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Her Knight in Shining Stone (MF)

The Gargoyles of New York

Evernight Publishing

Heat Rating: SCORCHING
Word Count: 14,860
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As a Gargoyle shifter of New York City, Roman and his four brothers sit on top of the city library all day in their stone form, watching and waiting. On sun down they come alive and that is when Roman feels the tug towards his Beloved—the woman who he will be united to.

Christiana is a waitress in a dead end life. One night a man with silver eyes and the most incredible aura, walks into her restaurant and changes her life. She is thrown into a world with paranormal creatures she doesn’t understand, and a bond that is impossible to break.

When the rogues come to destroy Roman and his brothers while defenseless and sleeping, will Christiana reach inside herself to protect the man she’s come to love?

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I fly up and around the huge buildings that crowd my beautiful city. New York has changed a lot in the century I’ve watched the city grow. Horses and carts have been replaced by brightly colored machines, and the small, multi-storied houses and shops have been knocked down to make way for buildings that scrape the sky.

Fuck … what’s that?

My heart begins to pound in my chest, like a galloping horse towards the final flag.

I fly lower, a strange heat filling up my belly, weakening my body until I fall to the ground, my wings folding into my back, invisible to the human eye.

A light shines out of a shop window, and I walk forward to see what my heart wants me to find. I stop and I stare, unable to stop myself from watching the woman serving a table in a restaurant.

She has wildly curly long red hair.

The word untamable comes to mind.

She smiles at the couple, and I drop to my knees, light piercing my chest as both pain, and the most incredible pleasure filters through me.

My Beloved. She’s my one and only.

I take a few deep breaths to calm my racing heart. The poor organ wants to jump right out of my chest.

I know. Relax. I know. I’ll get her.

Beloveds are often fragile humans, but once the union is completed, she will become immortal. Like me.

I push myself to my feet, my head feeling strangely drunk as I stagger to the door of the restaurant.

No one has ever prepared me for how this would feel. I’d always thought I’d see my Beloved, I’d kiss her, talk her into living forever. Done.

I’ve never experienced a true romantic love before, and although I’d known it, the feelings flooding my body now, confirm it. My connection to my brothers was the only true thing I have ever felt. But this … this is something else.

I fall into a black chair, my legs weak and wobbly. I grab for the menu. Gargoyles could eat only meat, the rarer the better. Almost everything else makes us very sick.

“Hello… Can I help you?” The waitress, my Beloved, stands over me with eyes the size of swimming pools.

Can she feel the connection? The pull to me? I hope so.

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