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Her Second Chance at Love (MMF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: SEXTREME
Word Count: 25,543
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[Ménage Amour: Erotic Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/F, with M/M, HEA]

Lily Mitchell thought her life was over when she woke up in the hospital after she was involved in a car accident, only to find out that her husband Grayson didn’t survive the accident. Luckily, their best friends since college, Gavin Hudson and Nathan Roberts, are there to help her pick up the pieces of her life in her time of need.

Nathan and Gavin have longed to have a sexual relationship with each other since college. Gavin and Nathan’s feelings for one another finally come to a head the minute they bring Lily to come live with them. Together they help bring out their true feelings for one another. Lily has always loved them. Her heart will always remain true to Grayson, but feels the need to allow Nathan and Gavin to show her to love again.

A Siren Erotic Romance

User Reviews
This is a lovely, warm story about love and joy after heartbreak. It's a story that I find myself reading again and again. I recommend it highly.

- Floh

Her Second Chance at Love is a wonderful story full of sadness, hope, and love. When Lily's husband dies, she is comforted by lifelong friends, Nathan and Gavin. All three have loved each other for as...

- Jan Bowles




“We’re here for you, sweetheart. Open those eyes for Nathan and me. Show us that you really are okay.”

Lily tried and tried. She was fighting her inner demons. It wasn’t going to take her, not yet. She was too young. She had a lot of fight in her still. She was told numerous times in her life what a strong-minded and determined woman she was. She could do this. Lily fought like hell to get herself through this one way or another. Open your eyes, damn it!

“Jesus. Look at the monitors, Nate. They are getting louder and louder. Look at the numbers going up. Do you think she is coming out of it?”

“I don’t know? Sweetie, come back to us. Gavin and I are here with you, don’t be afraid. Show us that you are okay and you want to be here with us. Gavin, go get the nurse. Lily’s hand and eyelids are fluttering. I think she is trying to come out of it.”

“What seems to be the trouble, gentlemen? Is Mrs. Mitchell finally waking up?” a woman said next to her.

Lily’s eyes began to flutter open slowly. She had to blink a few times the room was so bright. It took her a few tries before she could get her eyes to finally adjust to her surroundings.

“Why hello there, Mrs. Mitchell, how are you feeling?” the nurse asked her as she stood next to her bed.

“Thirsty. Water, please.”

“I got it, Lily.” Nate poured her a glass of water from the pitcher on her tray.

“I’m going to go get Dr. Alvarez. I’ll be right back,” the nurse said before she left the room.

Lily handed Nate the cup before he spoke. “Don’t drink too much too fast. You really scared the crap out of us, Lily. Gavin and I nearly had a heart attack when we got the call from the hospital. Thank God you had us down for your next of kin.”

She then looked to them both and asked, “Where is Grayson? I remember being in the car with him on our way to the movies, and now I’m here in the hospital. Where is my husband? Was he hurt in the accident, too?” Nate hung his head so she couldn’t see his eyes. She then turned to see Gavin sit in the chair next to her bed. He leaned forward and held her hand in his.

“Sweetheart, there’s no possible other way to tell you this.”

Lily felt her chest tighten. She knew something bad had happened to her husband.

“Tell me, damn it!” Lily yelled as tears began to form in her eyes. She could feel her chest tighten, as though her heart was being squeezed to death.

Nathan then sat on the bed next to her and now faced her. He also held on to her other hand.

“Sweetheart, Grayson wasn’t as lucky as you. He died when the car hit the pole. The car went out of control, and the damage was more brutal on his side of the car. His airbag didn’t protect him as well as it did you.”

Lily felt her whole world crumble before her eyes. Her loving husband of three years was dead. She could feel the wetness fall down her cheeks.

“Oh, honey, I’m so sorry this happened. Nathan and I are here. We’ll take care of you,” he said as he hugged her body against his. Nathan was rubbing her back and holding her from behind.

“Sweetheart, we love you, and we won’t let you go through this alone. We’re going to be here for you, from now on.”

“Grayson’s really dead? What am I going to do without him? He was my soul mate,” she said in between breaths. Lily pulled away from Gavin to look into his eyes. “How did the accident happen?”

Gavin stood up and paced in front of her bed before saying, “Has Grayson ever had a seizure before, Lily?”

“A seizure? No, what are you talking about?”

Gavin glanced at Nathan before continuing. “Grayson told me earlier on the phone when I spoke to him that he was going to take you to the movies tonight. Apparently, while on your way to the movies, Grayson had a seizure. It caused him to veer off the road and into a telephone pole. The blunt force of the car hitting the pole caused Grayson’s head straight into the windshield. The power was so fierce that the paramedics and fireman said Grayson died instantly on impact.”

“Oh God, why him? Grayson…sweet Grayson,” she said as she broke down crying again. Gavin came to sit next to her on the bed as Nathan held her shaking body. Gavin was hugging her as she cried against Nate’s shoulder.


* * * *


Lily wanted to curl up into a tiny hole and die. Life had no meaning without her husband by her side. Grayson was one of the sweetest, gentlest men she had ever met. Why did God always have to take away the good ones? Why not her?

“Oh, sweetie, we can only imagine how much it hurts right now to lose the only person you have ever loved. Nathan and I will be by your side the whole step of the way.”

Nathan pulled away from her and handed her a tissue. “When the doctor says you can leave, Gavin and I want you to move in with us.” Lily tried to speak before he interjected. “Grayson would want it this way, sweetheart. We will take care of you now.”




“Lily, will you please take off your robe?” Gavin said as he stood naked beside Nathan’s now-naked form. Nathan went to stand behind Gavin. Nathan reached around and slid his hand along his hip until he took hold of Gavin’s girth. She was still fascinated by the beauty of their bodies. I am a lucky woman! She then untied the knot around her waist and pulled the robe from her shoulders. She allowed the robe to flow to her feet.

“You are one beautiful woman, Lily!” Nathan said as he walked toward her.

Gavin came to stand behind her and ran his hand up her stomach to reach up and fondle her breast. “I love how your body feels whenever I touch your skin. You’re so soft.” He then placed a kiss against the side of her neck that gave her the chills. His kisses always made her weak in the knees. “And you taste so sweet.”

Nathan then leaned into her body and hugged her body to his before kissing her. She felt as though her legs were giving out. They seemed to take away all her oxygen whenever they touched or kissed her.

“Get on the bed, Nathan. I want you to lie on your back,” Gavin said over her shoulder as he addressed Nate.

She watched as Nathan did as he was asked.

“Lily, I want you to straddle Nathan backward so that it looks like sixty-nine position. Nathan is going to eat your pussy as you are going to suck my cock.”

Lily didn’t need for Gavin to say anything further. She was already dripping with need. She could feel her clit throb in want, and he didn’t have to tell her to get on the bed. She was one step ahead of him. Lily swung her legs and hips over Nathan’s face. She heard him say yum in delight.

“Lower your pussy so I can get to you better, sweetie.” She did as he requested. He took hold of her hips and pulled her down to his waiting tongue. He took a wet swipe through her slit down to her rectum. He then rimmed her rectum with his tongue.

“Ohh, that feels good.” Lily then took hold of his cock and leaned forward so that she could suck him in return. That made him moan around her pussy lips.

“Now, now, Lily, that mouth is meant to be around my cock. Nathan gets to suck on your pussy while you can suck on my cock,” Gavin said as he knelt in front of her face. His shaft was hard as granite. She braced her hand on the bed beside Nate’s thigh as she took hold of Gavin’s dick. Lily licked the pre-cum that had seeped from the slit. She then rimmed her tongue around the head of his cock, and when it was good and wet she sucked it into the back of her throat.

“I will never get enough of that mouth of yours, Lily,” he said as he affectionately brushed the pad of his thumb along the side of her face, and she hollowed her cheeks around his dick.

Lily felt Nathan crawl out from beneath her and readjust under her. He now had his head below Lily’s and between the V of Gavin’s legs. Nathan liked to put his tongue into play whenever they were in this position. He found great pleasure in licking Gavin’s cock as Lily sucked him. She could tell when Nathan inserted a finger to massage Gavin’s prostate.

“No more,” Gavin said as he pulled away from them. “Lily, get in front of us on all fours. Nathan, I want you to fuck our woman from behind as I fuck you from behind.” She enjoyed it when Gavin was controlling in the bedroom and told them what to do. It felt like he took away their freedom to think about what was going to happen and allowed them to just feel. Lily loved how Gavin moved her stand-up mirror so that it faced the bed. It allowed them to watch each other in times like this. This was a huge turn-on to them all as they were all able to experience their facial expressions as they made love to one another.

Nathan slid behind her and entered her in one swift motion. She was soaking wet, so there wasn’t a need for lubrication. She could see in the mirror that Gavin had squeezed some of the gel onto his fingers before inserting them into Nate’s rectum. That must have felt good because he shoved deeper inside of her.

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