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High Risk (MF)


Heat Rating: SCORCHING
Word Count: 80,574
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A secret sex life ...

A handsome, twisted stranger ...

And a journey into a nightmare.

Beth Walsh seemed like such a demure housewife. But while her attorney husband was away at work, she engaged in countless encounters with strangers ... until she met the one stranger who would change everything -- for the worst. Abbott Lowery was every woman's dream; but the monster lurking inside his handsome, chiseled exterior was terrifying. And Beth's behavior is about to unleash the rage and madness inside.

High Risk is a story of secrets, tainted histories, murder, and kidnapping -- with an ending so searing and brutal, it will leave you breathless.


She watched as he turned. The scowl had vanished, gone, replaced by a smile. Now we're getting somewhere.

"That's the kind of compliment I'll take." He spun from the jeans, giving her his full attention. "I can't find anything I like on these racks." He put emphasis on the last three words.

Sooner or later, even the biggest ones topple. Beth wetted her lips. A blush rose to her cheeks.

"I know what you mean. The only thing in this store I want isn't for sale." She giggled. "At least, I hope not."

Abbott finally met her green-eyed stare. "C'mon, let's get out of here."

"Where are we going?"

"What's that matter?" He started toward the exit. "We can just go to your place."

Beth swallowed, the heat of the hunt rapidly cooling. She never brought people home. Cardinal rule. Of all the encounters she had chronicled in the black journal she kept hidden in the bottom of her lingerie drawer, not one of them had taken place in the home she shared with Mark. Not only might he come home unexpectedly (unlikely…but bringing someone home was still not worth the risk), but she didn't want any of her encounters knowing where she lived. How would she explain an unexpected visit from one of her suitors, lovesick and wanting more? What would Mark say if he should open the door to a handsome stranger asking for her?

What would she say?

Besides, what she really wanted to avoid was sullying the place she and Mark shared. Their nest. Their home. The place they had made together. "I can't bring you home."

"Why not?"

Beth shrugged. "Just can't. Don't you have a place?"

* * * *

Abbott watched her squirm. This wasn't just a whore. This was an adulterous whore. Bad enough she fucked around-hell, he hadn't even asked her name yet-but she fucked around behind some poor schmuck's back. Some poor schmuck who was probably out right now bustin' his balls to pay for her alley cat clothes.

It made him sick.

Abbott grinned. "I live with my ma right now. She don't approve of me bringin' girls home"

* * * *

Beth glanced at her watch. It was getting to be too late to hunt for someone else. "How about a motel?" she whispered, wishing she could clear her voice of the hint of desperation.

"Can't do it. C'mon, let's just go to your place." He started toward the exit.

Beth stood, rooted. "I can't."

He stopped. "What's the matter? You married?"

"Well, I, no ..." Beth laughed, too high. She sighed. "Yes, I am."

He shook his head. "Then what the fuck are you doing?"

The guilt rose up, hot.