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Jane's Story (MF)

At the Lake 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: SEXTREME
Word Count: 38,061
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[Siren Classic: Erotic Consensual BDSM Romance, spanking, sex toys, HEA]

Jane Miller is the owner of the popular hangout The Club. The six-foot-tall Amazon is just the kind of woman to make Rob Jorgenson adjust his jeans whenever he spies her fantastic ass sway by. Rob has relocated to Michigan to refurbish an old mansion into a private BDSM club.

When Jane finds out that she has a Master Dominant in The Club, she requests his help with her unruly menagerie of submissive employees. When Jane sees the giant Dominant Rob walk into her club, she wants to explore her fantasies. He is six foot five of muscle with blonde hair and blue eyes that a woman could get lost in.

Jane has a thief in her employ that Rob exposes, and his stalker just pisses Jane off. She heals his insecurity, and he shows her that being a switch is the best of both worlds as long as she is in his bed and under his hands. Love is almost instant, but normal life keeps getting in their way.

A Siren Erotic Romance

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“So what did you think of Jane?” Dizzy asked him when they were halfway to her apartment. “She is a great person, you know. She is one of my best friends.” He glanced at her and grunted. “Jane might be a tall girl, but she is responsible and kindhearted, and she is not as mean as some people seem to think she is.” Rob wondered if Dizzy could get just a bit more obvious in her matchmaking efforts. Little did she know that he had already decided to explore the possibilities in regards to her friend. The woman featured front and center in his fantasy last night. He would be cautious with this one. She might just be the one to break his heart.

He dropped her off and went exploring on his own. He knew very little about the area other than The Club and the casino. He drove up and down every little road he came to and then drove slowly downtown. He parked his Escalade in the parking lot of The Club and went inside at noon. It was quiet and had a few patrons, but that did not bother him. He was here to see the owner.

Rob walked up to the bar and told Dale that he wanted to see Jane for a few minutes. He smiled at the little man to put him at ease. The guy was friendly as a puppy, but he was also very protective of Jane from what Rob could see. While Dale was talking to Jane on the phone, Rob stood still, trying to look harmless until Dale was finished with the conversation. When Dale nodded at him, Rob thanked him and told him, “I was here last night and met Jane and a few of your coworkers so I know the way.”

Rob made his way back to the office. When he knocked he heard the door unlock, and he let himself in. The door locked behind him, and he could see why she was being so cautious. Her desk was piled with money. She looked like she had run her hands through her long blonde hair and the hair lost the battle. Even with no makeup and wearing an oversized T-shirt, she looked tasty to him.

She looked a bit lost as she gazed at the figures she had written and was happy to have such a pleasant distraction show up. She knew he had no idea that he was the star of last night’s Jane and Rob have hot sex fantasy. “No matter how many times I count this, it comes up different numbers. I have something fucked up royally here.” She stood up, stretching her back, then waved him into the leather chair. “What can I do for you today?”

He laughed a little and handed her a copy of the contract he used in his club in Florida. “It might not hold up in Michigan, but it gives you plausible deniability if any of your staff like the guy last night decides to sue you for abusing your authority.” It was a mumbo jumbo of legal terms that in a nutshell gave the owner of the club permission to administer corporal punishment when the person who signed it asked for the punishment. It plainly stated that this person was a submissive, enjoyed being punished, and they would pay a nominal fee for each serviceshould the owner request compensation for these services.

“The bottom line is that you have to ask them if they wish to be punished before laying a hand on them,” he told her.

“What if they refuse to sign it?”

“Then you either do not hire them or fire them when they screw up. While it seems harsh, you are leaving yourself with no possible defense if one of them has you arrested or tries to sue you.” He wanted her to make it mandatory for any sub she knew wanted to be punished to sign the contract in front of two witnesses. “You need to protect yourself.”

She read through the contract and agreed with his ideas, not believing how close she could have been to complete ruin. “I don’t know why, but it never occurred to me that one of my people would ever sue me for giving them what they asked for.” She hung her head wearily. “Lately I have been slipping. I am down a bartender for closing, and the upkeep of this place is driving me crazy. I think I need glasses, and it is all just a damn clusterfuck.” She smiled at him and could not believe herself when she asked him, “Is that shoulder big enough for me to cry on?”

He laughed out loud. Damn, but she impressed him! He got up and went over to her then picked her up and sat back down with her on his lap. Her mouth was open, and the look of astonishment on her face made him laugh harder. “Little girl, these shoulders are plenty wide for anything you want to use them for.” He kissed her, letting her understand that he meant what he said. He licked her tongue and sucked it into his mouth. He let his hands explore her waist and hips. His hands grabbed onto her ass cheeks and squeezed. One hand trailed up her back into her hair, and his hand palmed her head while he fucked her mouth with his. He let her up for air and licked her lips.

“I dreamed about you last night, and this morning all I could think about was coming to see you,” he confessed. “You make me feel primitive and ready to explode.” He breathed heavily and rested his forehead on hers. “Tell me this isn’t what you want, and make me believe you, or I am going to lick your wet cunt until you scream for me to fuck you.”




“I want you to bend over this table here.” He patted the table then leaned down to kiss her. “Tonight is my turn to show you what I want, and I want to spank that fantasy ass of yours. Then I am going to fuck my pussy. Nothing will happen that you are not ready for or don’t want.” He hugged her and pulled on her nipples while kissing her deeply. “Now, on your belly.”

She laid herself over the table. The thrill his words garnered made her hot, and when he placed the blindfold over her eyes, cream flooded her cunt and leaked down into her shorts. “Does the thought of me spanking your sweet ass get you excited?” he whispered in her ear. He laid his big hand on the cheek of her ass, then tugged off her shorts and admired her G-string. He bent and nibbled her lush ass and rubbed where his teeth had been. “I dreamed of spanking this ass, and I dreamed that you liked it.”

His finger slid down the slit from her spine to the tiny triangle of material covering her wet cunt. She squirmed and groaned. The way his big hands played pitty-pat across the globes of her butt cheeks felt good, almost ticklish. The first smack had her stiffening. He laid his hand down on the small of her back and told her to let it take her. “The nerves that sting are just the surface ones. Soon you will feel the tingle in your pussy, and you will cream for me.” By the fourth sharp, stinging smack she was writhing and crying. She felt the tingle. He never smacked twice in the same place, always placing his hard hand differently, and when he smacked between her legs, she gasped.

“Oh, oh!” She shuddered. Until the lighter smack over her pussy she didn’t even know he had spread her legs wide enough for that big hand to fit between them.

“Let’s see if she likes my hard work, shall we?” he asked as he dipped a thick finger under the soaked triangle of cloth. His finger penetrated her entrance and continued to work its way up into her needy hole. He added a second finger and worked her cunt, pistoning his fingers in and out. “I would say my pussy liked it.” He bent over her. “You have been a naughty little Amazon. But I love the scent of your creamy juice almost as much as I like the taste.” He removed his fingers, and she lifted her hips, seeking them back.

“Tell me, do you want my cock in you?” Her head bobbed up and down. “No, you have to tell me what you want.” He rolled her over and scooted her up on the table. When he pulled one hand then the other together over her head, she cried and whimpered as she tried to rub her thighs together to relieve the ache.

“I want you to sink your hard cock in me and fuck me now! Please,” she whined. “I need you.” She felt wide, cuffed bracelets being slipped onto her wrists, and he hooked them together with some kind of chain then hooked the chain to the head of the table.

“Now test them, my beautiful Amazon, and know that I have complete control. I can suck these beautiful nipples, I can bite them if I choose, or I can adorn them like this.” He plucked at her chubby nipples and pulled on them until even her areolas were puckered. She felt something cool touch them. Then she gasped as she felt the bite of teeth from something metal.

“I love to see a beautiful woman wearing nipple clamps. I bought these for you because I want to see you dripping in jewels and gold. The diamonds do not hold a candle to these jewels, though.” He licked the nipples that his clamps were holding, and she whimpered. When he attached a chain between the clamps, she had a small orgasm from the pull on her nipples. “That’s right, that is what I love to see, you in passion.” His hands rubbed her stomach, and she heard a metallic noise as she felt the table vibrate a bit. Her left leg was lifted and bent as he attached it to a stirrup with bands of what felt like leather. The same was done to her right leg. His big hands framed her crotch, and he muttered something she did not hear, but she felt the string on her G-string snap. His tongue licked her slit, and she howled. He splayed one hand on her pelvic bone and continued to lick and suck her cunt.

His fingers felt the way her vaginal walls started to flutter, and he raised his head and removed his fingers. She cried out, and the “Fuck me, dammit!” made him smile. She was as wet as he could get her right now, but he worried that it might not be enough, so he went to the drawer and got a tube of lubricant. He leaned down and licked her clit again while he lubed up the head of his huge, hard cock. “OK, little Amazon, the time has come.”


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