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In a Chord (MMF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: SEXTREME
Word Count: 27,847
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[Ménage Amour: Erotic Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/F with M/M, HEA]

Keaton Gates and Ashland Lance are lovers and musicians in a band called Endymion. Keaton believes there is something missing, not only from the sound of their music, but also in their lives. When he hears Momo Willows singing Endymion’s signature song, he knows she’s the muse he’s been waiting for.

At first, Ash Lance is jealous of the new girl in Keaton’s life until he meets her. Momo is unlike anyone he’s ever met, and they soon discover that they connect on many levels. But he’s reluctant to take her away from Keaton, just as Momo refuses to come between them.

Keaton is quick to assure them he wants all three of them to learn to be in a ménage relationship, but as they learn how to live and love together, another threat is moving between them, threatening to take Momo away…forever.

A Siren Erotic Romance

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Good book would read it again.

- Barefoot Okie




Momo kept an eye on the handsome young man sitting just two seats back and to the right. She knew who he was, having just come from watching his band play at The Black Tiger. She made it a habit every weekend to see Endymion perform, and not just because of their music. Quite simply, the lead singer and electric guitar player were simply divine.

Keaton Gates bordered on a goth slash punk vibe, with some heavy metal thrown in there for good measure. He dyed his hair black, but his eyebrows were naturally dark over rich, chocolate eyes. He liked outlining them with kohl to make them stand out. Ashland Lance, however, was different. An angel. With his long curly blond hair and sky-blue eyes, he looked like he should be in a church choir rather than wringing out sweet music as lead guitarist.

And now one of those gorgeous men, Keaton Gates, was watching her sing. Nerves stung her a bit, so she had to look away from him every once in a while. But her eyes kept straying back, addicted to the sight of him.

Tonight she sang a set of four songs that she had written in the past month. The melodies weren’t difficult, the chords very simplistic actually, but with her, it was always about lyrics and the passion that went into the meaning of the song. The last song she strummed a few notes first before singing.

The song was personal for her, about a man she had loved who hadn’t really loved her back. That had been a really dark time that had fueled many, many songs.

The end of the song was hummed as the melody played itself out. Finally, Momo looked up as the room exploded in applause. She smiled prettily, her eyes meeting and holding Keaton’s. She thanked everyone, shook hands with a few people, laughed and talked with others, and waited until the admiring audience slithered away. Finally, he stepped up to her with a hand held out. She took it and immediately felt strong jolts of electricity engulf her hand from his heated touch. Her heart hammered, and she wondered if he could see the pulse jumping in her throat.

“Hi,” he greeted with a warm smile. He was slightly taller than her, even while she stood in her high-heeled boots. He was dressed as he had been on stage, only with a thin leather jacket covering his black T-shirt and black jeans. His dark hair was spiked upward, and two earrings curled through his left earlobe. He had a type of young Johnny Depp look to him, back when the actor was on 21 Jump Street. There was also that air of uniqueness about him, as if Keaton were just waiting for the chance to leap into his own music and creations. Momo found that absolutely fascinating about him.

“Hi,” she replied. “Thanks for coming to my show.”

“You’re fantastic,” he complimented as his gaze swept over her face. “Do you write your own stuff?”

“Yeah,” she said with a shrug. “Of course, nothing like you sing, but it suits me.”

He startled. “You know my band?”

“I try not to miss Endymion.” She smiled. “I love the lyrics to ‘Space.’”

“Ash and I wrote that song back in high school.”

“I’ve always wanted to ask who thought of the band’s name? ‘A thing of beauty is a joy forever: Its loveliness increases; it will never pass into nothingness; but still will keep a bower quiet for us, and a sleep full of sweet dreams, and health, and quiet breathing.’”

“Wow,” he murmured, sounding impressed. “You know Keats?”

She gave a hapless wave around. “I work and sing in a bookstore,” she said, as if that explained everything.

“Of course.” He smiled.

“I’m surprised you know Keats, though,” she said.

He snorted. “My mother’s favorite poet was John Keats, and my father’s favorite movie was Mr. Mom.”

“Oh, that’s not right,” she said, sympathizing with a shake of her head. “But at least Keaton is kind of cool. I’m adopted, and my parents wanted to stick with a name from my heritage so they chose a name that means peach in Japanese.”

He tilted his head and perused her up and down. She quite liked his boldness. “I think it fits you perfectly.”

She smiled prettily at him and peaked through dark lashes. “How did you find my little nook, Keaton Gates?”

“Very good luck,” he replied. “Actually, I had been listening to the playback of Endymion’s gig this evening.” His lips twisted a little.

“Something wrong?”

He shrugged. “The others in the band keep saying I’m obsessing, but I have this feeling that the music we’re playing sounds the same as every other band out there.” He thumped his leg with a restless hand. “I know Endymion can be great.”

Momo cocked her head and studied the passion burning in his eyes. He excited her, not just with his sensual looks and pouty mouth, but with the shared intensity they both felt toward music. Creating it, singing it, being surrounded by it.

“So you’re looking for something to harness into your songs to make them great,” she said softly, reaching up to trace feathery patterns near his eyes. “You write brilliant lyrics, Keaton, with brilliant melodies, but you need to pour this passion into their meaning.”

He reached up and trapped her hands on his cheeks, tilting his head slightly as he questioned her with his gaze.




She leaned into him more, her arms snaking around his neck. He rolled her nipples between his fingers and tugged gently on them. She responded by moaning deep in her throat and arching her back, silently begging for more. He broke the kiss and trailed hot kisses down her throat until he got to the turgid peaks. Her breasts were on the small side, with adorable little areolas, but they were so sensitive he had her begging and writhing in seconds.

And then Keaton appeared behind her so that she was sandwiched between them. He had his hands on her hips, pulling her pert little ass against his rigid cock.

“Suck him,” he whispered into her ear, loud enough for Ash to hear him. “Suck him down that incredible mouth of yours.”

Ash reluctantly pulled away from her as she pushed on his shoulders. He leaned back, still on his knees, and used his hands to prop himself up as Momo draped herself over his body. Her hair tickled his thighs as she nipped and licked her way down his stomach and thighs until she reached her destination. Gently, she took his cock in her hands and explored, first the base and then his balls, cupping them and rolling them around in her palms. Then she leaned over and licked.

He groaned, and his hips jumped involuntarily.

She kept at it, licking and slurping. He knew he had to be leaking moisture from the tip because he was painfully aroused. Her hand started pumping the shaft as she sucked the head into her mouth, laving the large head like it was milk chocolate to savor.

His hips started to buck against her face as his cock slid in and out of her mouth. Her lips replaced her hand, wrapping tightly around him as she sucked so hard her cheeks hollowed. He was lost. As much as he loved Keaton sucking his cock, Momo’s mouth was so small it actually felt like he was fucking her pussy. In and out of her hot, wet mouth he pumped, guided by her hand.

And then it was gone. She was gone. Ash’s eyes popped open as he saw Keaton’s wicked grin.

“Oh no,” he said. “No coming yet. We got lots of time and so much to do with our lovely girlfriend.”

Hearing the words put a smile on Ash’s face, even though his dick throbbed. He desperately wanted to bury himself inside Momo’s hot cunt and ride her until they were both delirious, but he was curious to see what Keaton had up his sleeve.

He watched as Keaton pushed Momo’s face gently down to the bed, which thrust her ass out. He could see her pert little nipples hanging between her thighs. Keaton pulled her tiny panties over her hips and then away and down from her wet pussy. He picked up each leg to slide them off her. He brought them up to his nose to inhale her scent before tossing them somewhere behind him off the bed. Then he slid his hands back up her legs, to her thighs, his thumbs rising until they touched the valley formed by her now swollen pussy lips. She jumped and moaned, her hips wiggling for more. His index finger used the leaking wetness to coat his finger before easing it inside.

“Oh,” she moaned loudly.

“Your sweet little pussy is gripping me so tight,” Keaton murmured.  “A hot little cave for my dick to slide in.”

He pulled out then pushed it back in, massaging her clit. From his vantage point, Ash could see the bliss transforming her face as Keaton rubbed over it again and again. He shifted closer to her until her head practically lay in his lap. Seeing his cock, she latched on right away, her warm mouth taking him in.

“Holy fuck,” he whispered as she started to blow him, her mouth sucking him deep as his hips pumped between her lips.

He saw Keaton slide another finger into her. The squelching sound penetrated the air as he finger fucked her. She didn’t last long. Ash felt her rhythm on his cock falter as she let out a huge gasp and moan. Her body quivered as she pushed herself back on Keaton’s fingers.

He clamped a hand at the base of his cock and squeezed hard, holding off his own orgasm. His heart was thundering in his chest, and he was lightheaded, but as tempting as her mouth was, he wanted to be buried deep inside her when he finally came. He felt that would somehow cement their union, all three of them, and he wanted to be with Keaton when that happened.

So he reluctantly pulled back out of her mouth. Keaton had withdrawn his fingers and was licking them clean. He gave Ash a knowing smile as they pulled Momo upright. She was practically purring. The scent of sex filled the air as they eased back, letting the moment cool them down. They had all night, and they didn’t want to rush things.

Ash flopped back onto the bed, his arms above his head as he watched Momo turn to give Keaton a heated kiss. His eyes roamed her body, her skin glowing mocha in the warm lighting. She had a tattoo on her left hip, a yin and yang symbolized with two dragons eating each other’s tail, their wings the line diving them. It was a cool ass tat.

Her body was slim, sleek, her muscles toned. He decided that he liked seeing Keaton’s hands upon her, exploring. His fingers dipped between her thighs. Her pussy was trimmed neatly, showing off the swollen lips. Momo was moaning and undulating upon his fingers, making little mewling noises that drove him wild.

She was so incredibly sexy. He wanted to have her ride him until he exploded with pleasure. He reached over to the nightstand and pulled out several condoms. He caught Keaton’s eye and held one up. Keaton nodded, his eyes obsidian with lust.

Ash rolled the condom over his throbbing member.

“Momo,” he said thickly. “Come ride me.”


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