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Island Prince (MM)

The Vampires of Anarchy 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: SCORCHING
Word Count: 26,512
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[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, vampires, HEA]

Brash young drifter Jude Taylor travels to Anarchy, an all-male resort for vampires, to take a job as a blood servant to the powerful Prince Marius of Styria. Each night, he goes to the prince’s bedroom and offers him both his body and his blood. Marius soon finds himself falling for Jude, who touches his long-still heart and arouses his cold body in a way no other human has for hundreds of years.

When Jude begins to feel the same, though, he faces a terrible dilemma. Vampire politics have reached a boiling point, and Marius has no idea that Jude has been recruited by a secret cabal to assassinate him. If they succeed, no one in the human world will be safe from their bloodlust. Yet Jude knows he must follow through with his mission to kill the vampire he has grown to love or forfeit his own life.

A Siren Erotic Romance

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“Enter,” commanded a loud, confident voice. They did. Yves followed them inside.

The man still stood by the window, where Jude had first spotted him. When he turned, Jude caught his breath.

Though he’d seen paintings of Prince Marius—no photographs, of course—none of them had done his beauty justice. Inky hair curled over his forehead and trailed down to touch his shoulders. His floor-length robe was the color of blood, the stitching aglitter with fine gold threads. Jude figured that single article of clothing cost more than every item in own his wardrobe put together.

“Here is the man you will serve,” Luka said, breaking the silence. “Prince Marius Karnstein.”

“You may leave us, Luka,” the prince said. “You, too, Yves.”

“Are you certain, my prince?” Yves asked with a touch of resentment.

“Yes. That is my order. Go to the bar and feed. Return half an hour before dawn.”

“Very well.” Scowling, Yves bent briefly at the waist. Then he turned and slouched off down the hall.

“Be sure and let us know if you require anything further, my prince,” Luka said, preparing to follow. He, too, offered a small bow.

“I assure you I shall. Now go.”

Jude didn’t look around to watch Luka depart, but he heard the click of the door and saw the prince’s expression soften as his attention focused on Jude.

“Luka has chosen well on my behalf. You know why you are here?”

“Yes, prince,” Jude said. He heard a tremor in his own voice, and hated himself for betraying even that much emotion. But the prince was physically stunning. He couldn’t deny that, whatever else he knew about the man.

“Call me Marius,” the prince said. “You and I will get to know one another quite intimately in a very short time.”

The insistence on informality surprised Jude. But perhaps it was a trick. “Yes, your—er, Marius,” he said in a tentative voice.

“Good. You must give yourself to me of your own free will. I insist on that, too.”

“I do. Simon McAffrey and the others already interviewed me. They seemed satisfied with my answers.”

“Very well. Then I suppose I must be satisfied, too. After all, I did authorize them to act on my behalf in securing your services.”

“So I understand,” Jude said. “That Yves guy seemed less sure about me.”

“Yves has served me for many years—and by that I mean centuries. Not to worry, though. Some bottled blood from the bar will soothe his temperament.”

“But you’ll get the real thing.”

The prince’s mouth thinned. “Yes. That is my birthright.”

“Of course.”

Marius took a few steps backward and stretched out on the bed. He motioned for Jude to follow him. Jude noticed a tiny ceramic jar on the nightstand beside the bed. He had a good idea what that was for. “Stand there,” he said, indicating his right side. Jude obeyed, automatically reaching for the sash of his robe.

“Wait.” Marius’s voice stilled his hand. “No need to rush. We have all night.”

“True,” Jude agreed.

The prince leaned forward and stroked long, sensuous fingers down the front of Jude’s own far less elegant robe. He paused to caress the mound between Jude’s legs. Jude felt his cock stir under the sleek fabric, rising to meet the prince’s touch.

“Now,” the prince said, dropping his hand and nodding, “undress.”




Marius moved aside and patted the bed next to him. Jude stretched out, rubbing his naked body against the prince’s clothed one. His fingers went to the ornate gold buttons of the soft dressing gown and undid them one at a time. The prince did not object, and soon he was as naked as Jude. Jude let his gaze drift down Marius’s slender, long-limbed frame. It lingered on the space between his legs.

“Does my paleness disturb you?” Marius asked, still watching Jude’s eyes.

“No,” he said. In fact, Marius’s body reminded him of a Greek statue made of cool white marble and then polished to perfection. His long, graceful cock rested in a soft nest of fine black hair. Jude began to understand the prince’s apparent arrogance. Anyone so exceptional had a right to be at least somewhat conceited. “I think you are…perfection.”

To his surprise, Marius laughed, opening his lips until Jude could clearly see his shiny white fangs. Instead of feeling afraid, he began to wonder what it would be like when they finally sank deep into his flesh.

“I would like to talk to you, get to know you,” said Marius when he recovered his composure. “But first, I must feed. I am weak. I arrived on the island very late last night and have not nourished myself since.”

“I understand.” Jude lay on his back and opened his limbs in a passive position, one he had learned drove vampires wild with the combined promise of blood and dominance. “Bite me anywhere you like.”

Marius traced the scars from the old bites dotting Jude’s shoulders and neck. “You have fed many others in the past.”

Usually, Jude was proud of his marks, as he had been when he had shown them to McAffrey and his employees. This time, a hot glow suffused his face and chest. “Yes. I’m not new at this. I thought you knew.”

“These scars were not made by nobility, or anyone with any breeding at all.” Marius scowled. “These are the marks of commoners. Crude peasants. They care nothing for the damage they cause with their base practices. They have neither appreciation nor respect for beauty.”

“Are there different ways to bite?” Jude was surprised, both by Marius’s reaction to the scars and by the fact that he considered Jude beautiful. Another rush of blood flooded his cock. Marius noticed, and his outrage gave way to a gentler expression.

“But of course,” he assured Jude. “Allow me to demonstrate.”

Turning onto his side, Marius bent his head and reached out again to hold the base of Jude’s cock between his thumb and forefingers. Soon he sheathed Jude’s throbbing erection in his mouth. Jude shuddered as every nerve in his body responded to the touch of those frosty lips and delicate fingers. The prince had been right. This was something none of his other vampire lovers had ever done to or for him. They had always gone straight for his blood, and not too gently, either.

His pleasure grew as the prince sucked him in long, slow strokes, taking his cock deep inside his cool mouth and then letting it slide back up the flat of his tongue. Though his mind was hazy, Jude remembered that the vampire didn’t need to breathe, which probably made deep-throating him much easier. Whatever the case, Jude wasn’t about to complain. The sensation of his hot shaft slithering along and then past that chilly tongue felt bizarre, to be sure, but wonderful.

It didn’t take long for his groin to heat up and his nuts to tighten. Just when Jude was about to come, Marius withdrew his mouth, turned his head, and bit down on the crease of his thigh.

He drank from Jude with obvious enjoyment, but at a deliberate, even elegant pace that spoke of patience and restraint. With every flick of his tongue, the vampire’s flesh warmed and filled out, his mouth growing moister and more sensitive against the gash his fangs had created.

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