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Her Cowboy Indiscretion (MF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: SCORCHING
Word Count: 56,864
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[Siren Classic: Erotic Contemporary Cowboy Romance]

Long ago, Ileanna experienced one night of sexual abandon with a hot cowboy during a Halloween party. Now, years later, meeting Chance brings the experience forward in her mind. Just because this man resembles her one-time lover doesn’t mean it’s him, and she’s been too badly burned by relationships to care.

Chance meets an amazing woman in an elevator who sends his mind reeling. Meeting her a second time at a social function, he realizes his initial impressions were correct. She is a woman he could love for too many reasons. Their immediate draw to each other is undeniable, yet Ileanna is confused and frustrated by his distant approach to their budding relationship.

Ileanna decides she must remind Chance of their first meeting before they make permanent plans. Will the memory of their first encounter spoil their future, or will their past strengthen their bond?

Note: This book contains anal play.


A Siren Erotic Romance


Professional Reviews
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4 STARS: "The privileged lifestyle that Anna is afforded doesn't protect her from the heartache and heartbreak that she has experienced. Having learned her lesson with her first marriage, Anna has no plans on getting seriously involved with anyone anytime soon. Instead she focuses on her incredible artistic talent and spending time with her grandfather. To escape her somewhat lonely existence, an uninhibited erotic encounter was just what she needed. She couldn't have realized how memorable that night would be, especially the mysterious cowboy. Chance works hard at taking care of both the family ranch and vineyard. Most weeks his time is split between both, leaving little time for socializing especially with the opposite sex. With a major business expansion on the horizon, Chance decides to take a chance on a woman with a mysterious familiarity. Ms. Payne's writing captured my attention right from the beginning. Surprisingly, this story doesn't contain as much erotic content as I had initially expected and there was absolutely nothing wrong with that. In fact, it only heightened the experience with a prolonged anticipation that the reader can relate to with Anna. Much of the story's focus surrounds the trials and tribulations that Anna brings into Chance's world and the feelings that Chance ignites inside Anna. Although their initial interaction starts off with quite a bang, the eventual relationship is more of a contemporary courtship with a natural progression where trust is a major factor. The secondary characters are well described and provided many entertaining moments. I absolutely adored Anna's stubborn yet brave personality as well as Chance's "old school" manners." -- Yadkny, The Romance Reviews




He surged against her tongue several times, and she had been readying herself to accept his cum, but he’d reached down and drew her up against his body.

“You’ll make me come if you keep sucking,” he’d whispered, turning her back to the wall and reaching to her breasts. His hands covered her, stroked her bare chest, and ultimately released each breast from the cups. Anna had come the minute his lips attached to her nipple. His continued sucking, switching from side to side, always flexing his hand over the one he wasn’t sucking, drove her beyond reason.

“Do you have protection?” she’d managed to ask, and he took a step back, staring at her. There was no debate. He’d taken out his wallet, handed her the silver package, and put the wallet back. She’d reached down and stroked his cock, still hot and full. Anna had been the one to tear open the package, pausing only to slip down and take a few last licks of his cock, tasting his droplets of pre-cum. Her fingers rolled the latex over him with confidence. As soon as he was covered, he’d grasped her by her shoulders and drew her to stand, while his hand reached under her skirt, drawing it up to her waist. The lace panties she’d worn were torn from her body without hesitation, his finger probing her immediately.

“You’re hot to my touch,” he’d whispered, nipping at her earlobe.

“Just fuck me,” she’d uttered, her words sounding breathless. Grabbing her by the hips, he drew her up. She’d wrapped her legs around his hips, and he’d lowered her just a bit over his cock. He’d slid in her pussy with ease, pausing several times for her to shift him within her walls. Anna’s hands snaked around his neck, pulling his mouth to hers, kissing him while his cock slid deeper inside her. “I’ve never felt so full,” she’d told him and was rewarded with a confident smile.

“What will make you come?” His words punctuated each thrust.

“Take me from behind,” she’d boldly said and reluctantly moved her hands from his neck. He’d let her legs drop slowly to the floor, and she reluctantly let his cock slide from her body. Once she was settled, he’d turned her around and pulled her a few feet from the wall, widening her stance. Her skirt was still bundled up at her waist, her breasts exposed from the bustier top, her nipples hard. Anna braced her weight against the wall with her hands as he entered her pussy from behind. “Oh God, that’s it. Fuck me until I come.”

“Whatever you say.” He’d grabbed her hips and began thrusting in her body with deep intent. “Fondle your tit for me.”

Anna had never been so uninhibited, but she grasped her own breast and pinched her nipple. He’d used one hand to hold her in place and wrapped the other around her body, his large fingers teasing her clit. “Damn, girl, I’m gonna come.”

“More,” she’d said, pushing her buttocks backward to meet his thrusts. His hand left her clit and moved to her mouth. She sucked his finger greedily, her groan one of angst when he drew it from her lips. Anna continued to pinch her nipple, sending ripples of heat through her body. Her cowboy had stilled behind her, his hold on her hip tightening. On an outward pull, he’d slid his wet finger in her anus and then thrust his cock back in her pussy. Anna came instantly, but continued to absorb each push of his cock. He’d fucked her for a bit more, and then leaned forward, his lips to her neck. Sucking a patch of skin between his lips, she knew there’d be a mark there tomorrow and didn’t care, pushing back to impale herself deeper on his cock and his finger.

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