clicked the unlock button on her key fob, someone grabbed her from behind and slammed her against the car door.

“Look what we have here. It’s the bitch from the adult fun store. Having fun? No? Well, I’ll give you a good time.”

“Let go of me, creep.” Briana struggled against him, pushing against his chest with her hands to no avail.

When he only laughed at her feeble efforts, she changed tactics and used her fists while she screamed. She knew it was probably a useless effort since no one in that neighborhood would stop to help, especially at this time of night.

Her attacker cursed when her fist landed on his cheek. He backhanded her and grabbed her wrists with his hands. Then he transferred them to one hand and reached behind him.

“You’re going to be sorry for that, bitch. I’m going to show you how a man takes care of a woman.” He pulled out a knife and held it to her throat. “You do what I say or I’ll start carving you up like a Thanksgiving turkey.” He grinned at her.

Briana gasped, straining away from the knife at her throat. She turned her face away from his grimy mouth and putrid breath. It made her gag. She swallowed, trying to breathe through her nose.

“Look, I don’t have anything. All the money goes in the safe at night.”

“Money? You think I care about money?” He laughed and pressed his other hand hard against her breast. “I’m thinking about something different from money. Can you guess what I want?”

“Fuck you!” She screamed again and slapped the man in the face.

He pressed down on the knife and she felt a trickle of blood run down her neck. He squeezed her breast hard enough that she couldn’t stop the tears from the pain. Her vision blurred with them. Then he was pulled away and someone pulled her into their arms and turned her away from the fight. She heard the sounds of fists hitting flesh. Something metal hit the ground, followed by the sound of pained grunts.

“Are you okay?” the man asked.

“I–I think so.” She gulped and began to shake.

“Dillon, check her. The bastard had a knife,” a second man said behind her.

“Come on over to the light, miss, and let me see.” He gently pulled her toward the light.

The second man joined them under the streetlight. Both men were dressed in leathers and were tall and big. She continued to shiver and wondered if she was in worse shape with them than with her attacker.

“Aw, hell. Your neck is bleeding.” He reached into his pocket and pulled out a handkerchief. He held it to her neck and lightly pressed against it.

“She’s got a bruise on her cheek as well,” the second guy said. “Are you hurt anywhere else?”

“N–Not really. Thank you for helping me. I need to go home, now,” she said with a tremor in her voice.

“I think you need to go to the hospital,” the first man said.

“No, um, I’ll be fine. I just need to go home. Please, can I go home now?”

“Shh, easy, ma’am. Let’s get you in your car, and once you’ve settled down, you can go. I’m not letting you drive as upset as you are right now.” This came from the second man.

The two of them escorted her back to her car. The first man bent down and picked up her purse and keys. He opened the door for her and handed her things back. She settled in the seat and fumbled with the keys, trying to get them in the ignition. Once she finally had them seated, she started the car.

“Thank you both so much for helping me. I’m fine now. I really need to go home now,” she said again.

“Take a deep breath,” the first guy said, squatting down next to her.

She followed his directions and immediately felt better. He smiled at her and stood up.

“We’re going to follow you home and be sure you make it safely inside,” the second man said.

“Really, that’s not necessary,” she argued, still shaking some.

“I think it is. Wait on us before you leave. We’re parked just across the street.” He stared deep into her eyes and smiled.

“Okay.” She felt like she needed to after what happened, and they had been nothing but kind to her.

The first man closed the door before they walked across the street. She turned to see what they were driving. Two motorcycles stood against the curb where they were headed. She sighed. She had attracted two guys who rode bikes. Great.

Once they had started their bikes, Briana pulled away from the curb and drove toward home. She lived several blocks away in an area that wasn’t quite as bad as where she worked. Plus, it was close to the college where she was taking classes. She was studying to be a web designer and only had two more months of classes. Surely she could handle two more months.

Unfortunately it meant she had to attend all day classes since they didn’t offer many of hers at night. And that meant she had to have a night job. The adult store was the only thing she could find that allowed her Sundays off to study and do her projects.

When she pulled into the drive on her side of the duplex she rented, the two bikers pulled in behind her. They immediately dismounted and walked up to the car without bothering to take off their helmets. One of them opened her door for her and the other walked up on the porch to wait for them.

“Let’s get you inside,” the second man said.

Briana inserted her key into the lock and opened the door. She turned to thank them to find they were both standing close enough she could smell them. They both smelled of soap and male sweat. The sexy combination went straight to her head.

“You’re okay, right?” the first one asked her.

“Yes, thanks.”

“My name is Dillon, and this is Gavin. Glad we were there to help you.”

“You really don’t need to be leaving that late alone,” Gavin said.

“It’s my job. I don’t have a choice.”

“Don’t you have a boyfriend to watch for you?” Dillon asked.

“Um, no.” She was sensitive on that subject.

“Well, you need someone to watch out for you when you leave. It’s not safe,” Gavin said again.

“Look, thank you so much for helping me, but I need to get to bed.”

“What’s your name?” Dillon asked.

“Briana.” She popped her hand over her mouth.

She hadn’t meant to tell them her name. Dillon had caught her off guard.

“Good night, Briana. See about that cut on your neck.” Gavin brushed her hair from her face with one finger.

They turned and walked back to their bikes, but waited. It wasn’t until she closed and locked the door that she heard their bikes fire up and roar away.


Adult Excerpt


“I’m turned on by the thought of getting you between Dillon and me. I promise it will blow your mind how good it can feel.”

“I’m still not sure you both will fit, Gavin,” she said, a tremor in her voice.

“If it hurts, all you have to do is tell us to stop, and we will. But you were worried about us fucking your tight ass, and now you love it. Right?”


“Gavin’s right. If it’s too much for you, we’ll stop.” Dillon ran his hands up and down her arms. “First, I want to taste that pussy.”

Gavin walked her backward to the bed until she sat down on it. He pushed her on down until she was lying down with her legs over the edge of the mattress. Dillon knelt between her legs and spread her pussy lips apart to lick her juices. His tongue delved inside her to reach every bit of her honey. Then he sucked her pussy lips in and tickled them before rubbing over her clit quickly and moving on to spear her cunt with his tongue. He added two fingers and began stroking her G-spot over and over before sucking in her clit once again to bring her over.

Briana called out his name as sparks ignited throughout her body. Heat flared in her breasts, making them achy. Her nipples peaked. Now fully over her bruising, they loved sucking and playing with both of them.

As climaxes went, it was great, but quick. She could tell they were anxious to get to the main attraction—namely, her between them. She licked her lips as she caught her breath. This was it.

“Dillon.” Gavin just said his name and Dillon climbed up on the bed and lay down.

“Come on up here, baby.” He took a condom from Gavin and tore open the package before rolling the condom over his hard dick. “Climb up on me, Briana. I want to feel your tight cunt around my cock. You’re so fucking tight. And when you come, it squeezes my cock so good.”

Briana straddled his legs and climbed up over him. He held his dick steady as she lowered herself onto him. It was a tight fit as usual. It took her several tries before she managed to rest her pussy flush with his groin. He didn’t quite bump her cervix like this, but it was close.

Dillon pumped up into her tight cunt several times before Gavin pushed her down. Dillon wrapped his arms around her to hold her steady while Gavin prepared her for his cock.

Gavin spread lube around her back hole then inserted the nozzle to the tube inside her anus and added lube there a well. Then he inserted two fingers into her tight rosette and pushed them gently past her ring until they were inside. He pumped them in and out until she was pushing back on them, needing more. She was used to this with him in her pussy and his fingers fucking her, but another cock? She wasn’t all sure this would work.

“Relax, baby. Remember, breathe out and push out for me.” Gavin positioned his cock at the entrance to her ass and began to push.

The burn was tremendous at first. Then as she pushed back, he popped through and stilled. God, it felt as if she were stuffed tighter than a Thanksgiving turkey. She wiggled, needing one of them to move, and nearly came off the bed when he pushed forward and Dillon pulled out. There was always a cock inside her.  Never had she felt so full inside. The added stimulation of a cock in her ass woke unused nerves she’d never knew existed, even beyond the ones she’d experienced before when he’d first initiated her in anal sex.

They stretched her unbelievably thin, rubbing over her membrane. Surely they could feel each other’s cocks as they pumped in tandem inside of her. Over and over they pushed and pulled, thrust and retreated. Her nipples ached. As if he knew she needed it, Dillon latched onto one and sucked hard. It very nearly was her undoing.

Gavin grabbed tightly to her hips and began to tunnel in and out of her harder and faster. The squeeze of both of them soon proved too much for Dillon, and he came with a hoarse shout. Gavin didn’t stop there. He continued as she began to climb upward farther than she’d ever been before. Her breathing became raspy and her sight dimmed as she ended up with tunnel vision. Feeling them both inside of her had sealed them as a triad as far as she was concerned. Something about all three of them fucking at once had her heart singing. She was sure it wasn’t a good thing, considering their unique situation, but she would worry about that later. She would study it later, when she didn’t have the most amazing climax of her life about to flow over her like a tsunami coming ashore.

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